A few random thoughts……….

A few things on my mind…….


  • Interesting that most all of the preparedness”experts” out there have proposed for years the need to have weapons of common caliber so that in most any crisis ammunition should be able to be found. I also have been a proponent in this. Guess what? WRONG!! Just look at the recent events where we have had – and continue to have – a gun control legislation emergency. Whether it is just a panicked population or logical reaction – he results are the same – no ammunition available. Those that own a .30-30, a .357 or .38, a .270 or .22 Magnum – they have no problem buying ammo. Interesting. 


  • ReadyReserveAmmo.com still has .22LR ammo in 100 round sealed cans for $8.95. That is a good price compared to some of the “deals” I have seen recently in gun shops and at shows.



  • Suggestions from reader and frequent contributor Guy W Spotts: For you Bug Out Bag package food stuffs in the free cardboard boxes from the Post office to protect them from being damaged by falling water bottles or other hard objects inside or out side of your Bug Out Bag.  Nothing can crush you survival spirit more then a crushed granola bar.  Re-enforce and seal smaller cardboard boxes like ammo with scotch tape before they need repair will make the box last much longer.



  • Interesting that many Sheriff’s organizations are banding together and making a stand against intrusions on our 2nd Amendment rights. Here is another great example, County Sheriff’s of Colorado are making a stand. I hope it continues.



  • I have never been a deeply religious person. Over the past 5 years or so I have felt an absence. Since Thanksgiving I have been attending church and am very much enjoying it. The church fits me well and I am hearing the message loud and clear. I also just got my oldest son into one of the church youth groups. Remarkably – I, myself also joined a Wednesday night group. I am really excited about this new journey I have embarked on.


  • I recently purchased and am in the process of testing a flashlight – a Mini 400 Lumen CREE LED adjustable light. What makes this light special is the fact it cost around $8.00 – with free shipping! It runs on a single AA battery and so far – the results are impressive. I will be publishing a full review once I get more time on it.


  • Lastly – I am still working on the MSO Minutemen information. I am looking forward to sharing soon.

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  • Lastly – want to thank everyone who has gone over and visited partner website BestTacticalDeals.com. For those that have visited – hope you have enjoyed the featured deals.


Take care all –



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  1. The common caliber argument is for when the s#^t has already hit the fan, not for when there has been a run on supplies. Apples and oranges.

  2. um well, here the only ammo on the shelf is:17, 22mag, 40 and 30-06. 38/357, 30-30, 270 all gone. everything else, gone. even shotgun shells. the common caliber theory goes more to whats available from the dead, captured, abandoned etc., not on the shelf per se. good luck on your spiritual journey.

  3. Apparently those “experts” also understood that in a “crisis” you wouldn’t be stopping at Walmart to stock up nor would you need to if you followed the rest of their “expert” advice and kept yourself well-stocked prior to a “crisis”. The theory is based barter/scavenge.

  4. DrSique is right. There is PLENTY 9mm, .40, and 5.56 available. I am sitting three feet from a cache of 500 rounds of each of these calibers. The problem is supply and demand, common calibers means greater demand when there is a run, so stores will be out of these calibers in a run on ammo as they are today BUT if you are poking about house to house or in government warehouses and buildings or savaging the bodies of attackers you are more likely to find these calibers.

    Re: “Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises” – It was a good beginning but what starts out as prepper porn quickly becomes a play by play of the battle of fallujah played out in rural Virginia. Interesting, but more of a spec-ops manual for running a guerrilla war, than a really prepper novel, with a very weak transition from preparing and then surviving with and caring for your family, to all out civil war.

  5. Padre, you are spot on regarding Patriot Dawn…The Resistance Rises. It started out where I was using a highlighter and ended where I was trying to figure how the local militia was parachuting into Washington D.C. and taking the White House. I like Max Velocities other works, but this ended very roughly.

  6. Well Well Well so let me get this right this is just a run on ammo. Don’t this so called SHTF have to start somewhere. Who in their right mind, (that is a preppers mind set) gonna sit back and say this is just a run on ammo and not the events that lead to a SHTF event. Sounds like DR Sickey might be trolling. Folks you don’t have to be no Chicken Little and go around hollaring the sky is falling but don’t think for a minute something big ain’t happening.

  7. Backwoods….I agree that it is time to start talking about the “sky falling.” We started the slow decline a while ago, but the overall attack by the government has picked up in pace….and in ernest. It is time to really pay attention and to stand up and be counted.

  8. Rourke,

    Haven’t read Patriot Dawn yet but look forward to the reviews. However, I would like to recommend Going Home by A. American. Good read I think although you do have to cut the author some slack in that the book wasn’t very well edited for spelling and grammar. Otherwise, it is a very good story line and is much more realistic (as far as mindset and survival skills are concerned) than some of the other similar fiction. Really good ideas for a Get Home Bag.

    Stay safe!

    In Liberty,

  9. common calibres ARE a good thing. just not the only thing. just like every other prep; weaqpons and ammo should be LAYERED. even if it means something as simple as shell adapters. mosin nagant 91/30 and shell adapter 7.62 x 25mm pistol ammo. 303 x32acp 0r 303×7.62 x25mm. not long range but better than nothing. think outside the box!

  10. Just have to say, I saw all this coming a few years before Sept 2001. I warned a lot of people and almost ended up in the looney toons bin. The ammo thing should have been expected. I was told a million rounds is not enough. …… Personally I plan on trusting god first and then taking Ammo and other hard supplies off of dead people.

  11. Zoomie’s review of “Going Home” by A. American is 100% correct. I recently read and enjoyed it. It was $3.99 for the Kindle version.

  12. I got two of those 400 lumen flashlights. First, they’re likely not 400 lumen; The seller I bought from listed 300 lumes, and his is identical in appearance and spec. His light is the number 1 seller in the flashlight category, and the fact that he lists fewer lumens, and the fact that one battery can only put out so much wattage, means I am more inclined to trust his specs to be legitimate. Second, they are only that bright when using special batteries that put out 3.6V. An AA will only do about 1.5V or even 1.2V when it’s a rechargeable. Third, they’re not likely to be waterproof; The collar slips a little loosely, without an O ring.

    Now let me tell you what I like about them: 1. They’re $8, as you said. 2. They are certainly bright enough. They can still be seen on a wall when I put my car’s high beams on, meaning they can out-compete them (although with a much narrower beam). And that’s with lesser-voltage rechargeable AA batteries! 3. They only require one AA, a battery I already have 4. They can stand on their endcap 5. Sturdy clip 6. Strobe mode and sharp-ish light ring make for a good tactical situation 7. Sturdy construction 8. They do seem to be water-resistant enough (I didn’t test them). 9. Did I mention they’re only $8?

    • Christopher –

      Glad you like it. I am looking to get a couple more and may try som of those higher voltage batteries.

      Thanks – Rourke

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