A few random thoughts……..

A few things that have been on my mind…….

  • Christmas is coming. There…..I said it. Man, this year has gone by fast. Someone told me once that the older you get the faster time goes by because each moment is an ever smaller portion of your entire life. Wish that was not true. Anyways – looking to get Christmas shopping out of the way for the kids.



  • Speaking of the Kindle – I love this thing. I know that it may not be EMP-proof, but the Kindle is so convenient. Books are generally cheaper, they download quick & easy, the screen looks just like paper, and you can carry literally thousands of books in one small and lightweight device. Right now – you can buy one for as little as $79.00. Oh, they can also store and view pdf’s. In a couple weeks the new Kindle Fire is coming out. This thing is full color and more of a mix between a book reader and a computer.
Check out this video on the Kindle Fire:


  • Just finished watching both seasons of Jericho. I liked the first season better – but enjoyed the second as well. Wish it had never been cancelled but not really sure where the show would have gone from where it ended.


Remington 700 SPS ready for scope
  • Went to an outdoor shooting range this past Thursday with buddy MW – great time. Had an opportunity to shoot my Stag AR as well as M1 Carbine. MW brought along his Remington 700 SPS .308 Winchester. We shot as far as 300 yards looking through the 9X Burris scope – simply awesome. I was amazed as I was able to shoot about a sub-3″ group at 200 yards (target is hanging in my garage). I mean – I have never shot this gun before. Pretty good performance I think. I really want to get get one.
  • I am loving this season of The Walking Dead. You would figure there is only so much you can do with the whole zombie story – but so far it is very interesting and entertaining.
  • On a serious note – I continue to be concerned with events in the Middle East. Countries are changing leadership – though I am not seeing replacements being very advantageous. Iran continues with their nuclear program which no doubt Israel is watching closely – and getting ready. Overall the area remains very unstable and ripple effects could travel to other parts of the world.
Well – gotta go. Some un-dead are clawing at the front door. Gotta go get my machete.


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  1. I have been planning on getting a kindle and will have the funds mid month to do it. I saw both seasons of Jericho and have been following the walking dead since the start of the series. The walking dead out did my expectations long ago. I love the show along with Terra Nova on NBC. Both shows are very entertaining. I don’t watch a lot of television but those two I watch. The middle east is a concern for me too. I see a lot of really bad things happening out of that region in the near future.

  2. I have “The Walking Dead” on the DVR, I liked the first season. This one seems to be trying for an Emmy in Drama, still a good show but far too many “soap opera” looks and debates. I did enjoy last night’s episode tho, tough call about the well. While Shane might be a really bad guy for what he did, there was no real good way out for Otis and himself to survive. Not very interested in Andrea and her “choice” story line, do it or don’t just stop whining about it. Maybe that’s whats bothering me about this series, too much whining.

  3. I looked at the Kindle to see if it was as good as it appears. Here are the problems:
    I can’t upload word files. I can’t compose text or word files on it. I cannot download files from it to my computer.

    It was essentially designed to market books and intentionally designed to not allow you to do anything else with it. If they fix these deficiencies I will buy one. I would probably never downlaod a book from amazon or whoever and that is the reason they won”t fix it, i.e. because it is a marketing tool not a useful tool.

    • GoneWithTheWind –

      Sounds like you need a laptop – or maybe a tablet PC. Any Word document can be uploaded if you convert it to pdf first. As far as editing and such – just beyond the capabilities of a $79.00 device.

      Any pdf on the Kindle can be transferred to a PC.



  4. I found the book “holding your ground” to be a good how to book on retreat/home defense, it’s part of the survival bookshelf for sure right next to Rangar Bensons Survival Retreat. Rawles latest book Survivors – I have given away for friends to read. Personally I didn’t care for it at ALL but loved the first book Patriots (well, gray ninties or triple ought when they first came out). Survivors has to many characters, bounced around between them without wrapping up or developing them into. The 26.5 pages of Ian courting his wife should have been left in the trash – it added NOTHING to the story line. Even a friend who’s been a die hard Rawles fanatic was sadly disappointed in latest book.

  5. I’m on Season 2, episode 2 of Jericho. I’m loving The Walking Dead too.

    On the Kindle, regarding being EMP proof, I know that putting a cellphone in a mylar bag, or making a sturdier pouch out of the material will block the signal. I don’t know if it will shield an EMP, but it is worth the shot with the amount of data you can put on it and battery life.

  6. Rourke,

    A bit of ‘cheap insurance’ for your Kindle (or any other tablet) : Pick up a plastic ‘flexible cutting board’ at a kitchen aisle (the ones about 1/16 inch thick) . Cut a piece slightly smaller than your tablet, and slip it inside the carrying case. Keep it on the screen side when carrying the Kindle. It isn’t bulletproof or anything, but a couple buck investment can sometimes save you from a cracked screen 🙂

  7. Love walking dead. Haven’t missed yet. Iran is super scary now with Russia backing them apparently. Also heads up on home front my neighborhood has seen big increase to vehicle break ins which my wife was victim too. I tried warning her a year ago as things get worse if it ain’t bolted down or locked up tight kiss it goodbye. We live in a great small midwest town too . I imagine we are so close to the edge of collapse. Double you efforts!!!

  8. BePrepared – I AGREE! Thank you so much for saying that Andrea is driving you nuts! All that woman does is whine and look angry all the time – I have been saying for three or four episodes now to do and shut your mouth or get over it and be helpful!

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