A few random thoughts…….

“A few random thoughts”……..


Survival Weekend: This past weekend I attended a shortened version of a planned “Survival Weekend”. Although the original plans were changed a bit I had a great time. It was not easy and in fact it was downright tough. Next week I am going to write up a summary of what happened and provide a few pictures. I am looking forward to doing something similar again.

Sleeping Quarters above…..

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Summer Heat and Exercise: The summer heat has taken a toll on my endurance and ability to work out. I have been an avid proponent to being fit and healthy as part of being prepared.  My involvement in Crossfit over the past couple years has led to me being in the best shape of my life. This does not mean that I am the thinnest I have ever been – hover I can run further, lift more weight, and all in a shorter amount of time than ever before. This summer, training in the 90+ degrees temperature in a building with no air conditioning has made me more aware that I have my limitations. Considering if the SHTF and we suddenly are living an existence like on The Little House on the Prarie – time and work outdoors would increase substantially.

Think about the number of people that complain when climbing a set of stairs…..”Man….I should have taken the elevator.”  What are they going to do if they have to walk hundreds of yards to fetch water, and hundreds of yards back to bring it home? Spending hours in the garden removing bugs and weeds to ensure their crops survive would be back-breaking work.

A lot of people overestimate what they think they could do.  Today’s populace is so spoiled many would perish frustrated that their favorite show isn’t on TV.

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I saw a pretty cool saying today……

“Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.”

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 SHTF Clothing: I recently bought some “tacti-cool” pants similar to 5.11 pants (which are too expensive for me). These pants are made out 100% polyester and after wearing I didn’t care for them at all. The 5.11 pants I looked at on Amazon were 65% polyester and 35% cotton. What I can tell you is the 100% polyester made me sweat and it got very uncomfortable. They will be going to Goodwill.

I like my 100% cotton Wrangler cargo pants. Good for the summertime – not so much for the winter time.

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Garden continue to produce amazingly. I have harvested tons of cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash. The raised bed I built now holds a few pepper plants and some cucumbers. Due to limited space the cukes are growing upwards being directed inside a section of fencing. I have another section assembled and once the cucumbers reach the top it will be added to provide more upward space. 

I am watering daily from one of my rain barrels. Due to the excellent drainage skipping a couple days of watering and having no rain could be detrimental to the plants.


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This situation at the Mexican border is ridiculous. I am pretty tired of the MSM saying that these kids are traveling on their own. Give me a break. No 10 year old kid is going to walk hundreds of miles with no guidance from adults.  I am not sure if this Administration could be any less competent. I am waiting for an Executive Order releasing thousands of “low risk” inmates from prisons all across the country. I mean – this would be par for the course and provide thousands of instant Liberal voters.

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My Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm is almost paid off. Looking forward to a smaller carry option over my M&P9.

S&W Shield 9mm

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I have a question – one which I ask every so often:

What topics would you like to see covered here?

Please comment and let me know.

Take care all!





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  1. John, on all fronts, everything gets harder as you get older. I’m beginning to think that if TSHTF, I’m just going to sit on the porch and watch it all swirl around me. Kind of like Mother Abigail.

  2. Rourke-thanks !!! Beautiful garden. Looking forward to more of your weekend update.With the worlds situation and our incompetent non leader- the crap could hit the fan any moment.
    Karen, I agree !!! After working in the garden and weed eating around some of the orchard trees yesterday I am moving very slowly today.
    Topics I would like to see covered :

    How to cook and bake on a wood stove

    How to plan and cope when one is older and less physically able to defend ones home and life.

    More articles on alternative medical advice and herbal supplements

    How people feel when they travel during these tumultuous times. We dont travel because of all the possibilities that can occur when we are away so I would like to hear others thoughts as many of you must travel for work , to see family , vacations etc.

    Prepper burnout. I will be writing on these soon.

    Take care everyone :: Arlene

  3. John,
    I’ve got to agree with Karen. I’m too old, used up, worn out and broken down to bug out anywhere. In fact, if I have to sit on the porch and just watch the events unfold around me, I just hope it isn’t during the summer with all the heat. As far as protecting the home front, well, I’ve always been told the most dangerous person around is an old man with a gun. He isn’t planning on taking a beating, and he won’t take any c……p.

  4. Arlene…good questions. Yep as we age we must adapt and accept the physiological changes that take place and recognise that these can leave emotional problems {worries} Change is inevitable and we must foresee it, else we will live in darkness, please all read a book by Laurence Gonzales , called DEEP SURVIVAL, Who Lives and Why., it will change the way you see your world.
    Nice Garden there Rourke old mate, I am getting hungry writing this at 12-30 AM in Australia
    Be safe , be well

  5. Yes, it was tough out there. I work in the FL heat all day, but doing the events of the weekend, it makes you step back and look at what gear or conditioning you bring or do. At least if SHTF hits during the summer time, we can say we have some practice already. Looking forward to the next one.

  6. I just turned 65 a couple months ago and have slowed down quite a bit. But, I don’t like doing nothing. I still do all my chores etc., but I just go about them at a slower pace. I have a lot of wood to maintain each year: cleaning and staining my home, a 200 ft. fence, a deck, and a log cabin style storage building. Of course, the mowing,trimming, and other basic chores also have to be done. I’m finding that even holding 2 gallon sprayer for a time or brush painting for an extended period is causing me to take more rest breaks. And of course, the mid nineties temps and high humidity take their toll as well. I also hold 2 part time jobs (2-3 days a week). I try to swim 2-3 times a week. And as always, I look forward to reading all the articles and feedback on this website. I’ve submitted a couple articles in the past and am trying to come up with a new idea to write about. Take care all and stay cool.

  7. Chris-thanks I will read Deep Survival.Although if things get really bad I would hope the Lord will call me home sooner than later !!
    Vandal67-Yes it takes me a lot longer to do the farm tasks that I used to do more easily and more quickly.I have developed ways to manage heavy loads but breaking them up into smaller increments and thus saving my back muscles.I have learned the hard way to hold back with determination -instead of weed whacking for two hours-I do it for one half n hour then change tasks and rest and then go at it again.My husband and I have also learned to stop and smell the roses now and then and to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us-like watching the wildlife !!! Arlene

  8. I took my large frame Army rucksack out of my SUV to pack for the NASCAR race at Dover at the beginning of the month. I did not put it back. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is too big and weighs too much for me to walk very far with. I have spinal injuries from parachute landings in the Army. Even though I exercise daily, I am in no shape to walk very far with that ruck on my back. Could I? YES. Should I? NO. I have a few smaller Get Home Bags in my vehicle. They will have to make due!
    On another note, I encourage you to try BDU pants out for your survival gear, Rourke. I was not an advocate of ACUs, but BDUs came in both winter and summer material. They have lots of pockets and weathered the outdoors as good as any expensive clothing.
    One last entry on the subjects you addressed: I picked up my first Smith & Wesson automatic on Father’s Day. I’ve owned several S&W revolvers over the years, but never an auto. It is a Model 457, .45 ACP. I had been looking for a larger caliber to replace my Walther PPK/S as a pocket pistol (backup). This gun is a little heavy, but I am hoping the size works for me. It is a used gun and only came with one magazine. What a pain trying to find addition mags! I bought a few more on eBay. I think the savings in purchasing a used weapon just went out the window. Anyway, when the magazines arrive in the mail this week, I’ll take it to the range. I read good reviews on it.

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