A few random thoughts………

A few things that have been on my mind…….

I recently entered a TEOTWAWKI Knife Contest. Check out my entry here.


Good posts from around the net:


Kindle Fire update: I have recently posted on my new toy – a Kindle Fire. I am still enjoying it and just found a new ability for it – downloading and saving YouTube video’s on it. Basically a small program called an “App” is installed for free – and when I am on YouTube and I see a video I like – I just press “download” and a local copy is saved in the Fire.

I have also been transferring many PDF files onto it which allows for easy access and reading when I have time. Not for everyone – but I love it!!

Gerald Celente spoke recently:


My Crossfit Training continues to go well. I had to stop for several weeks due to an injury – but now I am back at it. I would post a picture of my amazing physique – but I would like everyone to continue to live at least some resemblance of a normal life 🙂 On a serious note – I am really enjoying Crossfit. I have never felt a workout provide such a “real” and “complete” challenge. Looking for a fitness program for preparedness? – check out Crossfit.


A couple of blogs that I have been enjoying latelyPatriot Rising and TEOTWAWKI Blog. Good stuff. There are many good sites out there and I just have so little time.


Beware zombies – Rourke has a brand new toy……….

Remington 870 Express Tactical, shotgun, survival, preparedness, SHTF, self defense, personal protection
Remington 870 Express Tactical


I recently watched the movie Atlas ShruggedI will be doing a review shortly. If you haven’t seen it – I highly recommend it. The movie makes a tremendous statement and makes so much sense if you are up on current events.



This season of The Walking Dead just reached its midway point and will return in February. The show started off a little slow this year – but I really think it has taken a turn for the better. The entire story since the group reached the farm has been great. Between Rick’s son getting shot, Glenn getting the hots for the farm girl, Herschel’s wacked out thoughts on the walkers and keeping a bunch of them in the barn, and the search for Sophia. Shane’s patience is wearing thin and I think Rick is just too nice. Great ending to the final episode.


On a final note…….Who is John Galt?


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  1. Sweet shotgun, bring it with you next time you head this way.
    Your knife contest entree is great, you should consider writing a short or ongoing story.

    Atlas Shrugged; based on the novel by Ayn Rand, her last and the one she considered her “magnum opus”. Although first published in 1957, the parallels with today are unmistakable and unavoidable. It offers a look at a fictional America, but it is slowly becoming a non-fiction piece in it’s totality.

    It’s a worthy Guide on the warning signs of our own steady Marxist March into the future. The story offers many lessons and many warnings, one of the most powerful of these is: We may decide individually and/or collectively to ignore the evil that slowly invades our lives, we however will not avoid the consequences of that decision to ignore…

    Thanks for the link

  2. My Good fellow:

    Bring your new toy out to TDI this coming July and get it dirty! Tac Shotgun is the middle of the month and it fills up fast as it is possibly the most popular longgun training available this side of Carbine l ll lll.

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