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Sent to me by Bev – Executive Editor over at SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com. This has absolutely nothing to do with preparedness – I just think it is really cool and wanted to share.

The road is built on several small islands and reefs, and is crossed by eight bridges, several roads and overpasses. This road a view of the open sea, which is rare on the roads along the Norwegian coast. You can see fjords and mountains near the road.

The spectacular road quickly became a tourist attraction, insofar precautions should be displayed while driving, because of the attendance of the road by the local population and visitors.




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  1. Very beautiful. The preparedness factor is always there, even if hidden by natures beauty. It pretains to driving skill, possible water survival and etc. This video gives a rare glimpse of the seas power and majesty.

  2. You say ths video has nothing to do with preparedness? My fist thought was, “I bet the people who live in this area stock a few extra cans of soup in the pantry and have alternative home heating.” Very cool vid. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That was pretty cool. One thought comes to mind: I hope that the sea washing over the road was the result of a storm. I cannot imagine the bridges and roads taking that water beating every single day. They would be doing repairs all the time.

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