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Been awhile since we discussed survival thoughts and philosophy. I watch and subscribe to several YouTube Channels – people that I find credible. I correspond with a few of these as well. Many of these people are predicting a serious economic collapse (if something else doesn’t happen first). How long from now? – some say later this year or in 2012. Others feel this will be a slow drawn out collapse that may take as long as a decade. These people are not “nutty” – they’re intelligent, educated, and are patriots. Many of the premises that they base their opinion on just flat out makes sense.
Now – you watch the news pundits and they often discuss this slow economic recovery. They quote the unemployment rate that has now dropped below 9%. You also can see the massive increase in fuel prices as well as food cost. What’s a survivalist to believe?
For me – I can’t get the massive debt the government has placed this country in out of my head. I just do not know how large – how far – this debt can go. I mean – at some point it must all come crashing down. No different than your own house that you get into more debt – much MUCH more debt than than any income that you have coming in can pay – so you just keep borrowing from the bank to pay the debt – which makes the overall debt even larger. Sooner or later this “system” will not work out – and it WILL implode.
Myself – I just do not see the government turning things around – regardless of who is in the White House or in control of Congress. I see a very slow worsening of the economy and standard of living. What happens from there? Nothing good.
Who knows what else may happen? – maybe nothing at all. Maybe everything will be just fine.


Yeah, and I think is a big market for recycled toilet paper.

If you are reading this post most likely you are concerned as well. The time to prepare is NOW. I am feeling more intense than ever to acquire the necessary supplies and skills to prepare for “whatever”.

What do you think?


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  1. A couple of observations if I may. History teaches us what occurs when a government hyperinflates a currency. The consequences have occured and reoccured in a repeated and predicatable pattern. Ancient Rome, Ancient China, America during the revolution, Weimar Germany, Argentina, Zimbabwe…ther should be no surprises. For those that pay attention the normal progression is a slow process occuring over a period of years with the evolution gaining momentum as inflation spirals out of control, but for the uninformed those depending upon the MSM the crisis will appear quickly and their standard of living will disolve just as rapidly as the currnecy is devalued. Currency is a confidence based monetary system. If those that use the currency lose confidence in the currency, it will quickly fail, usually the build up to that point is the slow process you elude to. The world is calling for a new reserve currency, the IMF, the Bank of International Settlement, Russia, China, OPEC are making adjustments to the way they settle debts. Increasingly the dollar is left out of the equation. Increasingly those that use the dollar are suffering the consequences, higher commodity prices and the resulting decline in the standard of living. Shadow stats .com reports the unemployment rate calculated the “old” way as approximatley 20%, depression era numbers. Inflation in food prices over the last 6 months is 15% and fuel costs have risen 30% in the last couple of months. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to afford to go to work!!!

  2. Rourke, I think you know my take on all of this. We are so in debt that we can even make the intrest payments on what we owe. I did a post on my blog that links back to your conversation with Paul R. and it really scares me that there ae still a lot of people that are thinking that the government will fix all this. Because of all the indicators pointing toward collapse, I am stepping up my program of getting food to the “Right Now” level. I would rather be prepared than to find out the hard way that it is too late. I really don’t know what the future holds for all of use but I am with you,It can’t be good. Great post.

  3. I completely agree! Our biggest threat is our debt, deficit and spending. After 22 years in the Army as an Infantryman, seeing the worst of human behavior, it scares the hell out of me to think that our country’s economic stability can and probably will implode unless some drastic measures are taken. I have seen what extreme poor looks like, desperate actions people do for the sake of survival and living conditions due to economic chaos; Bosnia 1996 comes to mind.
    I constantly contact my elected leaders to stop the madness and get this under control along with other issues that are important as well. It sickens me to watch this and feeling powerless that common sense isn’t prevailing.
    I have been “prepping” for some time without even knowing it and in the past few months my wife and I have made a concerted effort to prioritize our needs if the “schumer” hits the fan.
    This website and survivalblog.com are great ways to get the “grey” matter into gear.
    Thunder 7!
    p.s. I read the Survivalist series back in the 80’s while in high school. Funny how that comes around! Additionally, I found a great website for cheap ammo, it’s http://www.bulkammo.com

  4. I can tell you from the “Average American” viewpoint that most people really have no idea what’s going on. My parents are living in a small town in Oklahoma and their only day to day concerns are [1] Will I get enough hours of work this week to pay the electric bill? [2] Will I be able to feed the children that are still at home? [3] Will today be the day they take my house away from me? They’re so caught up in the DOING that they’re not THINKING, just living it day to day. I look at my family and friends and none of them are talking about any sort of collapse or how current events are shaping our future. One the rare occasion that someone speaks up in our circle of “friends” they are usually met with that “oh, boy, crazy rant time coming” look and sooner or later the person stops talking. I do my best to share some things I know with my family, as much as they’re open to, and at the very least my mom is starting a garden this year for the first time in 10 years.

    I found your blog and blogs like yours in a round-about sort of ways. I was trying to pay off debt and in order to do so I needed to find ways to live more frugally. That started an avalanche of finding out more and more information on family preparedness and the reasons behind preparing. I’ve really started to see the world in a different color. But to be perfectly honest, there is SO MUCH information out there, that I really don’t know what concerns me the most; peak oil, increasing climate disasters, rising living costs, GMOs, the politics behind it all, rise of corporate “democracy”, blah, it’s all too much. For me personally, I’m just doing the best I can to focus on my family and learn new (old) skills that no one took the time to teach me. I just hope that by the time I can put it all in action it’s not too late.

  5. We are completely screwed and there is nothing that can be done about it that will not be extremely painful. There are only two ways to get us out of this budget mess…raise taxes and/or cut spending. If taxes are raised that will kill more jobs and lead to more people looking for unemployment and food stamps, which will worsen the problem.
    If spending is cut it will require a long period of adjustment before things reset. Although this is what needs to happen, it is frightening to me to think about the consequences. Even though I don’t receive any money directly from the gov there are millions of people out there that do and that money gets spent at restaurants and grocery stores, etc. If you cut that money off, not only will there be social unrest from the people that are losing the money, but the people who own the other businesses and employ workers will endure pain also. That is what needs to be done, but it will be a very unsettling time and unfortunately it will take many years to right the ship.

    Unfortunately, the damage is already done…we can’t just ignore the problem and hope it goes away, they might be able to string things along for a few more years, but it’s soon time to pay the piper.

  6. Rourke, as usual, great post and good points regarding valid concerns about our government debt. But in the back of my mind , I have one nagging feeling…Hear me out on this one:

    Q: If there is a complete financial collapse, who would loose out the most?
    A: The corporations and the governments they run.

    So with that in mind, don’t they have it in their best interest to make sure business goes on as usual?

    Just a thought, I have no extra information to back it up.
    Keep doing what you do!
    -DC Josh

    • DC Josh –

      Good question and may seem simple to answer for some – not so for others.

      I am not sure I totally agree with your answer. From MY perspective and others certainly will differ – absolutely it is the best interest of the government to keep things going as normal. This is one of the reasons the debt has continued to rise – through several administrations.

      This is where I am sure many will disagree with me – I do not believe that anyone in government is purposely trying to get the ecoomy to collapse. Maybe a few. I just think that most policiatians are misguidded and out of touch. They know that regardless of what happens they will be fine.

      I mean – there is more to it than that. I feel that politicans are elected to serve the people – and we are where we are today because they have failed to do that.

      Thanks – Rourke

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more, I can only hope we can hang on at least long enough to get ready. I live in metro detroit, here they are running ads daily about emergency preparedness and ready.gov. My wife spoke yesterday with a local utility worker (DTE) and he said they’re working hand in hand with home land security and they’re 100% expecting an attempted attack on our power grid. He also commented on the infrastructure and how it could be down weeks not just days like we had in 2003. I personally feel we’re gonna be looking at some kind of hyper inflation in the very near future and I’m taking steps to be ready for that as well. Keep up the good work, – T

  8. Dad n I had breakfast this morning both of us agreed to what all of you said. I just hope we unite as a country when we do fail. Unfortunetly when you look at politics I don’t that will happen. If there was total shtf I would like to maybe start a mecca type location amongst us like minded survivalist to head towards when all else is lost n failed. We all know its better to commune with a group than on your own. And this would only be a last ditch only hope of survival effort if you’ve currently no other option. It would kinda be like clar in resident evil attempting to escape to alaska from the zombie appocolypse. Could we all agree on a mythical location to maybe head towards to attempt to survive when all hope is lost n maybe give us that willto survive. Think long and hard as to where best spot may be and we could all take a vote. It was just something I’ve been pondering. This is a place for all of our kind to band together for a hopeful new begining. Let me know what you think.

    • sdawgarmy –

      Interesting thought – I am not sure if only the “good guys” would relocate to the selected location.


  9. I have been a “survivalist” since around 1979. On sometimes and off others when my career and Family was my main focus. What got me going then was Howard Ruff’s book and reading Atlas Schrugged. So here I am some 30 years later and I am going to apply for Social Security next week. What has changed? you ask. The changes in the United States are profound and very very disturbing for an old fart like me, Our country seems to have been taken over by a series of completely irresponsible drunked teenagers and we are going to suffer for it. We as a people have failed to watch the chickn coop as the fox’s took over the operation. Unfortunately I don’t think that the country can be repaired and brought back to the Conctitutional Republic it was designed to be. The Republic is lost and what Liberalized Socialism will look like in the end is yet to be seen, But I assure you that not taking action to protect you and your family is suicide, perhaps financial and physical.



  10. Oh I know rourke. No plan is perfect. It would be up to us to self regulate. And again this would be a last ditch effort after mass die offs. I just think if people had a idea of hope n this is in a complete mad max world so to say. I think we could try n help one another. We keep the location to ourselves in our survival community in kinda of a secret underground society. Will it be a hundred precent perfect? Prob not but by that point most will be dead n others will have forgot. It would be a true group of believers who would undertake such a community anyway. I just think if I survive armegedon but am alone in a lonely world I want a destination to head towards to be with others like me. How bout the rest of you?

    • sdawgarmy –

      I agree it would have to be kept secret – not sure how you would do that. Another option is a group is formed and and relocate NOW – rather than later.

      Tough one.


  11. Rourke,

    As usual, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I don’t believe the actions of most of our politicians are intentionally geared at trying to collapse our economic system or government. Most of what drives those characters is probably self preservation in a corrupt system of power and perks. Still, the results could be the same.

    I also agree with you and your interpretation of the current state of the economy. Anyone who cares enough to be concerned about the state of the economy of the United States should realize that we are currently in dangerous fiscal territory. Employment numbers, like inflation numbers, have been skewed for several years and through several administrations.

    I am now in my mid-40’s. I have seen survivalism come in and out of vogue several times over the last 25 – 30 years. But the number of people now preparing for potential upheaval, whether it is a temporary blip or TEOTWAWKI, should be a wake-up call to other citizens. Some will always sit and figure everything will turn out okay in the good old U.S.A. Why not? In their lifetime, things have always worked out. Others will undoubtedly sit and continue to expect the government and their fellow citizens to do the necessary work and provide for them. Then there are those who are probably reading your blog. Many of those readers have probably seen the writing on the wall that our current situation is more precarious than politicians would have us believe and that our current debt to GDP ratio is unsustainable. Preparing for potential upheaval is necessary for those of us who want to protect our loved ones. But we also need to remind our citizenry that America is exceptional and became that way through hard work and sacrifice … two things many no longer seem to be willing to do.

  12. @sdawgarmy. Great point and really a good thought process. Fortunately for me I am where I believe God put me. I live in a very rural part of eastern Kentucky and most folks who I talk to are inline with my thinking, surprisingly.
    My next course of action is to finally meet ALL of my immediate neighbors. Then, hopefully over time I can gradually talk to them about preparedness. We’ll see.
    This is a great website. I really enjoy reading this and the other that I mentioned earlier.
    Lastly, has anyone checked out that website concerning ammo? I hope that it helps some as I know ammo is getting more expensive.

    Thunder 7

  13. Rourke,

    Having just read your article about your thoughts regarding the mixed economic signals currently being propagandized and disseminated by our mainstream media, I can only say that I wish I were half as optimistic as they appear to be about this alleged recovery. The term “fools gold” comes immediately to mind, as I wholeheartedly believe that any nation, regardless of who that nation may be, subjects itself to certain catastrophe and implosion whenever they cease to be a strong manufacturing and producing nation, relying instead on false numbers and misinformation to prop up whatever agenda they wish to legitimize. Jobs that pay minimum wage, or just above, are not jobs that go far towards stimulating and reinvigorating a severely depressed economy. Rather, these are the types of jobs that politicians can point a crooked finger at and say things that tickle the ears of the uniformed masses.

    Being a retired military officer (and proud of that fact) I know there once was a time when I simply did as I was told, and instructed my subordinates to do likewise. Unwavering loyalty was a fact, not a question. However, times have changed immensely during these past 10 years since my retirement. My patriotism and love for country remain unabated; they are as strong now as they ever were. What HAS changed, in my humble opinion, is an out-and-out disregard for the dignity and decency of the common man, and woman, of this once great country of ours. Our politicians, at every level of government, have sold their constituency, the American citizens, down the proverbial river for promises of wealth and comfort of their own. The average family is having a harder time making both ends meet at the middle on a combined salary of less than $100K a year. Food prices are soaring through the roof; the national average price of gasoline is at this very moment hovering around $3.50 a gallon–and rising with the dawning of each day; quality clothing from a brand name retailer costs so much that many larger families, particularly those at the middle or lower end of the economy, must now resort to shopping at places such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other used goods specialty stores. Hard-working and proud people are becoming more frequently unable to recognize and benefit from the “land of opportunity” their forefathers knew. It’s a sad state of affairs, Rourke.

    I’m not sure if all of my preparations will ultimately prove futile, as I have no real idea how all of this chaos will ultimately play-out. What with my crystal ball being in the shop for much needed repairs, I find myself preparing to the best of my own capabilities and financial limitations. It is my sincere hope that our country’s decision-makers can get it all together and figure a way out of this mess they’ve created from their wasteful and spend, spend, spend mentality heretofore. Truth be told, Rourke, I haven’t the faith in them necessary to discontinue my preparations. Better to be prepared and not need it, than to be unprepared and need it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to sound off.


  14. I do think it is really close to falling down. Everything is in place. As far as the corps. loosing, well they get slave labor if it collased. No corp. will fail, the goverment needs them to get on track again, (look at the bail outs) the only thing that will change is how much you get paid and how you live in their new world. We cannot compete at this time with other places that work for 6 cents a day. That’s what Free Trade has done for us. I just read an article that said: the military is done with preps for disorder, DHS, TSA is ready, because now their being tore apart as the states pass laws that won’t allow them to do what they want to. Their loosing control. they won’t let this happen…If you will allow this link, here is good info:http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/intel-on-orchestrated-collapse-martial-law-and-preparedness_03092011
    Good Luck to All

    • Everyone –

      Thanks for the great comments. It is obvious that many of you are concerned just as I. Believe me when I tell you I get as much from hearing from all of you as you get from what I write. Great to know there are others out there of “like minds”.

      Keep them comments coming.


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