A few random thoughts………

A few things that have been on my mind……

  • Several readers have forwarded me emails and links on a really cool “house” built from two metal shipping containers.
  • Survival & Preparedness Stockpile…….putting some stuff back:
    • Buy One – Get One Free shopping: local grocery stores have been having a bunch of BOGO sales on canned goods, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, and more.
    • SAM’s and BJ’s: Mrs. Rourke and I have memberships at Sam’s and BJ’s (I like Sam’s better). We have been buying rice in larger sacks than what is available at the grocery store. Also have picked up some larger #10 cans (about the same size) of potatoes. A regular sized can of potatoes run around $1.50 at local store yet a HUGE can can be brought for between $4.00-$5.00 .
    • Batteries: Picked up many AA and AAA batteries at IKEA and SAM’s. Also picked up some D batteries. I store the batteries in plastic shoe boxes which I pick up at the dollar store or Big Lot’s for $1.00.
    • Paracord: Picked up a couple of 50-ft packs of paracord. I love this stuff and find uses for it often. Strapping the Christmas tree to the roof of my wife’s car? Paracord.  Love it.
    • Ammo deal from a friend: A friend from work had 750 rounds of misc .223 Remington ammo. We kept going back and forth on a price and I finally told him that it was worth $140 to me – no more. He bit and accepted the deal. Good addition to the stockpile.
    • Firestarters: Local grocery store had placed on clearance a bunch of individual fire logs as well as a variety of firestarters. I picked up a bunch of them. The firelogs were $1.50 each (bought 10). I use them in an outdoor fire pit as well as cut them up into small sections to use as firestarters. The boxes of firestarters were from $1.00-$1.50 (picked up 12). Some were like mini firelogs and the others were small little paper cups filled with some kind of wax. Good addition to the shelf.


  • I have been using my Deadwood Stove – review a few days ago…..nice!!
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  • Recently organizing my garage and some of my supplies and caught myself staring at my Big Berkey water filter and thinking that it was a beautiful piece of equipment – kinda sexy. Is that wrong?
  • Site Post List: ModernSurvivalOnline has had over 900 posts published in the past 18 months or so. For a complete list of every single post – CLICK HERE.
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On a final note…..here is a funny preparedness picture:
That’s all folks….my head hurts now…..

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  1. Rourke,

    I like the way your mind thinks–good thoughts on all of these suggestions! My personal food favorite is rice. If you shop around enough you can find great deals on 10 lb bags and up. Storage can be a problem, but the rewards are well worth whatever time and effort one spends on that particular concern. Pastas and pasta sauces are also great long-term storage food sources. And let us not forget the legume family. Beans are an excellent source of nutrition, despite their sometimes…well…let’s just say drawbacks! Ha!

    Take care, all.


  2. Rob,

    After you soak your dried beans, cook them in fresh water (as long as water is readily available, that is!). That helps with the . . . drawbacks. Rinsing canned beans not only reduces the sodium content if you’re concerned about your salt intake, but also is supposed to reduce the drawbacks as well. Maybe we should add Beano to our medical stockpiles if we’re all going to be eating beans? Forgive me, I’m still feeling a bit sassy today!


  3. Rourke and tedez, thanks for the Poor Man’s Guide. Some very good info there, and I’ll be passing it along. Hope your head feels better soon, Rourke.

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