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 Right-Click, then select “Save link as…..” to save to your hard drive.


This is a large file – in excess of 4GB. It is suggested that the file is saved to an external USB drive.


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Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Information Software

The software is menu-driven which allows easy access to the vast amounts of information available. All information is fully printable.

The following video is one I made several years ago when the DVD-version of this software was being sold by one of my other websites. Feel free to watch it to see how everything works.


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Instructions For Use

1. Open the location of the downloaded file and unzip into the location of your choice. It is suggested that a USB jump drive be used. Free zipping software HERE.

2. Open the unzipped folder and search for the file “pptview.exe” and double click on it. This will load the free Powerpoint Presentation viewing software. If you already have MS Powerpoint on your computer you likely can skip this step.

3.  Find the file called “survival” and double click on it. The Powerpoint slideshow should begin.


Required Software to View All Content

Powerpoint Viewer – included on DVD

Adobe PDF reader – available HERE

Quicktime Video Viewer or iTunes – available HERE

Microsoft Media Player – already installed on any PC

Note: This software is designed to be viewed on a PC however I have been told that some with Mac computers have been able to use it as long as MS Powerpoint is already installed.

If you have problems please contact me at emergencycd (at) Please be detailed as to what is happening and I will try to assist. Due to so many different computers out there and they’re constantly updating operating systems I cannot guarantee success.




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