And we arrived in Costa Rica………

Many of us have grown accustomed to not sleeping well at night.   We worry… we fear for our future… and we know… beyond doubt… that the “worst” will inevitably happen.


But most of us don’t really know what to do.


So we don’t do anything… except continue to worry.

Because it is human nature not to deal with problems… and to deny them.


There are literally hundreds of thousands, and probably millions of people, that are predicting “financial Armageddon” at the best and rioting and civil war at the worst.   And these people are not your prototypical “fruitcakes” and crackpots that we have all grown up with and have all made fun of.


No… they are smarter people than you and I .   

And while no one can really tell the future… we can learn from the past and from history and… that gives us a pretty good peak into tomorrow.


Many say “buy gold and hard assets”… others say “ hide your money overseas” and others say “make sure you have an ironclad exit plan” for when it all hits the fan.   Others say “buy a second passport” , hide your gold in Hong Kong, buy a hideaway in Idaho or Montana so you have a place to go “when it all falls apart.”


Have you seriously thought about what you will do?


If you are like 98% of the American public, the answer is no… you ignore the steadily growing fear of what tomorrow “might” bring.


My wife and I left the States shortly after the Twin Towers tragedy of 9-11.   We were not faced with many of the problems of today but we also did not like the fact that we were being “squeezed to death” financially… having our own business.    Our monthly health care costs alone were over $1500 a month… and working 70 hours weekly was not helping us get ahead.


We sold everything we owned… and we told ourselves that life was too short.  


And we arrived in Costa Rica with two suitcases apiece and our two dogs.

Knowing no Spanish and not a single person in the country.


And now…

We have been in Costa Rica a decade.  


And … while I cannot account for the whys of why things turned out the way they did… what I can say is this:

“our lives in Costa Rica have taken us back to a life that we remember from our childhood…where things were simpler and more gentle… and trust existed and people could leave their doors unlocked and neighbors would take care of each other”   and…

we have rediscovered the freedoms that were eroding “back home” and the adventure in our lives and the sheer beauty of the country … and the friendliness of the local people is something that we never anticipated.

The things we feared… we don’t fear any longer.   And the opportunities … and the attitude of the locals and the attitude of the country toward its stewardship of the land … almost everything is a roadmap of where we wanted to go but didn’t know how to get there.

Costa Rica , for us, is our hideaway.   It is our escape…

It is our home.”


Please consider reading more about Costa Rica as an alternative.  

I promise you , it will be worth your time.


Here are the keys to our library…

Randy Berg

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  1. One certainly has to applaud your spirit of adventure. That is exactly how my family felt when they came to this beautiful, pristine tropical local I live in today. They did however, over time experience an untold amount of hardships & adjustments in order to carve even a meger lifestyle in comparison to the opulence they left behind. They gave up alot for me. With this came the inherited burden of responsibility to preserve & protect for all the future generations even when the going gets tough & I honor & respect that commitment. They came here in 1768 & indured, Revolution, Civil War & untold Hurricanes to make Florida what it is today. WE PREP TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY not to abandon it. As a senior I prep to support the younger, strong generations that come after me, because no matter how you look at it, click your heeels together 3 times & say “There is no place like home!”

  2. So where do you go when violence breaks out in Costa Rica? I bet you kept your American passports. The people in most other countries don’t like us and pretty much don’t like anyone that isn’t like them. Sure, things look fine but that’s because you are a cash cow to their economy. If the money runs out or someone pulls off a military coup they would kill you as quick as look at you.

  3. Randy – I would LOVE to get your personal opinion about the safety of Costa Rica for tourists. My son will be 14 when he goes on his class trip with his Spanish class to Costa Rica for a week. They will be with thier group of about 30 the entire trip. They fly into San Jose and will be visiting several different regions. I had a friend tell me that bus loads of kids get kidnapped down thier for ransom but I cannot find anything online about that and none of the teachers attending have ever heard of that. I emailed a few government places in costa Rica and never heard back from them. What are your thoughts?

  4. Ask Randy what happened to his Villa Bella project. He took my deposit knowing that he did not have the required permits to build and then this criminal RESOLD my lot while it was still under contract to me. God only knows how many other people lost their deposits. Avoid doing business this felon.

    Chris Lee

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