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Ruger, SR22, 22lr, survival pistol, kit gun, semi-auto,
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A few things that have been on my mind:


  • I went and saw The Grey. Best movie I have ever seen – bar none. Awesome acting and fantastic story. I can get right into a movie and will feel like I am there. Wow – I was impressed.


  • I appreciate the many of you who visited my new site – BestPreparednessDeals.com . It is doing very well. If anyone knows of some preparedness-related product that is a value that just can’t be beat – let me know.


  • The Walking Dead returns this Sunday February 12th on AMC. I am really looking forward to seeing some new episodes.


  • Prepper Website Discovery – Came across a couple of websites new-to-me.
    • Another site is http://rairair.blogspot.com/ – which focuses on camping and outdoor adventure. RareAir has many equipment reviews – really good info.
    • Very unique and new site is http://crunchysurvivalist.blogspot.com/. This site is written by a homeless women who is documenting her and her husbands struggles to not just survive today – but look to prepare for the future. Reading these posts certainly can put things in perspective.
    • Another new site – http://thepermaculturelife.com/ – visit if you like permaculture, homesteading, gardening, primitive skills, agro-forestry, as well as other topics.
  • Ruger has recently come out with a couple of new pistols that have caught my eye. I have firearms as part of my preparedness system and I also just like to go out and shoot. Ruger’s new SR22 looks like a winner as well as their LCR-22.
Ruger, SR22, 22lr, survival pistol, kit gun, semi-auto,
Ruger SR22
pistol, revolver, 22lr, rimfire, polymer, frame, LCR-22, Ruger, kit gun, survival, preparedness, concealed weapons,
Ruger LCR-22
  •  I just picked up a very nice used mountain bike to go along with my Crossfit as I work to get in better shape. My back is still giving me some fits but I have scaled my workouts around that. My shoulder injury seems to be doing OK. I am focusing on extra warm up exercises now that I have grown
Trek Fuel Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Awhile back I wrote up some future plans for ModernSurvivalOnline. One of the things mentioned was to have more reviews of various equipment, books, etc. So far in 2012 I have increased the frequency of reviews and will be doing more soon. I also have a very special project which is still in the works. I am looking at a March 15 launch – though that may change. Stay tuned!!

Take care all –


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  1. Thanks for posting the links to the other sites. I have so many sites that sometimes I have info overload.:)
    On my blog, I mostly just post links to other articles.

  2. Really you have got to be kidding about “The Grey”. Stupid doesn’t even come close to describing that movie. The primary necessity of a movie is to induce the willing suspension of disbelief. Doesn’t happen in “The Grey”. In fact there are so very many things wrong with the movie that at the end I was cheering for the wolves. It may be in the running for the WORST movie ever made.

    • Hal –

      It was not a documentary – it was a MOVIE for entertainment. I found it entertaining. If you didn’t like it – no problem. That’s why they make so many movie – everyone has different tastes.


  3. “The Grey” could not have tried to be a little less flashy, I was on the wolves side too 😛 My question is, who looks at the movie after it’s done and thinks “ya, that’s it right there!”… The previews looked cool tho.

  4. My 13 year old and I went to see The Grey, and we agree with you: it was a great movie. The ending was intense, horrible, but intense. It gave a great opportunity to talk to my son about the will to survive, the will to live, degrees of leadership, faith, and is God obligated to answer us on our terms. Heck, even the ending gave me chance to see his thought process: make it, didn’t make it, why did he prepare himself even though the outcome was fairly certain. We have watched several movies together, not many of them give the chance to talk that in-depth about life and its situatuons.
    Just my thoughts.
    Thanks for the great site.

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