A few random thoughts…….

A few things that have been on my mind –

  • I went shooting at a local indoor range recently. I took along my S&W M&P 9mm, Springfield XD-40 Compact, and Project: Ruger 10/22. A couple of things I noticed:
    • I shot the Springfield much better than my Smith & Wesson. That surprised me. It was not just a little better either.
    • Project: Ruger 10/22 is amazingly accurate. Most of my shooting was with the standard 10-rd magazine and of course shot 100% reliable. I also have several Eagle 30-rd magazines and have iffy results. I opened a brand new one and shot over 100 rounds through it – no problems. Was pretty happy with that.
  • Speaking of 10/22 magazines -would like to know if you have any recommendations on the best, most reliable aftermarket magazines.
  • I just put together a cold frame to start some lettuce. Looking to get ready for gardening season

  • A couple times a year I watch the movies Red Dawn and the TV series Jericho. I love both of these. I went to the theater at least 20 times and watched Red Dawn when I was a teenager. These are both motivational for me when it comes to preparedness.

    • I took a couple days off from work to work on catching up on some posts as well as get my YouTube Channel going again.¬† I haven’t made any video’s in quite sometime and was able to get a few done. Planning on putting up at least 1 new video per week.
    • Gas prices have risen sharply the past couple weeks. In know – this isn’t news to anyone. My concern is what will happen of the next few months. Increasing gas prices do not just effect your wallet at the pump – but everywhere else as well. As the cost of transporting items increases – that cost will get passed on to consumers. It is truly amazing how many thngs sitting in your house or office right now are manufactured using petroleum. As oil increases in price – so will the cost of these items. The Middle East is in turmoil. Egypt seems to have settled for the moment. Libya is in horrible shape. I have heard rumors of problems creeping up in Saudi Arabia. Israel must still be thinking of what to do about Iran’s iminent nuclear capabilities. Speaking of that…….I see the world a much more dangerous place as time moves on and the possibility that Iran and/or some other radical nation will own “the bomb”. I fear very much that a terrorist attack involving a nuclear weapon is becoming increasingly more possible. Who knows?
    • Politicans playing games again – Wisconsin democrats that are AWOL from there jobs and responsibilities should be relieved of their job. Regardless of anyone’s personal beliefs and side of the argument – for these elected officials to just abandon their post – disgraceful.

¬†Take care all –


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  1. Excellent as always, some very good points. Gas is going to very expensive by early summer and it does trickle down to us. Red dawn is a great movie I watch it a couple of times a year also. Very nice cold frame, lettuce should do fine in that. Keep up the good work.

  2. Tactical Innovations makes excellent 10/22 25rnd mags. They have a very expensive ($65ish) mag that is all aluminum, but they also have an excellent polymer mag with steel feedlips for around $35. The polymer mag, in my experience, functions equally as well as the stock 10rnd mag. The construction quality is top notch, and the mag can be made to better fit individual rifles by adjusting a few screws on the top. Hope that helps.

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