A few random thoughts…………..

A few random things that have been on my mind:

  • I have been watching Swamp People – these guys are nuts. I would never get that close to a 10 foot gator. I love the show though.
  • I am looking at getting a HAM radio. In my efforts to network with others – after the “collapse” it would be extremely beneficial to be able to communicate and gather news. I know of others who plan to get HAM radio’s would like to be able to set up a communication network now – to be able to be used later.
     I am looking at getting a model similar to the YAESU FT-1900R . Still have a lot to learn.
  • Shot my Smith & Wesson 22A .22LR pistol this past weekend. It was great. Reliable and highly accurate. I need to source some extra magazines and a holster.
  • One of my priorities right now is stocking up on ammunition. One way of doing this is every trip I make to Wal-Mart I buy a box of CCI Mini-Mag .22LR. They have the best prices around at under $7.00 a box. Good stuff and my shelf is filling up. I also want to do a lot more shooting – which I typically do when I visit my brother in Georgia.
  • My solar panel kit has been mounted on my roof. I need to pick up some extra wiring to complete the job. I purchased the kit from Harbor Freight. More on that later.
  • I have been spending some time in a couple of forums lately – SurvivalistBoards.com and BePreparedForum.com. These can be great places to read what others have to say, ask questions as well as provide answers sometimes. I often pick up ideas and bits of information that are pretty valuable.
  • New blog with some interesting survival tips – http://ghostprepper.blogspot.com/
  • Great resource recently suggested by a loyal reader  –http://www.grandpappy.info/hshelff.htm – has some good info on food shelf life.
  • The recent attack on 4 teens by a grizzly bear in Alaska just confirms something for me – be armed in the woods. You just never know what is out there – whether it be four legged or two.
  • I don’t often talk about politics – but this whole debt limit thing is just ridiculous. My buddy Badvoodoodaddy over at The Retreat wrote on this very subject  – check it out HERE.
  • Got a chance to do some fishing this past weekend while in Georgia. Was very cool! Many catfish caught.
Now........this is the life.
Oldest son enjoying the day.

Alright – gotta hit the sack.







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  1. Comment on 22 LR ammo: I’ve been small game hunting in Montana since we moved here in 1995 and have tried just about every type and brand of 22 LR ammo I can get here on our smallish tree squirrels and out “goffers” (Richardson Ground Squirrels) including the prefragmented “Quik-Shot” brand (someone bought them out) The best results I’ve had is with Winchester/Western Power Points. It’s a 40 gr HP and as long as I do my part the critter just drops dead. EVERY other brand including CCI (Stinger’s and Mini-Mags) and the fancy Quik-Shots still had critters flopping or crawling away and tree squirrels just hanging onto the tree trunk. I still buy the other brands to break guns in and target shoot, but for hunting I only use the W/W’s now.

    For what it’s worth.

  2. In reference to your article about ham radios. I can recommend the following web sites. I came across these sources sometime back and saved them as a possible future source.
    Note they have VHF, UHF (around $50.00 each) and duel band portable radios for less than $100.00. Moblie radios may be available but I was not looking for them.

    If you order direct from China it would save alot of money BUT the radios might not be allowed into the US. Some units might get stopped at the border but some make it thru ok.
    Myself, I would have not problem with ordering one cheap unit from http://stores.ebay.com/RadioAccessoryShop
    just to see if it would get thru ok.





  3. I’m glad to see you are possibly going to get yourself a Yaesu FT-1900. Spend a few bucks more and get the FT-7900R. It covers both VHF & UHF (and only for a few bucks more). I purchased one from Ham Radio Outlet two years ago and it works fantastic. Remember to get a good antenna system with the radio (that makes a real big difference). HRO will help you any decision making or you can contact me! Both the FT-1900 & the FT-7900R will give you good access to the VHF bands and NOAA freqs. A good move is also get the programming software for the radio (HRO will advise on this).

    The Technician test is easy if you get the study book. The study ? pool can be found onthe ARRL website or elsewhere onthe net. W5YI.co or .org is a good place for info and study materials!

    Beware!!! Ham radio becomes addictive! I use mine everydaay when traveling and at home. It’s good to be able to contact someone almost all the time!

    Let me know in which area you reside and I’ll send you a list of frequencies for your area. I use the ARRL Repeater Book and the ARRL Travell Plus 14 software to list out where i’m traveling.

    Jim – KC5DOV

  4. Might wanna “mosey” on over to cbradiomagazine.com . They have good reviews on 10 meter band radios. Magnum has just come out with a dual-band handheld that can use your rig’s antenna!

  5. Re: Radio,

    In a grid-down situation, VHF and UHF will be of local, but limited, usefulness. Save your money for a radio that does everything. I’m still using a ten-year-old Yaesu FT 100. HF through UHF (160 meters through 70 centimeters). Good antennas and an antenna tuner are really necessary. Get licensed. Nobody will talk to you if you’re not. Go to a meeting of your nearest Amateur Radio Club. Ask questions.

  6. You gotta love the Swamp people! When the SHTf anyone with those kind of skills is going to be A.O.K

    I’ve been a ham for over 20 years got licensed when I was around 10 years old….
    For the Ham Radio you might want to look at the ICOM IC-703 its a multi band radio that can run off a small battery pack and can be easily charged with a small portable solar panel. They even make backpack accessories for it so you can attach it to the pack and talk on the go. Check it out @ http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/703/

  7. I’ve never eaten catfish but the grocery store had free recipe cards so I grabbed some and a package of frozen catfish (I don’t think we can get fresh in Oregon). I’m not a huge fan of fish but will try anything (other than salmon, which is woefully over-rated in my opinion). Hopefully my best friend/roommate who spent much of her childhood in the South doesn’t turn her nose up at my first attempt to cook catfish!

  8. Also, buying used equipment is the way to go. Just be sure not to pay too much. Ebay can be good as well. I have this and it’s an excellent ,basic and rugged radio.

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