Another ammunition shortage coming? Shouldn’t be.

There are rumors all over that Russian-made ammunition may be banned from importation. The root cause of this rumor is an Executive Order signed by Obama in an attempt to punish Russia for their actions in Crimea. This is what the EO states:

Section 1. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person (including any foreign branch) of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in . . . (B) to operate in the arms or related materiel sector in the Russian Federation.”

With the sensitive nature of most shooting enthusiasts concerning government intrusions on our 2nd Amendment Rights – it does not take much  to trigger panic buying. Well it has started already. Whether or not the Executive Order actually effects the ability to import ammunition from Russia doesn’t matter as just the hint of it has sent people on a buying panic. The facts are that the EO does NOT ban the importation of Russian ammunition. The EO targets the assets of specific individuals – not products.

Reading over a variety of websites it seems there are some scare tactics being used with statements suggesting that Wolf and Tula ammunition is sold out all over. From the research I have done I am seeing lots of inexpensive steel-cased ammunition available all over:

My local Academy Sports has tons of it as well.

In no way, shape, or form am I suggesting NOT to stock up. Man – buy as much as you can and then some. It is just interesting how unstable the ammunition market can be.



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17 thoughts on “Another ammunition shortage coming? Shouldn’t be.”

  1. I’ve read similar things and also that Obama has plans to ban “cheap” ammo imports irregardless of international happenings. Some how, some way, the screws will be turned. I was used to buying Tula from Walmart, they never have it now. I could get it at Academy for a bit more, now they never have it, least when I’m there. In a recent visit to your hometown Rourke, I tried, none to be had. Perhaps it’s bad timing, perhaps it’s something else, either way I’m leaving the store empty handed and there’s no comfort in that.

    I know what it feels like to be sitting on a m e a s l y 300 rounds and 4 mid cap mags for my battle rifle and none to be had anywhere at any price. And admitting that its my own fault doesn’t help. I know people who had 10 times what I had and felt the same way… Rourke…?

    Call me a victim of propaganda, I DON’T CARE, I’m a buyer and I’m buying weekly! If I could afford to back my diesel dually up to the loading dock and load pallets of it I would do it.

    I won’t bother philosophizing on why one needs an adequate stockpile of ammo, that ship has sailed. For those who understand what keeps free men free, don’t speculate, don’t question….. BUY!

    • Mr. Gault –

      I would not put anything past Obama and totally agree to keep stocking up to whatever level your comfortable -and then some. Visited Academy yesterday in my area and no steel-case .223 but tons and tons of 7.62×39.


  2. Recently, I been asking myself “How much ammo is enough”? I spent thousands in the past 3 years and I reached my stockage goals last November. But, every time I see a good deal, I charge more. I am running out of room at home and maintaining multiple cache points is becoming more and more difficult. I predicted that ammunition would be a form of currency in a SHTF situation. On the other hand, credit debt is a CURRENT concern. I never would have believed that ammo can become an addiction…..

  3. Rumors seem to create a reality of their own among the gun culture. I deal with a fellow that ‘supplies’ our local Gun Show, The Ammo Store. Feb. show he sold a spam can of 7.62×39 for $160.oo, 223/5.56 for a comparable price. I spoke with him a week before our March show and he is telling me about RUMORS and that as a result his wholesaler would not give him a price on restocking. He turns up for the load in on the 9th. and he seems well set for stock… But tells me he isn’t pricing anything until he gets off line with his wholesaler in the morning… Saturday morning and he is saying the Rumor mill has scared the sheep into a stampede and he’ll have to price accordingly and Viola… a Spam can is not $160.oo … it is $275.oo. John Gault!!! I hear you! Butt .. Robbery on the weight of a rumor … Nah.. He had ‘Tons’ of stock and he had to load out ‘Tons’ of stock Sunday .. I was not the only buyer that decided not to take the gouging.

  4. It’s kind of insane – is “O” responsible for shortages or are We – through 2 combat tours I carried 10 – 30rd mags as a combat load – now as a civ I carry 15. If I burn through 15 I probably won’t be coming home. How much is enough ? How much can you carry. With every one becoming a supply depot – no problem.

  5. Dear PR, Thats the million dollar question. My husband and I are quite prepared.It probably depends on where you live, what you perceive your threats to be when the SHTF
    ,how many people will be using the weapons? (yourself only, a family,friends living with you, your age and level of shooting exp. )Guns and ammo are also very good barter material. It will be interesting to see what others say. I once read that 1,000 rounds per weapon is a good goal.Anything is better than nothing. Arlene

  6. Those unlucky enough to have participated in a “Fire Fight” know how fast ammo can be expended and the time taken to replenish. Don’t think that your location will only be challenged once for your supplies. Perps will continue to assault and try to make you waste precious resources trying to overtake your site. Think about other types of persuading them without bullets, such as spring traps and other types of explosives. So many psychologic tricks you can employ to bewilder, confuse, and disorient an unwelcome guest. Some as simple as using a Rat Trap and shotgun shell. Since ammunition will become scarce and harder to get when TSHTF happens, you’d better be well stocked. You will need more than average if you live or border the larger gangster towns. A little less if you are way out in rural America. Remember, the hordes will arrive weeks later in the rural areas too.

  7. Thomas, everyone, we’ve been educated on this before! Why just last semester many of us had already given up on our usual ammo sources and were scouring the internet looking for ammo and being disappointed at every click. Mind you we weren’t looking for good deals, we were looking for anything we chambered and at practically any price we could scrounge enough pennies to pay. It’s now well understood that ammo is no different than anything else. Rumors of a gas, bread, milk or cat litter shortage will result in demand and hoarding. Prices rise and shelves go bare. Yes, much of it is our own fault. We buy up supplies, create shortages and drive up costs for the needy…. that’s me…. the needy. Yes, I understand I’m part of the problem….. sorry, I learned late. I was stupid and stupid is as stupid does…. I does ammo now.

    This may come as a shock but I may not be the happy go lucky guy I come across as. Yes, I’m practically the definition of positive thinking but deep down I know that life is not all “sunshine & pussy”. I prepare for most everything today, natural disasters, man made calamities and evil doers. What happens if Iran decides to pop off a couple nukes in our airspace and our grid goes down for an extended period? Economic collapse? Sheer stupidity? We are rapidly becoming a nation not only of economic haves and have-nots, but of intellectual ones as well. Mix stupidity with desperation and see what you get! Societally, it’s going to end in tears, and probably, almost inevitably, bloodshed. Picture “The Walking Dead” as less documentary than metaphor. When the zombies are shuffling across your front yard you won’t be caring about how much you paid for your ammo, only that you have plenty of it.

    I’m not talking about getting a second mortgage. I can get 1000 round cases of 5.56, 55 gr. brass case for $380. Yes its painful to spend that on something that will sit on a shelf, but that 1st case I get this week won’t be sitting alone, hope for the best but prepare for the worst…. or have we forgotten.

    Arlene, yes, anything is better than nothing but at 1000 rounds…. should you need them… you’ll be counting every round expelled. Just saying….

    I don’t think I said anything here that isn’t blatantly obvious…. or at least should be.

  8. I am of the belief that I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I buy what ammo I can when I can, my wife is lucky that Snap On doesn’t sell guns or ammo because if they did I would be in serious trouble. I just started reloading and I make ammo anytime I have the free time. Don’t take long to make 1000 rounds either. Sux though because when there is a scare it don’t just effect the ammo, it also affects powder, primers, even the boolits I was using. I have been on a notify list for months waiting on powder. Gonna find out if Cheaper than Dirt has any 7.62 in bulk in store tomorrow. Figures, I buy an AK and we have crap with Russia and now ammo will shoot up in price.

  9. I was pricing 5.56mm with the Sportsman’s Guide and Natchez again tonight. SG has 420 round cans for $213.74, 120 rd boxes for $54.14 (both 55 grain) and 150 rds of 62 gr for $68.39. All are Federal, American Eagle with brass casings. A year ago, it was hard to find Russian steel case bullets, and they were going for a buck a round. Natchez has 90 rd boxes of Federal 55 gr for $39.99. They also are selling PMC 230 gr .45 ACP for $20.99. I’ve been looking for a compact .45 Auto, so maybe I’ll downshift gears with a few boxes of pistol ammo instead of another case of rifle! Truthfully, when you add shipping, the savings reduces to the same price as the local retailers.

  10. I was “lucky” in that about two months before all this “shortage” started I decided to add to my resupply stock of ammo – at the time Wally world got in a supply of CCI 22lr mini-mag,
    1600 rounds per plastic ammo can. I bought 6 cans at $98 each. I then bought several 1000rd cases of Lake City 223/556 through Bulk Ammo. Just shear luck that I could buy when I did.

  11. We are definitely our own worst enemy. We let the dealers run up the cost and still pay it. Local shops still have plenty on the shelves, but have started jacking up the prices based on rumors. Walmart is the one place I can usually count on the keep their prices the same unless their costs actually go up. Even during the worst of the last shortages, when they got ammo in, it was at a reasonable cost. When my family ran a sporting goods store, the standard markup for merchandise was 40 percent. Now if there is a rumored shortage coming dealers will jump their prices 100 percent on what is already in stock. Unless you absolutely have to have the ammo, JUST SAY NO. They will eventually get the message.

  12. Even if there is no real shortage, just like Clinton did to the Chinese gun and ammo market, Obummer can and probably will use this as an excuse to stop the importation of Russian guns and ammo. Who knows, but why risk it if you own or ever want to own the bad rifle. What US makers are selling steel case at anywhere near this price today? Back in the 1990’s, 7.62×39 cases of 1000 went as high as 800 at gun shows and people were buying. 250.00 cases will look like bargains in a few years mark my words and you will wonder why you did not buy by the pallet. Just like SKS’s were 39 dollars and 1200 rnd cases of steel core on stripper clips were $49.oo!!! That is, till Clinton told the Chinese he would look the other way so they could flood our markets with cheap sneakers and counterfeit hand bags and golf clubs as long as they stopped sending the ammo. How much is Remington 7.62×39 or 5.56 or 7.62 x 51 Winchester today? oh ya 800+ a case. Wait till that’s the only game in town.

  13. I also bought a considerable amount of ammo way before the shortage last year. In fact, I was ordering cased ammunition days after the Presidential Election in NOV 12. I did not NEED to buy a single bullet in 2013. However, I got scared as most calibers became scarce and picked up whatever deal I could find. I don’t believe that boycotting works. First of all, no matter how big the effort is, it is impossible to get everyone to agree that they won’t buy. Next, there is a potential that the inflated prices we see today, may be bargain prices compared to what ammo will cost down the road.


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