“A Survival Story” now available for the Kindle


My fictional preparedness book A Survival Story is now available on the Kindle. The Kindle version has been edited and slightly updated. 


I started ASurvivalStory.com a  yearscouple ago just to try something different. If you are not aware – A Survival Story reads like a daily journal written by “Jed” and documents the struggles of a small neighborhood after the collapse of the United States. With electricity out, law enforcement quickly disbanding, stores closed and food in short supply – Jed works to organize his neighborhood to tackle the challenges that lay before them. Overall I am pretty happy with how Part 1 turned out. I am certainly not a trained writer so no doubt there are a fair share of grammatical errors. Try to have some patience…..please?


What I was really surprised at is how much I enjoyed writing fiction. Developing the characters, creating relationships, manipulating the plots, and thinking about…..“What would I do in that situation?” It was fun! Let me tell you something else – if you read it you will see that Jed and his community make mistakes! Yup, they are not perfect. They are just like the rest of us.


I started Part 2 over at ASurvivalStory.com but “life happens” and I was never able to finish it. Reading back through and editing Part I in an effort to get it on the Kindle has certainly stoked the fire for writing fiction. I am considering starting Part 2 again – or possibly just a different project.


If you are interested in buying a copy…..click HERE and check it out over on Amazon


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4 thoughts on ““A Survival Story” now available for the Kindle”

  1. Rourke, you HAVE to do it! Don’t leave us hanging! Been reading the episodes on SCP and just bought it…It may not be your strong point or main focus…but your friends want to see more!


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