A Few Random Thoughts and Site update

A few random thoughts:


  • It is amazing how the White House and other Progressive politicians continue to spin “success” into the Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare). Talk about putting lipstick on a pig and still having a pig.


  • I recently mentioned that I was looking at picking up a Ruger LC9 9mm pistol for concealed carry. I managed to check one out and pull the trigger – hate it. Trigger pull is long and heavy. I looked at a Kahr CW9 and loved the way it felt – but again a very long trigger pull. Still looking…..


  • Something to think about if you are bugging out into the wilderness – wildlife! Here is a story of an 18 foot python found in Florida. Wow!


  • Later this month going on a cold weather camping trip with a preparedness group I am a member of. Temps likely to get down in the 20’s at night – looking forward to it.



  • I recently sent out an email to all subscribers passing on some information on an online source for .22LR ammunition. Shortly after the email went out the product was sold out. I received numerous emails from people saying “Thank You” and telling me that they ordered. If I come across any more deals like this I will send out another email blast. BTW – the deal was 500 rounds of CCI Blazer .22LR  for roughly $30.00.


  • I have always enjoyed the entire Terminator movie series – even Terminator 3. I just started watching Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles again and really enjoy it. It has been awhile since I watched it – fun show.



SITE UPDATE: Wanted to mention a few things going on with ModernSurvivalOnline.

First – I do make some money off MSO. I put an incredible amount of time (and money) into this site and I accept advertising to help pay for site-related expenses and purchase items for review. Honesty, I have charged too little for advertising and accepted too many ads. This is changing as I am lowering the number of allowed sponsors. Selected sponsors will be those that help support Giveaways and Writing Contests while offering nothing but the best in customer service to ModernSurvivalOnline readers. I hope that the fewer ads will result in a better looking website. You will notice the change over the rest of the year.

Survival & Preparedness Download Database – Some of you may not even know this exists. A massive amount of downloadable content is available in the Download Section. I am hoping to make some updates to the database and will likely host additional files on another server. Currently the downloadable files take up close to 20 gigabytes.

Survival & Preparedness Writing Contests – Next contest will be starting in March. I allow multiple entries so start brainstorming some ideas and start writing. I prefer to receive submissions in Microsoft Word – but most any file type will work.

Bug Out Test and Video – I am really excited as I am planning to do take my 15 year old son and perform a “bug out test”. Basically we will take our bug out bags and head into the woods, set up camp, and spend a couple of days. A couple goals will include testing some equipment as well as see what we find that we wsh we had brought. I plan to videotape the trip and upload to YouTube.

Scenario Video/Mini-Movie – I am currently putting together the plot for a post-SHTF fictional video which will portray multiple families in a WROL situation and some of the things they do to survive.  The acting will likely be horrible but I think it will be pretty interesting. If anyone has any ideas for the storyline feel free to suggest it.

Other WebsitesSeasonedCitizenPrepper.com has really taken off and gained popularity lately. We have a tight, loyal group of readers that often comment and discuss daily posts. If you are not familiar with SCP – it is a site geared towards the older prepper.

BestPreparednessDeals.com is another website under the “Rourke” umbrella and has been around for quite some time. We feature daily deals on all kind of preparedness supplies. I really look to find the best prices on items and showcase them typically Monday through Friday. I even have visitrs to the site email me about deals they know about once in a while. Pretty cool!


Take care all!







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  1. Thank you for the e-mail on ammo. Appreciated the review of the cold steel GI tanto, worked out a trade for one. Changes sound good looking forward to them. Got your six

  2. What about getting mso reader submissions for the mini movie. You post the scenario, the readers make (supplemental)video contributions. It would be interesting to see the different responses to the same event from a variety of perspectives and locations.

    • Good idea Mo – I really like that. i could combine all the submitted video’s into one. I think that would really be interesting.



  3. Thanks for the heads up on .22lr. As far as the LC9 I wanted one, but I ended up with a Walther P99c QA in .40 S&W, super sweet little pistol. It will hit what you point at, I love to shoot it. Looking forward to hearing about the how your camping trip goes also, and what gear you used.

  4. I saw you post 3 hours too late about the 22LR Ammo opportunity; it was all sold out. I wished I caught it in time as 4 cents a round is almost back to the 3 cents / round we had before BHO got into office. What a sweet deal! Especially since some suppliers are gouging us still in the ball park of.18 each or more, incredible. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Hey Rourke,
    Sure you have looked at one already but if not check out the Glock 26. Bit wider than the LCR or other slim concealed carry semi automatics but shoots like my Glock 19 and small enough to fit in your pocket as long as you’re not wearing skinny jeans ! Trigger pull is good and all Glock 9MM mags will fit it even if they stick out but nice to have that option.

  6. why shouldn’t you make some money off of this site? You are doing the work.Thanks for the email, but I was, as always, too late. Please keep sending them.How about a Taurus PT-709 slim? I have one I carry sometimes. . . seems to work out fine.

  7. Mike,

    Check out the Sig Sauer P226. I have one, High Cap Double stack mag, and it fits my hand like a glove. I got it used, was a prior Law Enforcement weapon, but I got to “pick the best” from the inventory my dealer had, and the one I got had nearly no wear, probably was a Captain or higher who did little practice. All my friends at the club are jealous, it’s a very nice weapon.

    Also, I too was too late for the .22 ammo special, by a few hours. Keep looking!! Keep up the good work, too, I really enjoy your site. If people have an issue with you making money off of the site, they can “un-subscribe”.

  8. Had the chance to shoot the LC9 / PT709 / and a Shield, 9mm’s all…the Shield had by far the best trigger. All were nice hanguns and all as accurate as the other…just liked the Shield the best myself.

  9. Thanks for the alert on the ammo and thanks for all the hard work you put in on the site. I appreciate it a lot. I know the moves you make for this site will be in the best interest of all. I encourage you to keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you!

  10. I have no problem with you making a few bucks, the info you put out is products is great. I was also slow on ordering the 22 ammo, please keep us informed about future sales. I’ve been on a alert notice for 22’s from Midway USA for almost two months now. With the shortage of ammo and bullet making supplies I ordered a Lee bullet mold which is arriving a month ahead of the stated shipping date for the 303 British Ensfield.sa as to be able to cast lead bullets. The mold has a stated diameter of.314, but lead shrinks upon cooling and the bullet may be undersize for the rifle, wheel weights have almost no shrinkage and will mike out at .314.

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