Another conversation with Paul R. – he’s coming around!

This is the 3rd installment documenting some recent conversations I have had with a buddy of mine – Paul R.

Paul and I meet for lunch about every week and discuss numerous things. Recently these conversations have headed in a direction related to Paul’s concern of the economy and the future of the country. In our last meeting – I opened up about my involvement in prepping and he seems genuinely interested.

We met last week, and after talking a bit about work and regular life stuff…..Paul changed the direction of the conversation……

Paul: Well John, a couple weeks ago we started talking about preparing for possible bad times ahead. I did what you suggested and started doing some Google searches into the economy, government debt, and some other stuff. I’ll tell you what – I was really surprised at how many people think the economy is going to collapse or something like that.

Rourke: As we discussed before – I have my beliefs like others. I am involved in prepping for more than just that. You never know what will happen – natural disaster, unemployment….who knows.

Paul: I want to get started doing some things. I am not totally convinced the “world will come to an end”, but it makes a lot sense to have extra stuff on hand. I went to FEMA’s website and printed out some checklists and have started to follow them.

Rourke: That is definitely a good start. A lot of those government checklist will get you going in the right direction. For any long-term situation – they will fall short thought.

Paul: Do you have any suggestions?

Rourke: That is a BIG question. I can email you a few resources but those checklists you mentioned are a great lace to start. Getting extra of all basic supplies – food, sanitation, medicine, water – good stuff.

Paul: You know John, this might sound a little crazy….but I am kinda excited.

Rourke: How so?

Paul: Well – this all seems like something out of a movie. Preparing for the “end of the world” and stuff.

Rourke: I know what  you mean – but for many like me – we take it serious. I have a family – I am responsible for them. If “something” happens – and I fail to properly prepare – it is on my shoulders. Now – obviously I have a life outside of preparedness – but prepping is certainly part of it.

Paul: OK. I have to get back to work – but I hope you don’t mind if I come to you for advice or to bounce ideas off of you.

Rourke: No problem Paul, anytime.

In case you are interested – I emailed Paul the link to download M.D. Creekmore’s excellent e-book It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine.

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2 thoughts on “Another conversation with Paul R. – he’s coming around!”

  1. Rourke, you are handling the situation like a pro! Paul will start to prepare and find out like many of us have that it is actually fun and exciting. I wish all of us would handle this type of situation just like you are doing now. Give them some information but don’t overwhelm them with it all at once. I think a lot of people don’t approach it because it can all seem a bit overwhelming at first. Some times the lists seem so long that people get discouraged and just stop. You are doing a great job. Thats why you are an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for your knowledge.

  2. That is great Paul is coming around and is actually excited about it. I had a similar situation with a friend, who started to “get it” and is now very interested in preparing. When he brought it up to his wife’s attention, she reacted with “I don’t want to hear this, just let me live a normal life.” She did agree to picking up extra food and water “for emergencies” at Costco so I guess it’s a good start. I’d be interested in Paul’s progress. Thanks for the update.


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