A few random thoughts……..

A few things I have had on my mind lately…….

  • SurvivalGearBags now carrying my Disaster Survival & Emergency Preparedness DVD- I am very proud of this DVD and think it is a great value at $12.95. This is a DVD that works in a computer – not a DVD player. Pretty simple – place the DVD in your PC’s DVD drive and a menu will open up. From there – you simply click on what you want to look at. Over 4 GB’s of books, manuals, articles, papers, video’s, etc. This DVD is also available from this site itself – but if you are interested you should check out SurvivalGearBags.com and pick up some other stuff too.
  • My YouTube Channel now has over 500 subscribers! I am very excited about this and hope to make some more video’s soon. I am still trying to figure all the camera and software stuff out – it will take some more time until I get comfortable with everything. Once I hit 600 subscribers I am going to have a contest to promote the Channel.
  • I have been carrying my Springfield XD sub-compactfor a couple months now with a Fobus holster and so far really like it. As the weather gets warmer – I am going to reevaluate what I carry and how. Honestly – here in the South in the midst of summer I am usually wearing shorts and a sleeveless shift. I suspect my XD will not work too well as a CWP in that attire.
  • I may get blasted for saying this – and that’s OK – but I am planning on purchasing a S&W M&P15-22 within the next couple months. Those that have been hanging around here for some time may remember that I have mentioned my desire to get one on a few occasions. Well – gotta have it. True –  that money could go to other things – like more food, supplies, etc. I look at the M&P as a great trainer in place of my Stag M4 as well as a way to introduce my 12 year old – and maybe my wife – to shooting something tactical in nature. Anyways – have no doubt I will do a full review once I have had a chance to get some experience with it.

  • Speaking of my impending purchase – I have found that aftermarket magazines of higher capacity for the M&P15-22 are available. Not sure how well they work – but capacities of up to 50 rounds are available. More fun!!!!!
  • This coming weekend taking a trip to my bug out location in Georgia. My main preparedness goal is to survey the area and determine a couple of location where a trailer will be placed. Eventually after the trailer is set up – supplies will be pre-stored there for future use.
  • The ModernSurvivalOnline Facebook page is by itself now and I no control over it. I really have no idea what happened to it. My username and password no longer work so it is on its own. I am considering creating another with a slightly different name – something like “MSOnline” – I don’t know – just a thought. My personal page is just fine.
  • I have made several LDS Cannery appointments and all have been cancelled due to them running out of food. From what I am hearing – all across the country the demand for food at the cannery’s has increased and they are beginning to restrict how much you can buy as well as who can attend. I have another appointment towards the end of this month however I am looking at other methods to obtain some bulk food purchases.
  •  The Sensible Prepper Conference was this past weekend – it was awesome. I will have another post specifically about my experience there soon.
  • Just recently there were a few comments to one of my posts and a little controversy regarding caliber selection in pistols. For the record – no doubt I believe that the 45ACP is a better manstopper than the .40 S&W and the .40 S&W is a better manstopper than the 9mm and so on. I also believe the .45-70 is a better manstopper than the .45ACP. Caliber selection is one of those topics that everyone has an opinion and depending on the scenario there can be multiple correct answers – or sometimes only one. For me – you carry what you feel comfortable and are proficient with – period.
  • Gardening season is here– I have 20 buckets of potatoes so far, blueberries and blackberries, as well as lettuce in the ground. Over the next few weeks everything else will be going in the soil.

Take care all –


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  1. Thanks for venturing out to the conference last weekend. I learned a ton, and got to meet a number of really cool folks. Do you currently reside in GA? I met a number of really cool Georgians at the conference!

  2. I’m going to be get one of those S&W MP-15 soon too. It’s very similar to my Armalite M-4 and, like you said, makes a great trainer.

    Considering too that for price of a case of the 5.56, you could shoot 5K worth of .22LR, it makes sense.

    Just don’t buy it from Gander Mountain, they wanted $650 for one!

  3. Rourke,

    It was great seeing you at the conference. Great job on your presentation! I suspect your website viewership will go up significantly over the next week or so.

    I am currently shopping for a 22 as well. I hadn’t thought about the S&W M&P 15-22. It would be nice to have something so functionally close to my S&W M&P M4. Be sure to let us know how you like it.


  4. You may want to consider the Sig 522. I also was jonesing for a tactical 22 and was looking at the S&W and the Ruger. Both have proprietary mags and if you take a look up inside from the mag well, the Smith has pot metal guts. Not real endearing to me to be honest. I ended up with the Sig, that uses a generic 22 mag from Black Dog and others, for cheaper. I slapped a walmart red dot on it and within five minutes was drilling holes through the center ring. It breaks down very similarly to an AR and is easy to care for. It eats anything I feed it, including the ten year old walmart federal that I had laying around. It looks great and has given no problems. Everyone that shoots it walks away with a grin on their face.

    I also purchased a CMMG 22 conversion for my DPMS, and it works well, using the same mags as well. It is dirty afterwards, but nothing a little TLC won’t fix. It drops in place of the bolt, in 15 seconds, and is up and running. These kits have dropped in price and can now be found in stainless I think.

    Anyway…that’s my two cents. Keep up the good fight. FTM-PTB

  5. I got the S&W MP-15 .22 a few months ago and really like it. Has improved my accuracy with the larger guns.
    However, wish I had read Hillbilly’s comments before buying…might have looked at others.

    • Hi Dee –

      I don’t know – I have been dreaming of the S&W recently. I fully realize that I could buy 2 Ruger 10/22’s and extra mags and ammo for the price of one M&P. Honestly – and this may sound bad – but it is not a matter of need but what I want.

      I want one!! -send me yours? ;-}

      Thanks for the comment –


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