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This week I will be “off grid” to a large extent. Any issues with the site will be taken care of – but likely with a substantial delay. Comments are being automatically approved. Emails will be answered – but again, with a substantial delay.

This week there will be mix of some “Blasts from the Past” re-posts as well as some new content. The most reason Guest Post Contest has ended and winners will be announced likely on Sunday April 7th or possibly on Monday the 8th.

Also – I will be announcing the prize line up for the April-May Contest soon – so keep those keyboards warmed up.


A few things that have been on my mind:

  • Body Armor – I have added getting some AR500 body armor plates to my supplies “to get” checklist. They are inexpensive compared to many out there on the market and should fit in my LBE.


  • Guns – I am seeing a resurgence of AR’s in my local gun shop. Just the other day I went in there and it looked no different than it did 6 months ago. Ammunition? Nope – no .22LR, no 9mm, no .45ACP, and the .223/5.56/7.62×39 was at least double the “pre-panic” prices. Received an email from CheaperThanDirt.com stating they had magazines in stock for many guns. Upon looking I found they are still asking pathetic prices for ammo and magazines. I think seeing these elevated prices is one of the things that keeps the panic buying going. 


  • I have watched Atlas Shrugged 2 several times now. At first I was not thrilled with the movie – but after watching it a couple times it has grown on me a lot. I was pretty disappointed that different actors were cast in Part 2 – which took a little getting used to. After watching it a few times I got used to it. I highly recommend watching both Part 1 and Part 2 and looking forward to Part 3.


  • Firearms Training – I am looking to get some additional firearms training  – hopefully soon. There is much for e to learn – to improve on. I do what I can on my own – practicing speed loads from vests and belt pouches. Room clearing when my family is not at home to ask – “Dad, what are you doing? Are looking for zombies again?” Need more range time. 


  • Emergency Fund – Always been one struggled to save much money – let alone an Emergency Fund. Pretty happy that over the past couple months I have built up a decent Emergency Fund – “just in case”. A lot of people out there talk about the need to exchange dollars for tangibles – which is fine depending on your particular situation. The truth is – we are not living in an economic collapse yet, and an emergency today might be a water heater going out and of needing replacement. It is good to have some cash stashed away.


  • BestPreparednessDeals.com and BestTacticalDeals.com have been doing pretty well. I have really enjoyed looking for great deals on all things preparedness and “tactical” in nature – and passing the info on. Many items are on Amazon – which presents a challenge as Amazon changes there prices often. So, sometimes I schedule a preparedness items to go live and then when it does – the price has changed. Sometimes it goes up a bit, and sometimes it goes down a bit. Regardless – when you take the time to watch  – you can find some really good deals. Well, that’s why I created both sites.


  • I have fallen off the wagon on my low carb, Paleo diet recently. Doing crossfit, mountain biking, and my regular stickfighting class – I have stayed pretty active. It was just about a year ago an orthopedics doctor told me that the severe pain I was having on my back was something I would just have to deal with – and Crossfit and weightlifting would be a thing of the past. Well – turned out he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.  Anyways – back to my diet. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I pretty much stopped eating a Paleo lifestyle and I have struggled to get back on the program since. I had dropped from   about 216 down to 196 – now I am holding steady around 209 pounds. I feel pretty good but want to get down to 185-190 pounds. Will hot it hard next week and hopefully I can keep it goin like I did for quite a bit of last Fall.


  • EDC Knife – I usually carry an inexpensive S&W Extreme Ops Folding Knife daily on my belt – but recently it has been replaced buy an even cheaper Tac Force assisted opening knife. I have had it a few weeks now and so far  am REALLY impressed. Review upcoming but I will tell you the spring assist works great and the blade came extremely sharp – and has held that edge through a decent amount of work. Right now it is selling for around $8.50 with free shipping on orders over $25. Yes – it is made in China.


  • I recently picked up a Jeep Wrangler and love it so far. I also bought a small trailer to pull behind it to transport supplies. 


  • Garden: This coming weekend – weather providing – will be tilling up the main garden as well as turning the soil in all raised beds. Only thing I have in the ground right now are some potatoes. Will be throwing some seeds in as well by end of the weekend. Herb bed should return for another year of tasteful, and fragrant plants.  If you do not garden – you should. So rewarding.


  • I need a summer concealed carry pistol. Winter time I can carry a full-sized 9mm or 45ACP with no problem. Pretty difficult hear in the South during the summer. When not at work I generally wear a t-shirt and shorts. I am looking at different small revolvers and automatic. I like the Ruger LCR in .22LR as well. I know.  Its a .22LR.


  • The lamesream media continues to broadcast the economy is getting better and celebrating the record highs of the stock market. Bunch of rhino crap if you ask me. 


Alright folks – how are you doing with your preps?

– Rourke

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  1. This week I finally got some help storing preps .4 of us did a bucket brigade
    storing supplies from Bjs in the emergency space. Makes it easier -especially with stairs involved. (canned goods, pet food, rice, dental supplies ,extra bedroom sheets, towels, etc.) I put the date when purchased on every item always)Checked rotation dates as we went along.
    I find this tedious but necessary.
    Watched the Bible series to maintain our faith that the Lord will protect us no matter how tough things get.
    This week will be discing up the garden area. The seedlings are slowly emerging for our late May frost free date to plant outdoors . (sometimes frost comes here in upstate NY into June)

    If anyone knows a fair price for silver coins and reliable places to purchase please post. Recently read that the US Dollar soon will not be used world wide so gold or silver will be always reliable .We cannot afford gold.
    Rourke and readers -thanks for wisdom and shared exp. Arlene

  2. As far as I’m concerned, McCain is a liberal in republican’s clothing. He’s way down the list of people to be in the white house…or even in the administration. Why? you ask? He was one of the SPONSORS of the NDAA.

  3. Arlene:

    Gold can be had down to 0.10 oz – instead of a full ounce – for about $170 right now.

    And Silver, while much cheaper, has some ‘counterfeit’ coins out that make it important to go to ‘trusted’ people or companies to be sure you are buying the real thing.


    Emergency funds are very important. You never know when TSHTF will happen, but I can assure you that other things will happen dozens of times, if not not many times that, in every life. We had a issue come up with one of my grown kids just after Christmas that emptied our emergency cash. We are being paid back, slowly, and have added to the fund ourselves, as we were doing every week before.

    It just takes time and willpower to say “Don’t Touch” when minor WANTS present themselves. Save for the times there is real need. It doesn’t take much on a weekly basis, when done over a long time, to add up to a substantial sum.

    As for McCain – he has authored, and co-authored some of the bills that attempt to limit or remove some of our Constitutional Rights – so he will never be qualified in my book to run for any office. As noted above, he is really a RINO (Republican In Name Only). JM2C

  4. Mccain is definitely a tool!! I planted my taters ( up here in Greenville, SC) about 3 weeks ago, as well as beets , turnips, carrots, radishes. . . – this weekend the seeds started to pop up, nothing on the taters yet, but I am hopeful. . . If anyone has the room, ,may I suggest chickens, rabbits, and/or a pig-NO food is wasted at my house. . . blueberry bushes are a great investment too. . . . keep on preppin and plantin.

  5. The biggest drawback to the .22 as a self defense caliber isn’t the lack of power, it is the reliability of the cartridge. Rimfires have inherently less reliable ignition than centerfires. The priming compound may not be spread evenly around the entire rim and your firing pin may hit an empty area. This is less problematic in revolvers, but a .22 revolver is wider than some larger caliber automatics so it doesn’t make sense to choose the .22 there.
    With higher quality ammunition the misfires can be reduced but in a self defense situation I prefer to keep the possibility of equipment failures to the absolute minimum. Rare does not equal never.

  6. I use a Keltec PF9 for my summer conceal carry and have had it for a number of years with no issues with jams when I take it to the range for practice.

  7. @Xtexanwannabe, Yeah, I agree with you on McCain. I swear, his run against Obama was like it almost didnt matter who won. Although, Id say O has done way more damage to this country then I ever imagined possible, and hes still not done. Keep your powder dry!

  8. rourke, im in fla, my carry gun is springfield xds….45 power and its way comfortable to carry..600ish, but imo worth it

  9. My everyday carry is a Ruger LCR .38. I use an IWB Remora holster. Us Ladies wear our clothes kinda tight and it never shows. No matter if it’s shorts and a tank top or a skirt! http://remoraholsters.com/

    Remora rocks, made n the USA too!!

  10. What can possibly be said about John McCain that hasn’t already.. oh, what the hell. I’ve always had a certain respect for him, for his service and his willingness to fight for what he believes in. Lately though, what he believes in doesn’t seem to be the same as what I believe. That may be more on me than him. I would like to say that on 80% of issues, I agree with him, but in the last few years the other 20% seems to have grown much larger…. or the 80% much smaller. He speaks, I listen and think, yea, I get it, then I check out his votes and get confused. Of course I’m not the only to have noticed this, and he has become quite good at explaining these seeming contradictions, although they always end up hinting that these issues are far to broad and complex for us layman and women to ever fully comprehend… you know, with our small intellects and our ignorance of how things “really” work.

    There was a time, and not long ago, when Wall Street and Main street were linked together, tethered by a commonality in our economic fortunes. That link has been broken, and there’s no better example than the way the bailouts were handled. It’s never been more clear that it’s “big” at the expense of “small”. Long ago, and it does seem long ago now, the “Individual” was the biggest and most important asset our country had, and our government’s job was to secure it…… not any more…

  11. .380 is a great pocket gun for the summer. i bought the s & w bodygaurd .380 a couple years ago and wear nothing but shorts and t-shirts in the summer. not to heavy for shorts pockets and is a great pistol with all of the full size features. first time to reply to anything here but did want to mention it is a great gun.

    i very much enjoy your postings and thank you for providing them to all of us.

  12. congrates on the wrangler and trailer.I think you should look at a homemade teardrop you can get the best bang for investment!

  13. i carry the lcr in 38, wife has the lcr22. might wanna try that 38.she can’t hit the barn with the 22 even at close range. its a contact range gun.

  14. Living in FL, my primary wardrobe is shorts and t-shirt. My favorite cc of late has been a Sig P938 (w/ the Hogue grip). It’s a bit pricey but I like the fact that I can have a 9mm in the same size as most small 38’s. I think it’s mainly the excellent grip combined with the fact that it has a little weight to it, but I don’t find it to be overly “snappy” as some small 9’s are. Factory night sights mitigate the price somewhat as well.

  15. A Walther PPK/S .380 fits in the front pocket of cargo shorts easily. I use an Uncle Mike pocket holster to cover the muzzle, then slip the handle inside a bandanna for additional concealment. I load every other round with a Hornady Critical Defense bullets and carry spare magazines in a rear pocket. I also noticed some easement of weapons availability. The prices of Ruger Mini-14s has dropped back down from the $1200-1600 to under a grand. I am regretting a “panic purchase” of a wood stock Ranch Rifle in February in that I wanted a synthetic stock tactical model. I am not a huge fan of John McCain. He just was never Conservative enough for me. But, his military service and strength of character surviving years as a POW make him the most admirable candidate that the Republicans have backed for decades. America certainly would NOT be on this moronic course of debt induced self-destruction had the people selected a war hero over a slum lawyer.

  16. Well… very busy here. Sold my condo and paid off my homestead (big sigh of relief).
    Bought and assembled chicken hutch and run and now watching over 6 chicks (Reds).
    Bought and loaded my back-up freezer with about 50 lbs of chicken, ground pork and beef, sausage, salmon and cajun crab cakes in anticipation of a long canning weekend.( I’ll be eating the salmon and crab)
    Received a M4 air soft (training) rifle that I immediately used to run a neighbors intrusive pit bull out of my property.
    Received a MPPT charge controller for my back-up solar cells, I’ll soon be able to test that 400W system out.
    Received a dozen carbon arrows for my compound bow and a brake bleeder vac pump.
    Received a .22 conversion kit for my AR and concluded a burial test on a shotgun that has been under ground for a few months in heavy rain (no PVC, just a plastic wrap. came thru fine)
    Strategically situating some 20″ high raised grow beds to double as cover.
    I have two garages full of tools and misc. equipment that was moved and stacked from my old home that I must now sort through and store away in some sort of order.
    gotta go call my lawn guy to pressure clean the fish farm tanks. Regards, D.

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