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A few things in my mind…..

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. So far good for me. Need to put lights up on the house and a variety if Christmas “things” in the yard. Testing my skills of persuasion as I see how much of I can get my wife to do.  He He

During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are a couple of traditions in the Rourke household. One is I watch Christmas Vacation, Uncle Buck, and Christmas Story several times. Love these movies.


  • Over the past couple week been working on purchasing a variety of supplies. I visited my local Dick’s Sporting Goods and picked up some tent LED lights on clearance for $2.97, a few cinch bags to help organize stuff in Get Home Bags, and picked up a 5 gallon emergency water tote for $4.97.  Also bought a few hundred rounds of .223 Remington ammo, some 9mm, more .22LR CCI Mini Mags, .30 Carbine, and a couple boxes of .30-30 Winchester. Added to my food stores and inflation items by stocking up on many items on sale and used some coupons as well.
  • Made a trip to my local LDS cannery and picked up more food. LDS canneries are fantastic for getting the basics – wheat, beans, milk, flour, sugar, etc. Special thanks to SouthernBellePrepper for arranging my appointment.
  •  I have several books in my Kindle Fire and on my bookshelf I am trying to read. Honestly – I rarely read a book from cover to cover. Often – for non-fiction – I review the table of contents and pick  whatever I am interested in. Here are a few that I am working on now or on my upcoming list:
    • Currently Reading: A Failure of Civility – fantastic book and plan to do a review when done. This one I am reading cover to cover. So far the best book I have read on preparing and living when there is a failure of civility.
    • 299 Days  – book of fiction that is getting very popular.
    • Brushfire Plague -another book of fiction that is getting very popular.
    • The Home School Shootist – Excellent!! I have been flipping through the pages of this book and getting great firearm training ideas. Upcoming trip to Georgia will put some of them to use.
Read any good books lately?
  • One more book – Ramblings of a Modern Day Mountain Man. This is a Kindle-only book and it was a great read which I read from cover to cover in just a few days. I highly recommend it. Will be reading it again when I have time.
  • Recent trip to Georgia over Thanksgiving – had a great time. I ate a ridiculously large quantity of pumpkin pie, cake, turkey, stuffing, ad hot oven rolls. I stuffed myself to maximum density to such a degree I thought the Post Office was going to give me my own zip code. Spent a lot of time outdoors. Built a huge fire in the fire pit. Went coyote hunting one morning (did not see anything). 
One night we heard two groups of coyotes howling. One of the eeriest things I have ever heard. Extremely loud…..and relatively close. 
When we went hunting we planned to climb up in a large tree stand. My youngest – 9 years old – climbed up the wooden ladder. He came down about four times faster than he went up. Take a look in the picture below what he found:
  •  I see that ammunition continues to fly off the shelves. I hope this is short lived but who knows. More and more I am seeing ant-gun talk from a wide variety of people – celebrities, news people, politicians, etc. I am not sure the strategy the anti-gunner will take to pass more gun control laws. With the Repubs still in charge of the House I do not see the ability to pass a new assault weapons ban. Executive order? I am not freaking out and buying up all ammo in sight – but I have moved weapons, firearms, accessories, and ammo up my priority list a bit.
That’s about it for now. Appreciate everyone for stopping buy and visiting.
Take care all –


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  1. I have to agree with you about listening to coyotes howling in the dark. Being an RVer I spend a decent amount of time in rural and wilderness campsites. Sometimes they start to howl right outside and before you know it the hairs on the back of your neck are standing.

  2. I had laid off prepping (a little bit) in the months leading up to the election. Since my fear is economic collapse, I briefly considered that a Romney administration and taking back the Senate, may alter our course of out of control spending and avert financial disaster. Well, obviously that prayer did not work. So, for the past month, I have picked up the effort with a vengeance. I don’t share your optimism with firearms laws and ammunition availability, Rourke. I have a real bad feeling this will be the first area Obama will execute his dictatorial powers. The Republicans will be portrayed as the bad guys by the media, in event we go over the fiscal cliff. Personally, I don’t see how Boehner can dictate terms, with only a third of the power. I am not opposed to raising taxes on the ultra wealthy, even though the revenue gained won’t change anything with respect to debt or budgets. I would not consider 250 grand “rich”. Small business owners may cross this line, but with payroll and expenses, are certainly not wealthy! I would consider wealthy to be earning more than 12 million a year. If I were the Speaker Of The House, I would agree to MARGINAL increase to their income taxes, perhaps another 5 percent. Although I agree with fellow conservatives that it is a bad idea to raise anyone’s taxes during a Recession, I feel the damage will be far worse for the country if a deal is not reached, the Bush Tax Cuts expire and the Republicans lose the House in 2 years for taking the blame. Enough on politics. I did get more ammo, primarily .223, .45 ACP, .12 & .20 gauge shotgun and several boxes of .45 Long Colt for a new gun, the Rossi Circuit Judge. I rarely purchase any weapon made outside the United States. (I am a big Ruger, Mossberg, Colt and Smith /Wesson guy). But, I like the versatility of the .410 shot (Winchester PDX) and the power of .45 LC. I wanted a long gun for my wife and youngest son that are opposed to recoil. So, I bought a foreign gun. I also picked up a few hundred dollars worth of cigarettes. Folks that don’t smoke won’t understand, but this is a necessity for those of us that indulge in tobacco. I decided to add toilet paper to my spreadsheet that tracks our supplies. As with the bottled water section of my chart, the turnover rate is high and it is a pain to keep updating. But, since we store stuff in different locations, I felt some accountability was prudent. In closing, I concur with holiday traditions. I have several of my own. I won’t bore everyone with the details. I will say that my favorite Christmas movie is “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I am not ashamed to say that I get a lump in my throat at the end when the war hero brother proposes his toast.

  3. Irish, I agree with a lot of your political comment, but it’s time we all realize that the course has been laid and regardless of which side is steering the ship we are on a collision course. There isn’t enough will or conviction to change direction. Even if they all gather on the White House steps, join hands and tell us how they came together in the last minutes and saved the country, it will only be a scene, designed for the foolish, not for us.

    This is all just par for the capitulation course. We know any tax increases won’t put a dent in anything of substance. We know that any spending cuts offered will be smoke and mirrors.

  4. You are probably right, John Gault. Being a man of faith, I was trying to hold on to some hope. The guy who convinced me to become a “Prepper”, financial adviser Porter Stansberry, is now saying that we are on the cusp of another oil boom. In his new video, he dropped the financial collapse prediction and now states that we have 20 billion barrels worth of oil in several different locations in the United States. I wrote to him and asked about his previous forecast of economic disaster. So far, no response. Maybe because this time I did not purchase his periodical. I admit that the potential for tragedy is wearing on me a bit. I have not completed my plan yet. The last 2 major areas, a fence (or wire) around my property and alternate energy source (solar) are unfunded. As I sit in a restaurant, or at a high school football game, I try to picture the impact of these different crisis situations on the location that I’m presently at. It is like a bad dream. I am not consumed or overwhelmed by the possibility of TEOTWAWKI. I am annoyed by wasted time and resources. Most of all, the thought of looking back and saying “I knew this was coming, but did not take the appropriate measures”.

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