A few thoughts on gun control…..

Gun control is certainly on the lips of many today due to recent news headlines and gun control is one issue that I certainly have opinions on.

Top online criminal justice programs, police academies, and everything in between all teach that as guns are harder to legally buy so increases the illicit market and use of other weapons. This truth is often ignored by news media and groups critical of gun use, especially in the wake of sensational stories.

The recent shooting in Charleston have spurred talk on gun control all across the country. Often when a mass shooting gets a lot of press – “gun control” will be mentioned as something that could have prevented what occurred and what should be put in place to prevent future occurrences.


Let me start off by stating for the record – I support the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Period. I believe that our forefathers placed the right to bear arms into the Constitution for a reason – and it was not for the creation of our military and police forces. It also had nothing to do with hunting.


A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The Minute Man statue - Concord, Mass.
The Minute Man statue – Concord, Mass.


Knowing the history of how the United States came to be I firmly believe that the above statement refers to the ability of the people to possess firearms – not just the government. The citizens must have the ability to hold the government in check.

The mass shooting in Charleston was a tragedy for all involved and their families. It is an unfortunately reality that there are sick, crazy, malicious and evil people in this world with an intent that is no better than they are. The argument that decent, law-abiding citizens should have their rights affected due to those that are not decent, law-abiding citizens is unjust, unfair and against our Constitutional rights. Whether it be the Virginia Tech massacre or the Charleston shooting – those psycho’s that perpetrated these acts would do so regardless of any law.

The bottom line is that gun control laws only affect those that will obey them – law abiding citizens. Criminals are termed that for a reason – they break the law. How many drug dealers and gang-bangers are purchasing their firearms at local gun shops following laws?

Now – here is where I may stir a response from you. Over the years I have believed that some logical gun control and regulation is just responsible and common sense. I have no problem with a background check. I do not have a problem with certain age requirements. I can tell you that my opinions are changing and the requirements and/or obstacles to purchasing a firearm should be extremely minimal. If I want to own a suppressor – that is my right. If I want to own a fully automatic machine gun – why not? I am a law abiding citizen.

The problem with the gun control proponents is that if you give them an inch – they will take a mile. What I mean by this is every regulation, every law is one step towards their eventual desired goal – the banning of guns altogether. Not all gun control advocates want this – but a very large majority.

Being able to defend myself, my family, and my property goes beyond “God given” – it is built into the genetic makeup of the human species to protect that which is nurtured and cared for. For some political group, “cause” or politician to suggest that I am not allowed to possess a pistol that can shoot 17 shots or a semi-automatic rifle because I can affix a bayonet to it is not just pathetic – it is idiotic.

There are 40,000 people killed every year in automobile accidents. 40,000!! I don’t hear anyone suggesting cars should be banned. Hmmmmm…….

One final thought. What if someone with a Concealed Weapons Permit was present at Virginia Tech or in Charleston for either one of those shootings?



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14 thoughts on “A few thoughts on gun control…..”

  1. I absolutely agree 100% with you on this! I live in Lafayette, LA where we just had a mass shooting last week. The thought on most peoples minds here is why did no one have a concealed weapon to confront this person? I know one thing for sure, and that is that permits for concealed carry will be in high demand here in this state for a long time to come. The answer is more guns, not less!

  2. Ban Commercial airlines next.. I mean after all that suicidal maniac flew one into the mountain with all those people inboard….or..fix the mental health institutions so people can/will get help without fear of being institutionalized before they do something that gets them killed?

  3. I’ll be willing to gamble …. I’ll agree to more gun control – all the gooberment needs to do is just make a beginning toward enforcing the current gun laws ….

    There’s upwards of 500,000 illegally owned guns just in Obammy’s section of Chicago … send in the troops and start the the New US Gun Program there …. after the nationwide riots – get back to me about trying to disarm the fortified & entrenched legal gun owners around the country ….

  4. Just enforce the laws we have .. The guy in Louisiana was itinerant .. and bought a gun at a pawn shop .. If the required background check had allowed visibility into his status in 3 areas he could not have purchased it.. a 3 day waiting period would have as well. You are right .. give any and you will set a president to give it all away. The government has no right to impeded the 2nd amendment. If they practiced the 6th amendment they wouldn’t need to as long as actual offenders could be punished. I don’t mean housing them in large building where the weak and can be abused and the tough made tougher.. I mean put em on the road working… Some will be a waste . that’s just people. The ones that aren’t .. employ them .. give em a reason .. I’ll make somebody mad I suppose .. I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting down a mad dog.. and publicly might make the right statement.. everyone pulled for jury duty can attend them .. word’ll get around. I better stop

  5. Amen Ilini Warrior! Obama needs to clean up his own backyard before he attempts to tell anyone else how to live. Bet my retirement he can’t.

  6. Background checks sound nice but are ineffective. The anti-gunners use them to discourage gun ownership. Look at the effect of the Washington background check law recently passed. You cannot let the guy next to you at the range use your gun without a background check, you can’t let a hunting buddy borrow a rifle without a background check. You cannot sell your personal property without a background check. Not only is it inconvenient it is an unjust expense.
    I see too many people in the gun community who are too willing to give up some one else’s rights because they don’t see a need for them. There is never enough appeasement to satisfy our enemies. When I hear them talk about compromise, I don’t notice them giving anything up. Where is the evidence that background checks do anything to reduce crime? Since the vast majority of those refused a gun through background check are never prosecuted it seems the only reason for such checks is the building of a gun owner data base. The idea that those refused a legal gun will just give up getting one is ridiculous on the face of it.

    • nelson133 – It is not a matter of compromise more so common sense. Background checks prevent numerous people from purchasing guns that should not own one. Visit your local gun shop and ask them to tell you some stories of people who have applied to purchase a gun and were declined for VERY good reason. The reality is I am all for law abiding citizens owning a firearm. The background check is the method for determining who is law abiding. Additionally I am all for private purchases. If someone who should not own a firearm purchases one via private sale well, they are breaking the law.

      I do not think that it would be a very positive thing to lift ALL gun restrictions and allow anyone to buy anything.

  7. Benjamin Franklin stated it better than I ever could “Those who give up their Liberty for more security neither deserve Liberty nor Security”. The gun grabber need to let these words sink in before they are so eager to give up you liberty, for once it is gone you may never get it back. I for one will not give up my liberty.

  8. ALWAYS be armed. Be prepared for the worst and it’s ok to die stopping someone from doing evil. Unfourtantly we live in a world where bad things happen and we don’t have someone watching over us or an be there to help. Take responsibility for yourself, your family and your fellow man.

  9. Tobacco kills people-alcohol kills people- video games influence people to kill people- human trafficking
    murders the soul and sometimes the body of a person- abortion kills babies-How is it that only guns are
    attributed to murder and its the person pulling the trigger not the gun or the gun manufacturer.

  10. You bring up an interesting point. I think I would be open to a compromise. I would accept background checks in exchange for the ability to purchase suppressors, fully automatic fire arms, firearms with bayonet lugs, and shoulder fired pistols.


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