Ammo prices….

The ammunition market continues to get better since the days following the Sandy Hook shooting. At one point you couldn’t buy a box of 9mm – regardless of the price. Then a few boxes would start to show up at ridiculous prices. I continue to say it – stock up now because you never know when the market will change and the ammo market gets tight again.

Availability on most everything except .22LR seems just fine. If I want to buy .380 or 9mm or .223 – it’s there. My local gun shop has everything in stock with no limits on all common calibers – except .22LR.


Prices? Getting better.

9mm 115-grain FMJ brass-cased can be had as low as $12.99 for 50 rounds.

45ACP 230-grain FMJ brass-cased as low as $21.99 for 50 rounds.

.223 Remington 55-grain/20 round boxes – $7.99.

.223 Remington steel-cased 55-grain/20 round box – $5.49.





These are the calibers I have recently looked at but everything else seemed to be a little less than a few months ago.

I live in the southeast – South Carolina to be exact. What about you? Any issues finding ammo? How are the prices?



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  1. I’m in central Oklahoma and checked yesterday. We seem to be having about the same supply/price situation as you are. I have noticed that some of the brands that were available before have not returned though.

  2. Well at least here in Spokane 22 ammo has begun to show up at reasonable prices some restrictions on how much you can buy but 38 special and 357 mag are rather pricey and 12 gauge 4 and 6 shot are expensive is this a trend around the nation?

  3. Cole, here 12 gauge 4 and 6 is running $13 for a box of 25 and up depending on brand. 22lr is available occasionally, some restrictions, some not depending on the frustration level of the seller. I’ve just now started seeing .243 back around. I don’t really know the reason for that. Maybe someone else does.

  4. What kind of prices have you seen on 22 ammo? Here in upstate NY its slowing becoming available but at $10. per box of 50 we are waiting for lower prices.
    Thanks Arlene and Steve

  5. Smokey Mountain Munitions has 22lr any amount but it is rather pricey. Used to get box of 50 for about 2.39 a box of 50 now runs about anywhere fron 5.00 to 7.00 a box. What’s going on? It seems like the Gov.t is more afraid of 22lr than any other!

    • MarkOwen – I don’t think the government has anything to do with the shortage of .22LR ammo it is more supply and demand. The demand is way up and supply is not up as much as the demand. Everyone is looking for .22’s and when they find some they scoff them up.I have been buying CCI Mini-Mags and paying up to .12 cents per round which is crazy but I have it. My favorite ammo. Some of the cheap no-name brand boxes of 50 at 5-7 dollars is crazy in my opinion. Thanks Mark.

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