Agenda: Grinding America Down

I just got finished watching the documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down for about the 12th or 13th time. Back in February of 2013 I wrote the words below. Thought I would mention it again as it is very enlightening and really gets you thinking. I highly recommend it:

Below is a trailer for a movie/documentary called Agenda: Grinding America Down. It is controversial, but from my perspective very enlightening as to what has been happening in this country.

Below is a short 6 minute or so trailer from the full documentary.  The full version can be watched online here – (no longer available as of 7/6/2014). Not sure how long the full version will be available for free viewing.  The DVD can be purchased from Amazon by clicking HERE.


Special thanks to Ronnie for sending me the link to the full version.


Here is the trailer:


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8 thoughts on “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

    • Nikita –

      Reality has no limits. Liberalism, Progressivism, Communism – call it what you want. If the end results are the same then the name which it goes by matters not.


  1. I bought this video, too. Although there was a lot of information revealed that I did not know, the overall theme is something I’ve harped on for DECADES. I made some notes, thinking I would talk about the main points and major evidence here on MSO. But, I guess that would be a waste now, huh Rourke?

  2. This film has been on my Amazon wishlist for some time. Guess it is past due to order it. From the trailer, it seems as though some of the predictions are happening already. Obama, when threatened by those who disagree with his radical agenda, used agencies like the IRS and DOJ to silence and intimidate them. Republican, Chad Cochran, recently used unsavory, and probably illegal, tactics against his primary challenger. Every day, a new scandal erupts. The entrenched politicos will indeed strike out in the most ugly ways, with the mere threat of losing their offices. This only means that Americans need to work harder to get them out before they really unleash hell upon all of us. MOLON LABE

    • DrSique –

      Yes – many f the predictions that were made decades ago are happening today. This is the premise of the film that Communism had a plan to bring down America and much of what they wanted to happen IS happening – or already has.

      Great movie.



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