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Note from Rourke: Many may read the following review of the documentary AGENDA: Grinding America Down and laugh at the suggestion that Communism has any influence on current events today. There is a strong parallel between the modern Progressive movement and Communism. Skeptical? Visit the Communist Party USA website – and see for yourself.


by Irish-7

As mentioned in my comment the other night, I took notes while viewing the documentary AGENDA: Grinding America Down. In a private e-mail conversation, Rourke asked me to submit the notes to Modern Survival Online. I did watch the video one more time, largely to make sure the quotes were correct. I added a few important facts, so these notes are not necessarily in the exact same order as mentioned in the video. The video portrays the grim situation of Socialist/Communist plans to destroy the United States as a Capitalistic country. I highly recommend purchasing this DVD and watching it yourself, no matter what your political beliefs are!  THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE SUMMARY OF THE VIDEO, just my opinion of the most important details.


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party U.S.A. split into the Committees of Correspondence and the Democratic Socialists Of America. Writer/Producer/Director and narrator, Curtis Bowers was invited  to a Committees Of Correspondence meeting in Berkley, CA on a summer weekend in 1992. MANY OF THESE COMMUNISTS FROM THE COMMITTEES OF CORRESPONDENCE ARE ON BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S STAFF OR WERE INVOLVED IN HIS ELECTION CAMPAIGNS. UP TO 20% OF THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS BELONGS TO THE PROGRESSIVE CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS. THEY ARE TIED TO THE OTHER HALF OF THE OLD COMMUNIST PARTY U.S.A., THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA. These Congressmen/women are members of powerful committees within the House Of Representatives.

Over 15 years after attending this meeting, Writer/Producer/Director Curtis Bowers read a listing of goals in the book The Naked Communist. These were made in 1958. He then was sort of shocked in that these were the same goals discussed by the American Communists in 1992. More surprising, was how successful the Communists had been.

Communist plans from 1992: Destroy our families by promoting co-habitation instead of marriage and try to get kids away from the parents at the earliest possible age. Also, get behind the Feminist movement by making women discontent with marriage and motherhood. Destroy Free Markets and business with over regulation and taxation. Use the Environmental Movement to bring down business as well. Demean and degrade religion by getting Americans to accept homosexuality, basically undermine Judeo/Christian values. Again, THESE ARE THE SAME GOALS SPELLED OUT IN THE BOOK FROM 1958.

Communism started the Homosexual, Environmental and Feminist movements. [Rourke: ModernSurvivalOnline is not anti-gay]

Fact: Communism killed more people THAN ALL WARS COMBINED, OVER 135 MILLION. If you tie in abortion as part of the Marxist plot, the number increases to 500 million.

The Communists realized that it is much harder to conquer a unified nation. This is why liberals always pit groups against each other: rich vs poor, black vs white, young vs old, etc. Hitler used the same tactics in rebuilding Germany after World War I. The plan is to create conflict, then the government steps in to end it. The people accept government intervention under the belief that they are being saved, or protected. OBAMA TAUGHT THIS AS A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER FOR ACORN!

Tools for destroying Capitalism:

1)      Media – For decades, journalists have been taught to “interpret” the news instead of honestly reporting the facts. By controlling the media and print news, liberals can mold the minds of the people.

2)      Education – The Father of Public Education, John Dewey, went to Russia in 1928. He was a Socialist and Atheist. He believed education should get children to become willing to submit to the state. The radicals who protested in the 1960’s are now college professors! Anti-God, anti-American and anti-Free Enterprise.  Education is twisted to change history. Children are trained in a collective mindset, believe that it is Government that provides for them and end up becoming wards of the state.  Public schools cost twice as much as private schools, but produce dumber kids. Public education supports abortion, homosexuality and replacing what parents teach as right and wrong because paternal guidance is based on religion.

3)      Environmentalism – The government must control use and distribution of energy. The founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, quit when he realized that Leftists were using the Environmental Movement as a vehicle to destroy Capitalism. In DEC 09, when “Climategate” broke out, Environmentalists knew that “Global Warming” was a farce.

The movie charts the historical relationships from Karl Marx to Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) to REV Jim Wallis to BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Also, from Marx to SDS to the Weather Underground to William Ayers to OBAMA. Finally, Marx to Antonio Gramsci to Saul Alinsky to Cloward Piven to ACORN to Barack Hussein Obama.

The Left has started a multitude of foundations and non-profit organizations, in many cases, using our tax dollars: ACLU, ACORN, PETA, CAIR, MOVEON.ORG, PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

Karl Marx quote: “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy Capitalism”.

Vladimir Lenin quote:  “The goal of Socialism is Communism”.

Stalin Quote:  “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three fold: its patriotism, morality and spiritual life. If we can undermine these 3 areas, America will collapse from within.”


Saul Alinsky states in the dedication of his book, Rules For Radicals: “Lest we forget an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical, the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom…Lucifer”


In summary, Curtis Bowers did extensive research in revealing that the Communists, with support of the Left, have been working for decades to destroy America from within. In order to accomplish the task of conquering Capitalism, the influence of God, morality and the family had to be degraded. As society starts to crumble, the state picks up the pieces. He points out that history supports his observations in that Dictators such as Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Castro ALL CAME INTO POWER PROMISING POSITIVE CHANGE.  Bowers did admit that most liberals are NOT Communists. He quoted Lenin, they are the “Useful idiots” required to fulfill the nefarious plans.




My take on the movie is this: I’VE SAID THIS FOR DECADES, without doing the historical research! I share these thoughts, tying them into the MARXIST MOSLEM in the White House several times a day on social media. Anyway, I again encourage EVERYONE to watch this documentary. There just may be hope for us after all!


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  1. This is not something that you will see on the cowardly Main Stream Media, so you know it has some enlightening information. I would also recommend the new Dinesh D’Souza movie “America” as my wife and I learned a lot of facts that current education curriculums don’t include, and network news wont share.

  2. this doesn’t surprise me any I have been saying the same thing for years to many don’t want to hear it I have had to walk away from a childhood friend because of the way kisses the ground that oblamer walks on

  3. In my ninth grade Social Studies class the teacher had told us Communism I the most perfect system in the world in theory not in practice and when practice could evolve into theory the whole world would adopt Communism, most us did not believe her but as I see now it is progressing in that direction. Ninth grade for me was 55 years ago.

  4. So long as the communist White House and Senate have control of the media the sheeple will never learn the truth.

  5. Gibbons concluded that sexual perversion and breakdown of the family ended the Roman empire. I suspect the same is at work in the US.

    Every patriot should read HISTORY OF THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE by Gibbons. Of course Christianity has a role in the decline. The parallels to today’s society are shocking.

    LIkewise, THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH by Shirer speaks to today as well.


  6. UNITED WE STAND, AND DEVIDED WE ARE, if we can’t ALL unite, we WILL ALL fall… That’s it! Game over, move on, i don’t like saying this but if we can’t all agree there is NO “UNITED” in United States, ALL great democracy’s have FAILED, and the United States is the GREATEST of them all… Or was it? The way the politicians keep doing what they want is by keeping us at eachother, by making us chose sides, they control the media, so the days of Martian Luther are long GONE! So it now lays to US, as it once did to our forefathers HOW DO WE UNITE OUR PEOPLE…. This is THE ONLY question that ANY of us should be theorizing about!!! WAKE THE FCK UP! B!tching about all the crap these pricks are getting away with EVERYDAY amongst OURSELVES, is getting, I’m sorry but repetitious to say the LEAST!!!, THE ANSWER IS SOLVED BY KNOWING THE SOLUTION, if working backward, reverse ingeneering if you will, or knowing what solution fixes the PROBLEM, “if” you have the insite… People if we can’t come to common ground, we are just tappen to their tune, get people to listen, or get to lacking your bags, cause were getting EVICTED! B

    • Doomsday –

      I appreciate your comments always. I agree – the repetitious is getting ridiculous however I disagree with your on the “we must all just get along” philosophy. Here is what I believe: The Liberal/Progressive movement does not represent the moral high ground nor fundamental ideas which can move this country forward in a direction which the Founders meant. Compromise has gotten us to where we are at now. Back in the 80’s Reagan compromised on immigration and look where that has gotten us. Compromise has happened a lot in Congress it waters down the RIGHT and BETTER ideas. No- it is time to stand up for what is right – not for what will pass.

      I deal with it in my job all the time – decisions made not because it is what is right or what is best for the situation but rather because of what is popular, politically correct, fair for the majority, or even fair for the majority. It’s crazy. Don’t we all know a wall needs to be built and the border secured YESTERDAY? The Liberal’s do nothing (slightly less than long standing corrupt Republicans). Don’t we all agree that the deficit should be reduced and the government should pay down the debt? Yup – but the corrupt Politicians on both side don’t make it happen. Those with the ideas that will actually work (Conservatives) are shut out.

      Again – we do need to come together. We need to educate all those that fail to understand and bring them away from the dark side to the light.


  7. Yes when I was a young woman ( I am a senior citizen now) I used to attend John Birch meetings with my Dad – and they forewarned that America if it kept on this path would
    also crumble from within. Look up the John Birch Society- good ,patritoic people that have been maligned for too many years. Arlene

  8. The statement “Communism started the Homosexual, Environmental and Feminist movements.” contradicts the previous statement, “Also, get behind the Feminist movement by making women discontent with marriage and motherhood.” The feminist movement predated the easy acceptance of communist ideals – going back to the late 1890s when the economic conditions made life difficult and men wanted to keep all professional jobs for themselves, making women submit to male controls at all times. Women rebelled and wanted the little choices they used to have back and then to be able to use all their talents, not just those some wanted them to have.

    As someone outside the US I find it tiresome to deal with the assumption that those who want equality both in law and socially should be deemed to be breaking up the family and the social fabric of the culture. It is not the change in family style that breaks up society, but the lack of valuing of people and what we work for. If a family (of any designation) loves, supports, provides opportunities for growth and maturation then it is good. Family that helps a fallen one pick up the pieces after a disaster is good. Family that tears an individual down or which crows with delight at someone’s misfortune, or is just not interested nor supportive is not good.

    Being feminist does not make me anti male. I want the best both for men and for women. I think these things need to be said.

    Having said them, I want to largely agree that the major changes to education, the glorification of statism and the demands to submit to the almighty social memes of climate warming, the takeover of the environmental movement by political leftie religion, and belief in government as the answer to everything is NOT good.

  9. It really is time for a third party. Well, restated, another choice. In my opinion, we have one party. I see little difference in the Republicans and the Democrats. For the most part, not all, but most, are there to feather their own nest. We need a true to life Conservative Party. The various state Tea Parties are too unorganized. I would like to see them come together and strengthen the organization so that they can take on the Republicans and Democrats who constantly attempt to demonize them. Just think if we had a Conservative caucus in Congress. Not even a majority, but a very strong minority. I prefer gridlock rather than the continuance of stupidity. No bill would get thru without the Conservative Caucus on board. We could force Congress to do their jobs, and at least thwart the Progressive’s and the Do Nothing Republicans. This to me is a first step in taking back America. You won’t do it at the ballot box under the current system.


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