A few random thoughts…..

First off…..Happy Friday everyone. It’s been a tough week for me and I am looking forward to the weekend.

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I see that Australia foiled an ISIS plot to hold public beheadings in two cities. Amazing that I continue to see people state that it’s an overreaction to suggest that the threat could be here in the United States. Meanwhile law enforcement have sent out a bulletin stating that ISIS is calling on “lone wolves” here in the States to attack US soldiers. Yeah – nothing to see here folks….move along.

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I saw that Amazon has revamped their Kindle Fire collection again. I have the original Kindle Fire and love it and have considered getting a new one. It’s full color and video looks pretty good. The newer models have larger storage space and are faster. Hey- the new Kindle Fire HD is only $99. These things are fantastic for storage book, documents of all types including PDF’s, and have excellent battery life. They certainly can be useful for information storage in a preparedness system. I have numerous books and PDF’s on mine.

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Isn’t it interesting that this new “mystery” respiratory virus going coast to coast has occurred at the same time millions of illegals have infiltrated our cities, towns, and schools recently. Hmmmm……..

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I recently bought some 5.11 pants. Awesome. Very comfortable and rugged.

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  1. Exc. correlation between the EB68 current virus among children and the influx of illegals… may have even been planted purposely.
    Today I ordered two bath tub storage water kits and more water purifier tablets-from Cheaper than Dirt – they were out of stock indefinitely of one of the types of tablets-heads up on that item.God bless. Arlene

  2. And how many took notice of this…
    Executive Order 13295 was amended by President Obama on July 31, 2014. Subsection (b) was replaced with the following:

    “(b) Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled. This subsection does not apply to influenza.”

  3. I read where 4 illegals caught on this side of our southern boarder on 9/10 have terrorist connections. Like so many things, this was reported sporadically. News is “something happening somewhere that someone else doesn’t want known”, least that’s what it used to be.

  4. It’s truly amazing how naive people in this country are when it comes to the southern border. Kinda like how most people have no idea that the Mexican President phoned the Feds complaining about Texas putting it’s National Guard units on the border. Wonder if the Texans have been ordered to stand down yet…

    Rourke… We only wear 5.11’s on the job and I’m here to tell you they work great. They can get hot when you are working in the sun, but they hold up great and after 2 years, mine haven’t faded a bit. I’ve personally had my eyes on the realtree-camo pants they make.

    Looking to take the Lady shooting again this weekend…. Have a great one yourself.

  5. I’m writing to ask for you and the ppl help, for 3 years me and 55 familys have been raising chickens in a small town in up state ny. now the village where we live wants us to kill our chickens cause they don’t think we should have them. what is going on is not right to us and our familys. I ask that you and the ppl are able to help us to stand up for were rigths. thank you for your time

  6. Have a couple pair of 5.11 Tactical pants. Great pants with one exception, they are astoundingly baggy in the crotch. Baggy to the point they can interfere with your ability to really raise your leg without hiking them up first. It you wear pants with the waist band over the top of you pelvis up close to your belly button, then they are fine. Most guys under 75 don’t.

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