A few random thoughts………

Here are a few things I have been thinking about…….

  • The disaster in Joplin is terrible. The weather that has been occurring in the past month or so is unbelievable. Even with the preps that I have put into place – I feel totally unprepared for a tornado that can just wipe out everything you have. I look that I have a couple of realistic options –
    • Build a safe room in my garage – this is most likely something that I would have to pay someone to come in and do. My home is on a slab – which is beneficial to the safe room idea. What concerns me is the fact more than 35% of the garage would be taken up by this room. I have no plans on moving for many years. The effect the safe room – or the lack or garage space – has on the reselling of the house really is not an issue that I will be confronted with for many years. It might even be a selling point.
    • Store supplies off-site – In the event that my property is totally destroyed and much of my preps are lost  – I could store supplies offsite of my property. This certainly doesn’t help the situation with the safety of my family  – unless we evacuate.
  • I am going to be doing something that many financial experts often advise against –  taking a loan out on my 401k. To the experts……oh well. I have had a loan on my 401k that I am almost complete paying off. The new loan will go towards many things – including some preps. I am looking at this time as an opportunity to really analyze my supplies and fix or improve what holes I find.
  • Like many others-  life is super busy. Work, gardening, post-storm clean up, kids, prepping, blog, YouTube Channel, etc – just seems like I rarely have any spare time. In my own job I often have to talk to people about time management. Part of this is me pointing out that time is constant – everyone has the same amount. It is what you do within that time that can determine how productive you are. So – I am trying to take my own advice  – and have found I just have too many commitments.
  • The dollar continues its decline. Even though there are signs the economy is recovering – that things are getting better – I think they are false. No matter how many times you add up 2 plus 2 – it will equal 4 every single time. I just do not see how the economy can recover completely with the governmental fiscal policies that are continuing to take place.
  • I think the guy in this kayak suddenly feels very small in a very large world:

  • This year when I planed my garden I used some seeds from 2 years ago – with high germination rates – no problems. I also planted some Orange Cosmos seeds that I had harvested from my own plants – from 2006 – and they have sprouted just fine. Nature is incredibly strong and virile.
  • I just picked up a new toy – looking forward to posting about it soon.
  • This weekend heading to my possible Bug Out location – more research to be done.

Take care all –



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  1. Man I know about the busy part I sometimes take on more than I should. Glad to hear about the garden. I wish I was going with you this weekend I would love to see your retreat location from the pictures it looks like a great place to just get away and clear your brain. Have a safe trip.

  2. If you’re going to do it you may as well do it right. If you’re not in a flood plain, please consider an ole fashioned root/storm cellar. Bottom line you and yours are safest with 10 feet of earth over head. And if you can find the time to squeeze in some of the work, you may find it nearly as cost effective and much more satisfying. It may even add to the value of the home without the loss of your garage. Just a thought.

  3. It sounds like a great idea to keep your family safe and to keep your preps close by by putting the room in your garage. My cousins in Kansas set up a safe room with a bunk bed, several sets of clothes for each person, a table and chair, and lots of preps. I agree that life is super busy but I also know that I am spending about an hour each day either writing on my blog or reading others. That’s an hour I’m not spending in the garden, working around the house, or hanging out with the family. Wish there were 25 hours in the day! I agree with you about stocking up on preps, even if it means borrowing against the 401k. If you borrow money, or in my case not paying the extra on my loan like I was doing, as long as it’s spent on things that go up in price more than what it costs you in interest you are ahead of the game. Just don’t waste it.

  4. About your loan…PLEASE understand that if you leave your job FOR ANY REASON the note is due in full, immediately! Plus the interest lost. I’d look at it again even though the interest may be better, the down sides scare me! Good luck!

    • Hi JP in MT

      Thanks for the comment. I am fully aware of the 401k deal. I actually taken loans out several times before.

      My job is extremely secure. I know, I know – no job is totally secure – but mine is pretty good.

      Thanks – Rourke

  5. Things are so crazy now, only the abnormal seems normal! So funny watching my neighbors, who refuse to prep, live as though nothing has changed. I have given up helping them get a clue and taken to chuckling as they spend their prep money on fresh crab they had to drive an hour into Chicago to buy for a bbq!
    Meanwhile, I am quietly thinking of the next step… think I’ll enlarge the chicken run (the way John Silveria did his) and clean out the coop and put in linoleum… I am so excited!!!
    I have decided to stay put if there is a disaster… if I have no choice, I’ll have to wing it… not a good plan… I have plans as to where to go… but my supplies are staying at the house with me… if a disaster is imminent, I’ll load the Jeep fast! There simply is no other choice for me…
    as we say a lot here…
    “it is what it is”

    • I know what you are saying – there needs to be some balance between living and preparing. Too many people are all about the living for the moment and not realizing that they are seriously effecting there ability to live for tomorrow by there actions today.

      Thanks for the comments – Rourke

  6. Have you thought about building a storm shelter outside your house ? They make some good ones either above ground or below ground . I have been wanting to add one for years but so far I just have not had the money . Any way good luck to you and yours . Robert Williamson jr

    • Robert –

      Due to HOA restrictions- I cannot ad the shelter outside my home. I really do not have the space either – unless it was very small.



  7. I closed mine out a few years ago, back then it was in an IRA, but the firm managing my account up thier quarterly rates to $1250.00. crud, I could loose that much on my own. thats $5K a year ouch. I pulled it out, started my own business, put some in silver. Again the triangle of 1/3 each (Junk silver, 1/2 oz rounds and 1 oz round, coins and wafers. In Kalifornia, it’s earth quak issues here, so our supplies need to be small enough to be mobile, so 44 gal. barrells are max, we keep 14 (7gal) aqua-tainers at home, business and family member house.

    Just some feed back brother
    Yankeeprepper / southernprepper1, on youtube: have really good vids on “Cache’s”

    • Hi Badger –

      Love the idea of the triangle of 3’s. Need to think more about that.

      I am familiar with SouthPrepper1 and Yankeeprepper. Both are awesome!

      Thanks for the comments.


  8. Something I just saw yesterday Rourke, the Dupont StormRoom can be built inside your home (if build on a concrete slab) and is FEMA approved for purchase assistance.

    Speaking of FEMA (not often I speak KINDLY of them either) they have free books on building building saferooms and shelters (and tell you difference between them) that are downloadable or you can order them.


  9. Rourke – You have echoed so many of my own sentiments when it comes to time. Between my work, my garden, chores around the house, my blog, and keeping current with the news, I am always exhausted. I don’t have children to attend to or I would really be stressed out.

    I was especially amused by your comment that in your job you advise people about time management and that you need to take your own advice from time to time. I am an accountant and yet my own personal bookkeeping is woefully behind and I still need to file my 2011 tax return. Jeesh.

    Still, I am so blessed to have met an outstanding group of online folks that are willing to share their survival and prepping knowledge with the rest of the world. So even if time is precious and chores get undone, I feel good at the end of each day and know that life and the mission at hand is worthwhile.

    — Gaye

    • SurvivalWomen –

      Thanks for the comments.

      My 2011 Tax Information will be on the way for you to complete – ha!


  10. It is so hard to budget in everything every day to keep up a house, a job and prep… I try to get 3-4 loads laundry done daily, a few dishes washed, then look at what household chore also contribute to prepping… those I do first.
    But, I never get caught up…

  11. Rourke, I was giving some thought to your safe room, and insted of in your garage, how about under it. I don’t know what your buget is but an underground concreat saferoom can be done afordably, and as a do-it-yourself project. You can rent a concreat saw to cut a hole for a few hundred dollars. the same with a small backhoe to help make quick work of the digging. Then pour your footings and floor. Once thats done use polystirene forms to make the walls, they go together like legos, and you pour the cement right into them. To be truthful all of this is techincly easy but very labor intencive. You cap it off with more polystirene forms over witch you pour a 6-8in. slab on top reinforced with rebar. When it’s done you can even park your car on it. Again, not technicly hard but if you have never done anything like this conslut with a concreat guy BEFORE you getin over your head. And all the stuff you need for power, air, water can be had at the Safecastle website. if you plan ahead and take your time, this can be done.

    good luck


    ps. I worked concreat in my collage years, and I am considering doing this my self.

    • bigdan –

      Thanks for the advice and thoughts.

      I am not sure if I could do something like that – budget-wise as well as logistically. Will keep it in mind.

      Thanks again –


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