A few random thoughts………….

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A few things that have been going on recently…….

  • Fitness: My continued quest to improve my health and level of physical fitness recently hit a few bumps. Old injuries decided to return and say hello. Rotator cuff strain and lower back pain over the past two weeks have slowed things down. This has limited what I can do – but still making an effort.  I love Crossfit and cannot imagine ever going back into a “regular” gym. Crossfit is super demanding but equally rewarding.
  • Government and Politics: I have recently read two posts at different blogs that were right on the money regarding politics, government and this country. The first was over at Badvoodoo’s The Retreat. The second was at Patriot Rising. Baddvoodoo’s post discussed the  recent military training exercises being held in Los Angeles as well as relating this to the recent NDAA bill Congress passed. Zoomie at Patriot Rising wrote a fantastic piece and expresses his frustrations about the government – and makes the case that the “S” has already hit the fan. I believe they are both right on – we are in trouble.
  • Guns and Ammo: Loving my Remington 870 Tactical. Bought my wife a Sig Mosquito .22LR pistol. Have gone to the range a couple times and it has performed well. Review upcoming. Hoping next week to make my way to Palmetto State Armory in Columbia, SC and pick up some 5.56mm and .30 Carbine ammo. A lot of nice new guns being put out by gun manufacturers. I see more new “toys” in my future.
weapons, guns, firearms, survival, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, preparedness, survival battery
  • Food Storage: Continued efforts in putting away food is paying off and stores are building. This coming Wednesday myself and a coupe of prepper friends are heading to the local LDS Cannery to stock up. Looking forward to it and will report back how it goes. Thanks to SouthernBellePrepper for arranging the appointment.


  • Flashlights: I recently picked up a couple of cool flashlights. One is called a Pak-Lite. The other is a cheaper version of the Pak-Lite called the Kikkerland. Basically these are LED flashlights that snap on top of a 9-volt battery. I have a review of both upcoming. I will go ahead and tell you both are worth their price and the Pak-Lite is the better light.
survival, flashlight, Kikkerland, Pak-Lite, 9 volt, battery, SHTF, power outage, black out
A bit blurry…….the Pak-Lite(top) and the Kikkerland(bottom)


That’s all folks.

Take care –


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  1. Glad to see you picked up a PakLite – good little product. I wish I had thought of it, oh well maybe in my next life my timing will be better.

  2. Don’t you remember not to long back when the Marines were practicing that urban stuff down here in Columbia?
    They had guys rappelling from helicopters onto old buildings down here, and flying all around the city…..wasn’t that awful long ago. They practicing for what??? and Where?????

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