A few random thoughts……..

A few random thoughts:


  • Probably just a fantasy and not worth the money – but I am really intrigued by the TAVOR bullpup rifle. I have yet to even pick one up – but from what I have read I like it. Any of you ever shot it?




  • Ammunition seems to be in much better supply and prices are starting to return to more normal prices. I have managed to pick up some .223/5.56 for $8.99 for brass cased versions and $5.99 for steel cased. .22LR is still scarce but I have seen some CCI Mini-Mags selling for $10.00 for 100 rounds. 45ACP was bought for $22.00 for 50.


  • Looking at having a contest soon where people can send in pictures of their “tactical load outs” – along with a description. Basically looking for people to share how they plan to carry supplies and ammunition/magazines on their person when the SHTF. Get your camera’s ready!!



  • I just added a Magpul grip to my Stag AR. I like it so far. It is a little bigger than the standard – we’ll see. Testing to begin this coming weekend.



  • I often carry a knife whether I am walking around my house or traveling out of state. Check out http://knifeup.com/knife-laws to see the knife laws in our area. Interesting how in some areas you can carry a switch blade and in others a Ka-Bar is illegal.


  • I do not own an HK-91 but if I did I would consider installing a new collapsible stock that Choate, Machine and Tool came out with. Here is a picture:


Pretty Cool!!!



  • There is a SAM’s Cub opening end of September in my town – can’t wait. Save some money and will really help with food storage.


  • I have been organizing all my survival stuff. My garage is coming along to where when I need something I can go right to it. Pretty frustrating knowing that I have a single point sling adapter for my AR – just no idea where it is. Hopefully no more.



Take care all – 


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10 thoughts on “A few random thoughts……..”

  1. For no good reason I’ve always wanted a Steyr AUG. Not the new one with the picanny rail but the old one with the fixed scope. They were the coolest guns out there when I was a kid (Die Hard, etc) then vanished after the crime bill. Some day I may get one.


  2. The Steyer AUG was easily converted to right or left handed ejection. A Swiss friend of mine owns a few of them. Wonderful versatile weapon. D.

  3. The tavor is well worth the money in my opinion, shorter than most sbr,s ,balanced well,handles very fast, better trigger than Aug and others I have used and can be converted to lefthanded shooters with the proper bolt easly . Takes a little gitting use to if coming from a ar platform but muscle memory comes fast as it handles very natural.my IWI model w/16″bbl shoots under 2.0 moa with 62gr fmj & trijicon srs . Easy to field strip and clean . The action group in my opinion is like a blur between a galil,ar & Uzi I have discharged a few thousand rounds ( large porportion of comblock ammo)through this carbine flawlessly


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