A few random thoughts……

A few things that have been on my mind……..


  • I have a Ham radio and do not have a clue what to do with it. I don’t even know how to listen with it. I just met up with someone that said they are willing to help me out. I do not like the idea of getting the licence. I understand why HAM operators prefer that people get licensed. My concern revolves around – “Why does the government need to know about my handle, and my address, and my possession of such equipment?” I will likely get the licence but don’t like it.
  • Garden is doing well so far however I have to replant a few things. I fertilized the garden and burnt a couple of the plants. Every year I learn more.
Above picked on Sunday – cucumbers, strawberries, zucchini, summer squash, potatoes, green beans, and tomato.
  • My wife canned some sweet pickles about a week ago and dill pickles this past weekend. House stunk while we worked on it but they have been put back. I still have some pickles from a couple years ago that I did.
  • Many are concerned with the upcoming UN Arms Treaty vote in New York. There is a lot of speculation on the Internet regarding what it means to the United States and the 2nd Amendment. Research into the true effects of the treaty to the United States has shown me that gun owners in the United States have nothing to fear as the treaty does NOT trump the Constitution. Also – I have heard that Hilary Clinton only needs to sign it for its effects to take effect which is not true. The Senate must pass it as well by a 2/3rds majority vote – not likely to happen. Regardless – if you have a desire to own guns no better time than the resent to buy some.


  • Reality TV is a leading cause of the dumbing down of America.


  • I recently saw the movie The Avengers. Simply awesome!! I grew up reading comic books and they did a fantastic job of bringing these characters off the pages to the silver screen.


  • Caught this over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest . Ryan point out that the military just clarified the ability to use Magpul PMAG’s in combat. If you follow his link and read the military document – it describes a high confidence level in the PMAG’s. This is one of the reason  have about 30 of them.
That’s all folks –


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22 thoughts on “A few random thoughts……”

  1. Hi Rourke, Glad to hear you have the radio but you pretty much answered your own question about the license when you said you didn’t have a clue how to use it. The test enlightens you about the safety issues involved with RF and basic radio operator protocol.

    The radio spectrum would be one messed up place if there wasn’t any organization. If the gov’t didn’t organize it than some outfit like Google would have come along and done it. Take a look at the US Radio Spectrum chart sometime and you’ll understand why there’s a need for licensing. RF can be very dangerous to the human body and I, for one, am glad that sort of energy is only used by professional technicians that understand it.


    I totally get the “I hate licenses” mindset but I’m pretty sure we are all on a list by now.

  2. Ham radio != CB, so yes, you need a license. If you don’t want to get licensed, sell the radio and go buy a CB. Not to be rude or anything, but without regulation, ham radio wouldn’t be a) an enjoyable hobby or b) useful during emergencies, times of distress, etc. =)

  3. You dont need a HAM radio to listen, BUT dont transmit. you DONT know who is listening, and since anyone who transmits has to identify their license number every so often, you DONT know who might be listening.

    If you want to listen to HIGH level Govt channels, youll need a 160m….. FEMA and their channels run on 160m 😉

    I own and operate a few, mainly to listen..but if SHTF…..

  4. If you one evening you are listening on the 41m or 75m bands and you hear the Lincolnshire Poacher or Cherry Ripe give a toast to all the Numbers Stations who give the NSA moles something to fret over. Not a clue who they are or what the transmissions mean, but anything that gives intell kittens is amusing in my book.

    You might need a bigger bowl if you keep up the green thumb. Have you tried zucchini boats stuffed with venison, herbs, garlic, and chopped tomatoes topped with melted parmesan? Or find a good recipe for zucchini oven chips – great snack (resonably healthy too, but that is a minor benefit).

    We made bread and butter pickles (well, I mostly chopped – spousal unit and 1 of the daughters-in-law did most of the rest) yesterday. House still smelled like boiling apple cider vinegar this morning. I wonder if febreeze makes an air burst unit.

    If you know how many guns (bullets, knives, etc) you have you don’t have enough.

    If Reality TV truly shows what the US education system is turning out I vote for home schooling.

    Snow White and the Huntsman – predictable (evil queen dies, cute heroine lives happily ever after) but a good take on a fairly tale with great sets and costuming (but I like swords, so that may have been a biased assessment).

    We have a number of PMAGs which doesn’t do much for me – I generally shoot a Spingfield M1-A. The only time I pick up one of our M-4s is to go on a piggie shoot. Kids like them though, must be an age thing.

    Happy harvesting!

  5. 1) the .gov don’t know what kind of equipment you have;
    2) the .gov need a mailing address, not a “real” address (location);
    3) Hams don’t have a “handle”, they have a .gov-issued call-sign;
    4) when tshtf none of the above matters, but you won’t be prepared or competent if you don’t comply now.

  6. you do not need a license to LISTEN….just to talk. also, if life or property is at risk you may talk w/o a license. if you get caught talking and its not an dire emergency (flat tires etc. dont count) you WILL be fined $10,000. that is not a bluff by the FCC. just ask the Phila. fire dept. i dont know the first thing about electronics but after studying for 7 hrs in a week i passed it. you can too.

    when cell phones and radio stations go down… Ham will still be up. also you will get the unfiltered scoop of what is REALLY happening….not what the govt. wants you to know.

  7. Rourke,I like your random thoughts. You are a good gardener. In the NE we only have radishes and have just planted gardens a week ago due to frost possibility.
    How much a simple Ham radio and antennae cost ? Are there other fees? I have searched and cannot get anyone to
    tell me where a basic course is offered. When the SHTF a Ham radio will be worth its price.I bought a set of walke-talkies and we must apply for a license to use them? Why ? If anyone can help me with these questions I would appreciate it. Thanks. Keep prepping Arlene

    • Hi Arlene –

      The rado was a little over $100 but it is only a hand held. If you Google HAM study guide pdf you should be able to find some info. If you use the FRS bands on your radio no licence is required. Though I do not think anyone will get in trouble for using the GMS bands either.

      Take care – Rourke

  8. To be honest with you I have no idea how I wound up on your blog. I started with supplement search and one thing lead to another and here I am. Great stuff, I am considering to buy a gear bag. When I was browsing your blog and saw Jericho’s scene I said ‘this is my kind a guy’ LOL. All right now, you have an awesome stuff on that youtube vid about gear bags. Why don’t you try to broadcast live, free, interactive on DarpaTV.com? That’s not a gov affiliate however. it’s an acronym for something (explained on website) with unfortunate similarity…. I visit DRMRadioLive a patriotic show broadcasting from Ireland on Monday and Thursday at 3-5pm EST.

    See here if you’ll have use for it: http://www.darpatv.com/en/intro-darpatv/

  9. It seems crazy that you are already in harvest mode in June when the only things we’ve got so far are early onions and lettuce. Great work with the garden!

  10. What does having a amatuer radio license prove if all anyone has to do is memorize the answers to the tests? And if you acquire the knowledge, what’s the good of having a license? Just to practice using the PTT button? If the PTB required a license for transmitting in the 500 Terahertz range, should we all obtain one before using a flashlight too?

    Plenty of callsigns to borrow if you need one for a quick message. None needed if life or property are in danger or to respond to a station in distress anyway – which might be the only reasons some survivalists/preppers want radio gear in the first place. Check out the FCC violation reports, try to find one where an unlicensed operator was cited that wasn’t making a nuisance of him/herself.

    Personally, I like to keep a listing of the licensed hams in my area. In the event of a real emergency, I’ll post signs with their FCC license info and directions to their homes, indicating they have volunteered to help refugees obtain assistance or contact loved ones. Should divert some of the golden horde from my neighborhood anyway. jk.

  11. Regarding ham radio. I left C.B. radio because it became so unregulated & out of control. With amateur radio, having a license is required by the FCC! Ham radio operators do not use “handles” or “10 codes” & we respect each other! With an entry level license (No-Code Technician) you get alot of “perks” such as 1Kilowatt/2,000 watts of LEGAL transmitting power! Although i’ve never gone higher than 30 watts. I usually transmit on 1-5 watts into local repeaters and the repeaters re-transmit my low power signal from across the valley to several hundred miles away! You’re allowed to “experiment” & build your own gear-radios, amplifiers, antennas, etc. I’ve communicated with other stations all over the U.S. & Canada & Hawaii via ham radio satellite using hand held radios and scanner receivers! Ham radio has something for everyone! And you don’t have to spend a fortune either! I’ve been licensed for nearly 20 years and still love the hobby! 73′ best regards! Jeff/KB7TJM Utah State R.A.C.E.S. #664.


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