And the winners are………..

It was incredibly difficult to select the winners of this last edition of the Preparedness Writing Contest. It took me a couple of nights of agonizing decision-making(totally unlike anything going in Washington) – and finally have the results…….


First Place goes to The Coach who wrote the articles Martial Law Part 1 and Part 2.

The Coach will receive the following:

Total Prize Value in access of $640.00!! Awesome.

Congrat’s Coach!!!


Second Place goes to D. who wrote …..On Caches and …..On Grief and Loss.  Both excellent posts and were equally good for 2nd Place.

D. will receive the following…..

Total Prize Value in access of $240.00+!!   Cool!!


Third Place goes to Survival Fiction: Hope and Change written by B.M.

B.M. will receive the following…….

Total Prize Value in access of $145.00!!


Fourth Place goes to Lou Levy who authored (Ultra)Lighting Up Your BOB

Lou will receive the following: 

Total Prize Value in access of $120.00!!


Fifth Place goes to servantheart who authored Lessons from The Twilight Zone on Civilization Post-IHTF

sevantheart will receive the following:

Total Prize Value in access of $100.00!!


Thank you everyone who participated in this round of the ModernSurvivalOnline Writing Contest. Warm up that keyboard and get ready for the next round starting in a few weeks.



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  1. Great. Job everyone – I enjoyed the posts – may not see me lately – change of routine in job – inspires me above to do some more writing 😉

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