A New Year…..a new opportunity.



The time around New Years has always been one which I used to focus on planning. Beyond resolutions – I make lists of goals and objectives that  I wish to complete within the next year.

I tend to get pretty detailed with my lists and I put a lot of thought into each and every bullet point. I will list the goal/objective – and then list several things which must be done to accomplish that goal or objective. Many categories are included in my planning including financial, the house, the yard, health, and of course preparedness.

Here are a few examples from a variety of categories:

  • Increase ammunition stores
    • .223/5.56mm – Goal: 10,000 rounds
      • order online from a variety of sources to get place within allocations
      • check local outlets several times per week and purchase what I can afford when found
      • check gun shows
    • .22LR  – Goal: 10,000 rounds
      • purchase weekly from local sources as they get new supplies
      • order online from a variety of sources to get place within allocations
      • check gun shows
    • 9mm – Goal – 5,000 rounds
      • purchase weekly from local sources as they get new supplies
      • order online from a variety of sources to get place within allocations
      • check gun shows
    • .30 Carbine – 3,000 rounds
      • purchase weekly from local sources as they get new supplies
      • order online from a variety of sources to get place within allocations
      • check gun shows


  • Health/Fitness
    • Obtain a 9 minute mile (my cardio sucks)
    • Overhead squat 135 pounds
    • Maintain a low carb, Paleo based diet
    • Lower body fat percentage, body weight to 190 pounds


  • Yard
    • Clear flower beds of weeds
    • Replant flowers
    • Mulch heavily in flower beds
    • Build tree house for Christopher
    • Mulch back sitting area – mini pine bark nuggets


blah, blah, blah……


I have been doing this for many years and never I have I looked at my planning so seriously. I see 2013 being a year of significant challenges and activities which to prepare for. Between continued government intrusion on our freedoms, economic degradation, and some personal challenges – my list is long.

How about you. Any goals you would be willing to share?

Take care all – 


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  1. Increase ammunition stores?? Rots a ruck!! Online and face-to-face stores say months out! Oh sure, there’s some trickling out there – limit 4 boxes per customer. Good thing I saw this coming and prepared accordingly. Still, there’s always room for more…

    • Spook89 –

      I am hearing the same thing. I had an Academy Sports employee tell me they haven’t received any new ammo for 2 months. I’ll call BS on that one in fact since all this crap started they have received several new shipments- as I have bought quite a bit of it. Some calibers are readily available. Keep an eye and an ear out.

      Thanks – Rourke

  2. My goal for the new year is to start enjoying life more. For example I spent more time tweaking my hiking bag to make sure everything I carried was in order and that I had the latest and greatest gear in it to help me if I got into trouble while I’m out doing outdoor activities that I didn’t spend much time in the mountains at all. Another thing is to master the use of those tools I carry because they do me no good unless I know how to use them well. I actually dumped crap out of my bag today and kept the basics like fire, water, shelter and first aid, loaded up the rifle and the dog and took a hike. Little cold being only 16 out and breezy but its Wyoming and I enjoyed every minute of it. Happy New Year Rourke and look forward to another year of the blog.

  3. My resolutions are to walk daily (besides the farm work ) and pray and meditate for longer times daily.I pray daily but need to set aside specific time to listen to the Lord.
    I need to get the home in better order and tweak the preps.
    Hmmm where are you guys ordering from because we usually can get ammo
    in local shops and by mail order.

    Here in upstate NY people are trying to stop gun shows altogether so buy what you can now. Arlene

  4. I envy, no, admire your list, your armament and your goals! Although I will likely be to old to contribute much…. and hopefully the need will never arise…. I’ve said it before… and will again, there may come a time when we care for more than our little piece of garden, more than the border of our land, more than our bug-out location can contain. If that sad day should come when you must answer the call to re-install the constitution once again as the law of the land….. you will be grateful for your forethought…. and you will surely not be alone.

  5. Quit smoking. Easy to say. Not easy to do but I’ve been wanting to do it for a few months now and after about 13 years I’d say it’s time.

  6. My goal will continue to work on my stockpiles and storage. Pre-cached some things in the event it becomes untenable in my area. Not sure if there is a magic number of bullets to have on hand either. Pretty sure I have enough weapons, but may think about trading some of them for something different. Our Prepper Group keeps us on our toes, and the growth and skills being taught has really helped. Gas is down, Stocks are up, and Big Government is looking out for our best interests……? Keep up the good work Rourke and God Bless you.

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