1. Rourke, It is amazing how you can clear your mind of all the crap that daily life leaves behind when you are out in the element that god intended for us to be in. I love going up in the mountains and hiking and just looking around. It is surprising what you can see if you just open your eyes and pay attention to your surroundings. Sadly time spent in nature goes by way to fast. Pretty sweet that you saw all the tracks everywhere, to bad you didn’t see any turkey but I am sure when you go this next time they will be running around everywhere. You will bag a few I am sure of it. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. There is nothing quite as refreshing as spending some time in the woods and observing nature. I have two young children and we love to take them to the state game lands down the road and explore.

    Also, I read somewhere that if there is a societal breakdown, feral hogs might be the last food source. They are very intelligent, and therefore difficult to find, and they breed so quickly that they might not be wiped out.

  3. What Rourke is seeing is what I’ve been seeing for a great many years. A little personal Info BB gun 5yo, .22cal 6yo at Christmas, crazy about females since 14yo (now spouse) age 54. Retired NG been in the construction industry since 17yo, I would have drawn a retirement in 2016 if SHNHTF. I’m for all our founding fathers built this country on. Their are so many people out their with their head in the sand that haven’t got an idea what the NWO have been on for the past 100+ yrs. The current DC Corp has awaken few supisous patriots. My new wife of 2 yrs (first one past in 05 0f 22 yrs) went to high school with me 2 yrs younger at times have thought I’m a little overboard for when I leave the house my Boyt Bag like a purse (Colt MDL 70 1911)has been with me since WACO, a High Standard 22mag in pocket, CASE in other. In the event I should have to travel over 25-30 miles from the house I’ll have my BMaster with 7 extra clips or my Win 1300 with plenty of BShot. If I didn’t have these tools with me how in the world could I protect my wife, your wife, old people, kids and assist a rapist or robber in taking a Dirt Napp. Most everybody thats knows me, including Local Law, City, County, and local STroopers, know I were a White Hat. My father trained me well and the military trained me better and the woods taught me more.
    The Preparedness tip for today is, when their was no current the only means of preserving food was smoke or salt. Smoking being difficult process for most people being expensive nor pracitable for most, chose salt. You can obtain livestock salt for under $10.00 for 50lbs currently. Then you can pack your meat and fish salt.

    Rourke should you print theirs no spell check and list as SGTCARTER Your doing a good thing.

    Randy Lunsford Keep your powder dry and your gun loaded

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