How to prepare for a gun ban

Over the last several years there has been a lot of fear that some form of significant gun control would be enacted – all the way up to a ban on certain types of firearms. Who knows what the future holds and what events may transpire resulting in governmental restrictions on firearm ownership. The bottom line is for many of us we believe that gun ownership is a fundamental Constitutional right and beyond that the ability to protect ourselves must be maintained.

So – given that some form of gun ban may take place here are a few ideas on how to prepare:

****Note: I am not endorsing the breaking of any law. I do however believe that the 2nd Amendment as written overrides any form of gun ban/gun confiscation. You are responsible for your own decisions.

1. Gun Ban – Should an “assault weapons ban” be enacted it is very likely that a variety of firearms would be banned from manufacture/purchase after a specific date. This means as of “month-day-year” manufacturers would only be able to sell to law enforcement.

Preparation: Buy now!! After the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 most anything could be purchased however due to restrictions on all newly manufactured arms going only to law enforcement only prices were steep. If you know you want a certain number and type of firearms – buy them now.

If your interest is an AR-style firearm you can purchase a stripped lower and store away for a “rainy day”. If a ban goes into effect you have what the government considers to be “the gun” in your AR lower.



2. Magazine Ban – Just like a gun ban Liberal politicians and gun control groups target magazines as a way to get closer to their goal – a complete ban on all firearms.

Preparation: Buy now!! After the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 which limited magazine capacity to 10 rounds the price of existing higher capacity magazines went WAY up.. If you know you want a certain number and type of magazines – buy them now while they are cheap.



3. Ammunition Restrictions – In the past there have been numerous Bills submitted in Congress regarding ammunition restrictions. From massive taxes to price ammunition out of reach of the average consumer to outright banning of specific ammunition – there are efforts out there to remove your ability to defend yourself.

Preparation: Buy now!! Just like in #1 if you know you will need it in the future and you are concerned about a ban – get it now. You may think that ammunition is too expensive to put back the thousands of rounds that you would need if suddenly there was a ban. You can! You have to start now.

Here is what you need to do:

Every paycheck buy at least one box of ammunition – depending on cost and caliber. If you can afford two – buy them. Think about it – if you buy a single box of 20 rounds of 5.56mm every week for a year this amounts to 1,040 rounds in a year. This may not be enough but it is more than if you DON’T buy any.



4. Confiscation – I believe this is highly unlikely to occur but nevertheless is a concern. “Confiscation” includes the active removal of firearms and/or ammunition from your possession.

Preparation: Purchase firearms “off grid” via private sales from private individuals. By purchasing firearms from private individuals there are no trackable records. In the event that you believe your home may be searched – have your firearms somewhere else. Maybe have them at a friend’s house, a buried cache, or in a box marked “Christmas Lights” in a shed.




The biggest thing you can do to prepare for a gun ban is to stop it before it happens. Vote for pro-gun candidates in your Senate and House of Representatives. Join the NRA. Vote for a pro-gun President.

Beyond that – stock up. Stock up now while you still can.


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