A few random thoughts…….

A lot has been going on lately – both with myself and these pathetic efforts of our government to destroy our lives (we’ll talk about that another time).

Have had a lot of problems with this website lately. Everything should be good now but went through a period where access to the site had to be limited due to what appears to have been a series of hacking attacks. Extremely frustrating and wastes so much time. If you have any problems with the site – please let me know.


  • Sporting Clay’s: Recently went to Rocky Creek Sporting Clay’s in Richburg, SC. Awesome time with members of the Church Men’s Group I am in. This is an activity I definitely want to do more often. I had the opportunity to shoot a semi-automatic shotgun – first time ever. I am now looking at picking one up.


  • Ammunition and defensive acquisitions: Ammunition is certainly getting easier to find. I have seen .22LR both in gun shops and Wally-World. Prices are inflated a bit but not too bad. Over the past month or so managed to get several hundred rounds of .223, along with some extra 9mm and .22LR.  I picked up a Para 1911 Expert Model 45ACP. Been a while since I have shot a 1911  – looking forward to it. 


  • Firearm Cleaning: I was contacted by American Gun Oil and they sent me some of their weapons grade gun oil. Will being trying it out and reporting back the results. Stuff is made right here in the USA and has an unlimited shelf life. Cool!!

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  • EMP/Faraday Cage


  • Solar – I recently receive several small portable solar kits from EndlessSunSolar.com. I am currently conducting testing and will be publishing the results once complete. So far – pretty impressed. Check ’em out. Great value.




  • The Preparedness Review: Recently read through the Spring 2013 edition of The Preparedness Review. This is a free pdf document filled with articles written within the preparedness genre. Many of the authors are well known bloggers. Pretty cool stuff. You can check it out HERE


  • Wants vs. Needs Firearms and Gear: Short but to the point article on prioritizing defensive equipment purchases. Go read it. Thanks Ronnie for making me aware of it.


  • After-TSHTF Clothing: Me? Jeans, Wrangler cargo-pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts in fall/winter, hiking shoes. No special tacti-cool pants and such. How about you?


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  1. John:
    Still problems;
    The navigation headers direction reverses a few times from “Info graphic” to “Skill sets”
    The site post list does not update beyound “Skill sets”.
    Perhaps both problems are related.
    The site has been almost unusable to me the last few days, I thought it was my end.
    Did some housekeeping here (and resubscribed)and it is not.
    Regards, D.

    • D.

      Not sure what is going on. As far as I know it is fine for most everyone else. The Site Post is updating daily on my computer and the server.

      I just reversed the navigation as I felt it dd not make sense how it was. I would suggest clearing your cache, and also try a different web browser.

      Here is a screen shot for the Site Post list:

  2. Great links, and love the cell phone tip, but, probably won’t try it…I’m fairly certain my name is already high on the FEMA Camp lists!

  3. Want clothing made in USA? I do! I recently shared a post that a certain brand of American-labeled jeans are NOT made in the USA.

    To make sure it’s made in the USA, whatever it is, go to: http://madeinusaforever.com/

    And, no, I don’t work for them and receive no remuneration; I simply want Americans to buy American made goods, and keep Americans employed, y’all.

  4. Can you say Bennelli M4 ? On my wish list. . . . . Wouldn’t be surprised if your site is under attack from oblammo’s “cybercorps”. . . . thank you for what you are doing. . . keep it up, and know there are others out here, in various stages of preparedness, but all of us keepin’ on. . . .

  5. Rourke and everyone- our clothes will be what we wear now. Blue jeans,corduroy pants,sneakers,farm-work boots,socks made in the USA. and as many other pieces made in the USA as I can find. Sweatshirts,t shirts,
    work gloves and I have done some stocking up on underwear for us all- and clothes for the grand children .If you live in a cold climate ice grippers that fit your boots are excellent.
    Rourke thanks for all the good inf . and sites to explore-u r doing a great job. Yes ammo is more available here in NYS also now. Arlene

  6. Prioritize your preps like you do your office.

    A list – what you have to do today (what do you absolutely have to have to survive). This is the basic must have list.

    B list – what you have to do this week/month (what will make surviving easier, less stressful, less energy intensive, labor saving, etc). These are things which save you time and energy. For instance, you can plant a garden using some sharpened sticks, but a few hoes and shovels will reduce the energy required to produce the same amount of food. You can start a fire with a bow drill, but matches and a fresnel lens take a lot less effort.

    C list – what you want to do this month/year (what makes surviving look a bit more like normal living). Sometimes this is less obvious stuff like extra insulation in the attic (makes a big difference when you don’t have power for AC) and sometimes it’s more obvious and even a bit simpler such as books for entertainment (unless you get all of your jollies from reading field manuals and how to raise milk goats for fun and profit) or some family games (teach your kids to play poker, .45’s are worth a $1, .223’s are worth $5, and .308’s are worth $10).

  7. Harry good job ! I will add to be flexible as situations change. For ex. be alert -be ahead of the
    problems. Currently theres a looming flu pandemic-stock up NOW on masks, antibacterial/viral cleaning products, and natural flu remedies. Theres tornadoes,flooding ,and droughts-therefore the price of corn and beef and wheat
    etc. will be outrageous this fall if not before. There may be an intense food shortage very soon.

  8. Arlene,
    I have a poster in my office which reads “There is a time in the life of every problem where it is large enough to grasp and yet still small enough to solve”.

  9. Harry- good quote. One I like is “I used to get annoyed with the interruptions in my life and then I realized the interruptions are my job.” Arlene

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