And we have a winner……

Tuesday night I closed out comments on the Kelly Kettle Giveaway posts. I had a total of 84 entries via comments plus 6 entries via social media sharing. I made a list of every single entry. I used an order that went list this: Entries 1-42 from Giveaway Post #1,  43-48 from Social Media, and 49-93 from Giveaway Post #2.

I went to and requested a random number between the numbers of 1-93.

Winning number: 47

Screenshot 2015-05-05 at 6.56.05 PM

Congratulations “rusthawk”!!!!

Please email me your shipping address and I will get your Kelly Kettle right out.

Again – special thanks to Emergency Essentials for providing the Kelly Kettle Trekker.

Stay tuned… giveaway coming soon.


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  1. Lol bob! I actually already have one, have had it for a couple years, their bulky, but end of days living on the road scenario, its hands down my go too stove and water purification system hands down! As rourke mentioned this is one of the systems you have ten of, there seems to be a exact fit for almost any given situation with these sets, so its very hard to settle for just one

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