A plane goes lost…..

Was thinking about this incredible event going on right now  with the missing airliner – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. I think that as tragic as this is the massive nature of this planet is really put into perspective. Who would think that a plane – an airliner – could just disappear? I believe the plane rests at the bottom of the ocean….somewhere. 

How small we are as individuals. A planet in excess of 24,000 miles in circumference and populated by more than 7 billion of us – we but a spec of dust in an NFL football stadium. Yet – each of us can live incredible lives with fantastic experiences. We can love, we can laugh, we can feel sorrow. We can make an impact on others through friendships, through church, and with modern technologies through the Internet we can effect countless others.

The world is a massive place and each of us live in our own little section. Take advantage of life daily for you never know when it will be your last. We prepare for economic collapse, natural disasters or maybe even the invasion of some alien force however you never know when stepping off a street corner will mean taking your last breath as a yellow taxi splatters all that you are over a wide area.

Yeah – you just never know.

A teeny, tiny aluminum plane is the vastness of a huge ocean. Yeah – I am not surprised at all it is taking time to find it.

Pardon my random thoughts. Feeling philosophical today.

Take care all – 



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  1. While I acknowledge the gravity of the situation, and am sending prayers to the passengers, crew members, and families…I have to add some brevity to the situation…It’s LOST come to life! But seriously, don’t they have a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ area on that side of the world as well? DH and I were discussing that last night…I did not research before asking, so plz don’t flame me, I am just wondering if that may be one explanation…too many unknowns, and not enough truth coming from MSM…

  2. The aircraft was “pinging” a satellite for four hours after radar contact was lost. That was long enough for it to make it’s destination, or another. Something to think about. We may not have seen the last of this aircraft. D.

  3. grammyprepper, yes there is a Bermuda Triangle in that vicinity. D, I think you are correct considering the time frame that seems to lead up to the lose of signals that could be shut off by someone. It seems though they didn’t know about the signaling from the engines back to Rolls Royce. If the plane was hijacked and did land there has been enough time to camouflage it considering the incompetence of the search, the stories just keep changing. I just pray for the safety of the passengers.

  4. Possibilities abound- if there werent two men who “fake” passports and a co pilot
    who seems questionable then I would say hmm-maybe an alien ship was involved.IF the
    transponders and the radar wasnt shut down then I would think crash- but it appears to me that this plane was hijacked and has landed somewhere and will be used for
    terrorists purposes.
    I pray that the passengers are either dead or treated well and not be hostages.

  5. TY @JohnP for confirming that for me…I appreciate that! In light of all the recent revelations, confusion still abounds…and I am still praying for them all…

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