Alpharetta Ga. Group Plans Survival Retreat……..

Below is a press release announcing an upcoming preparedness event in Alpharetta, Georgia. Sounds like a great weekend.

Thanks to Brenda over at Two Sisters of the South for alerting me of this event.

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 Alpharetta Ga. Group Plans Survival Retreat


If you lose electricity and running water in a disaster, do you have a backup plan?

The American Heritage Society of Georgia can give you some tips. They are holding a Survival Preparedness Retreat on Sept. 7 and 8 at the Historic Old Milton High School (Milton Center) in Alpharetta.

Vesta Smith of the society said the retreat is needed “because our people do not know the basics of survival. They don’t know how to plant gardens, they don’t know how to grow their own food,” she said. And they don’t know how to use simple things in their homes to survive without going out to the store. When it comes time to deal with tornados, hurricanes or other disasters, people need to know what to do.

Smith said they have representatives from the Mormon church and the military. They even have a member of the beekeepers club in North Georgia doing a section on beekeeping.

“They have years of experience doing survival prep,” she said.

During the retreat, participants will be taught the basics of planting a garden and knowing what to grow. She said they’ll be taught what things are vital in the pantry when you can’t get your own medication.

“There’s also essential foods that the body has to have over a period of time,” Smith said.

They talk about the survival pyramid, which starts with one to three days, moves to one to three weeks, then one to three months and gets deeper.

Families can handle the cost the way the trainers teach it.

“You do it over time, you don’t do it all at one time. They teach them how to do it bit by bit so that it’s not overwhelming,” Smith said.

Most families can afford what needs to be done for one to three days. And a week to three weeks can be handled.

“But then when you get into three to six months … we teach you how to economically build that up,” she said.

If you were faced with evacuation due to wildfires, or lost your power for a week–recent occurrences in Colorado and states such as West Virginia and Virginia–what could you do, Smith asked. “What would you do to take care of your family?” she asked.

And what if you lose electricity? Are you prepared to go without running water? What if you can’t communicate with family members? Smith asked.

“It’s good to have plans in place, in play. We just never know,” Smith said.

The event is open to all individuals, families, businesses, churches and organizations who want to be prepared for any natural or manmade disaster or scenario.

Registration for an individual, business or organization representative is $95, a married couple is $165 and a family of four is $195. Register at the American Heritage Society’s website via the event calendar. The first 100 registrants will receive a survival backpack and all registrants will have a chance to win a 3 Night/4 Day Log Cabin Weekend Getaway (Pet Friendly Accommodations).

For more information, email the society or call 770-653-6821.

Special discounted hotel rates are available at the Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta North Point and include shuttle service to and from the retreat with a full “cooked to order” breakfast each morning.  For reservations call 678-566-3900 and use the Survival Preparedness Retreat Group code “SPPR.”

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