A Little Off-Grid Cooking…

A buddy of mine and I recently got together for a little “off grid” cooking. Several methods of cooking were represented including a using a Deadwood Stove, a small backpacking stove, and an “expedient” stove made from a cinder block.

On the menu was an assortment of freeze-dried foods. The Deadwood Stove worked well as usual. I used some cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly to get the fire going. Like all stoves operating on the “rocket stove” theory the sticks/wood had to be pushed into the lower burn chamber quite often. Worked great and I downed some MH Lasagna. Very tasty.

deadwood stove

The small backpacking stove – which I bought on Amazon very inexpensively – boiled water in less than 3 minutes. Into some MH Scrambled Eggs and Bacon it went. Simple, lightweight, portable and inexpensive – great piece of equipment to have. 

boiling water on small backpacking stove

Next up my buddy Jack made an expedient stove out of a cinder block. He stuck some small pieces of wood up under it to raise it off the ground then filled one side with small sticks and branch pieces. Using some of my petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls he lit it up. Worked great. The flames drew in oxygen rich air from the bottom (thus the reason he raised it off the ground) which allowed it to burn very hot. Jack had piled up an assortment of sticks and periodically would drop a couple into the fire. Jack placed a large kettle of water on the side with the fire off center so as not to totally cover the hole. The water took to a boil in about 10 minutes. Lunch served.

It’s good to practice cooking without modern conveniences. Not just good practice – but good times with friends as well.


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