A few random thoughts…….

A few things that have been on my mind……….
  • Mountain House – the main supplier of long term storage food throughout the United States –  has put most all shipments to suppliers on hold due to massive government contracts they are filling. There is a lot of talk on the ‘net as to why the government is purchasing so much. Some information reports that the government is purchasing up to 400 times more than they usually keep in stock. Wonder why……
  • I have been reading a book called Lights Out. I am loving it. The book tells the story of a community and how it deals with life after an EMP attack. Although the book is fairly long – I am not finding it boring whatsoever. I like the perspectives of the main characters as they work within the small community they live in developing what basically ends up being a survival group. The challenges are realistic as well as many, but not all – of the solutions. Just an excellent read and highly recommended.
  • Here are some plans to build a safe room/storm shelter in your house – better than what many of us have.
  • I think this is hilarious:

  • I am not overly impressed with any of the current candidates that are running for the Republican nomination for President. Too many too me are just more of the same. I am not happy at all with what we have in Washington now. I was actually hoping that Trump would stay in the game as he seemed like someone that had the bejewels to make real positive long-lasting change. Everyone else – I don’t see it. I would really like to see someone get in the game that I would be able to really get behind. Besides – it may just be too late anyways.
  • Next week I am going to be taking a trip to get some tactical training – which I need. With no military experience – my game is off – I know it.

I am really excited about the upcoming Guest Post Contest that will be starting in July. I already have a great line-up of prizes. If you are interested in entering – start writing now. Multiple entries are welcome. I need the guest posts to be at least 500 words in length. You can email me for more info – emergencycd(at)gmail.com .

  • I recently came across a website – http://www.small-cabin.com/ – and think its a great resource. Figured I would pass it along.
  • I have started to make more purchases at SAM’s Club rather than my local grocery store. Certain items bought in quantity are cheaper. I still watch and take advantage o the sales locally – but am glad I joined SAM’s.
  • Great article by Celente – check it out – http://lewrockwell.com/celente/celente71.1.html.

New Toy –

More to come……..

  • I am finally making some progress organizing all my supplies into a series of labeled totes in my garage (for the most part). While doing this I am putting together an inventory of everything and entering it into a spreadsheet. Of course – not everything is in plastic totes. Some things are pre-packed in bags and also sitting on shelves. This whole process is really helping me put together “want” lists for future reference.

Lastly – I had numerous people leave comments and send emails regarding a recent post where I mentioned my 12 year old son. I really appreciate all the information and advice.

Take care all –



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  1. I am also currently reading “Light’s Out” and so far it has been a great book. It is long but I too am finding it not to be boring at all. Mark”Karate Man” is pretty cool. He is turning out to be a pretty good leader. Great info on the small cabins. Went and checked out the site and got some great ideas for a small place. Thanks for the info Rourke.

  2. Some people have been critical of Mountain House recently because the “sold out”. I feel differently. If Mountain house makes a good profit from this recent sale AND has more customers then they can provide goods for then they will expand their facilities and produce more. That is a win/win for preppers. I want more freeze dried food out there and I want more people buying food with the intent of preparing. I do fear we are in for some bad times and if more people are prepared it is more likely that most of us will come out on the other side of this. I have been involved in prepping for over 35 years (not all of it was actually preparation as much as it was being aware of it) and I am quite happy with the greater variety of food storage options and greater accessability.

  3. Rourke,

    Since you joined Sams’s Club, make sure you check their website, they have online-only deals on emergency food, etc.


  4. I read Lights Out about three years ago as a pdf. Went and bought the book this past Christmas and it is a darn good read. Believable in some standards and downright chilling in human behavior after the bubble of the modern world gets popped.

  5. I just wanted to comment on the government stockpiling more food lately . I have a local contact here in NC that I have always been able to get MRE’S from but for the last roughly 6 months he has not been able to get any . According to him the government is stockpiling them and not letting many get out . I asked him why but he did not know . He would just say that the Government must think there will be a need for them in the future .

  6. In regards to Mountain House, I inquired to them several months ago about attaining some pails of food, and why they were on hold. There are several reasons the gov’t is buying them for food — some of it has to do with the natural disasters we’ve had here — all the tornados, floods, etc, in which FEMA has been involved in. And the rest of what they are buying is serving as aid to other countries that have been struck with recent natural disasters.

  7. In response to Robert, not sure what your source is, but the person I talked to at Mountain House made no reference as to the Gov’t stockpiling food, but it’s being used for recent disasters here in the US, and for Aid for natural disasters abroad.

    The gov’t can barely handle emergencies that have already happened, I don’t think they would have the foresight to prepare for an emergency that hasn’t even happened yet.

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