And the winners are……….

As usual – incredibly tough decision picking winners out of so many fine submitted entries. These could have been placed in most any order – but I had to choose – so here we go:


First Place winner D. who wrote …….On Combat will receive:


Second Place winner AniOre who wrote Survival Fiction Journal Entry 10/24/2014 Part 1 and Part 2 will receive:



Third Place winner Solomon Shorter who wrote Your doing it wrong. Another article on gear….gun gear will receive:



I want to give special thanks to Harry and MsKyPrepper who submitted multiple articles and made me stay up extremely late trying to decide between so many great entries. My eyes are bloodshot, and my head is nodding – so need to close this out.

Thanks everyone who entered the contest. New contest starts next week. Any entries already submitted but not yet published will be held over for the next contest.

Take care all –


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  1. Thank you Rourke ~ I was so excited to hear that I won 2nd place ~ the prizes have a place ready in my back pack 🙂 Thank you for those that commented and I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. Look forward to more great posts! ~ Ani

  2. Finally nailed that deadwood stove! It was either win it or buy it this month.
    Thanks to rourke, the sponsors and all the positive reader . Regards, D.

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