A few observations on why this country is so screwed up…..

Alright – here is a little deviation from my regular “A few random thoughts…..” post. This is targeted to one subject only – just how screwed up things are in this country.

First – illegal immigration and unemployment

By “official” government numbers – there are approximately 14 million unemployed people in this country.  By many estimated – there are close to 20 million illegal immigrants residing within our borders.

Interesting math.

Many of these illegal’s are working. The old adage is that illegal immigrants will do work that Americans just will not do. My opinion – that is pure BS! I know many people that would be willing to work just about any job to provide for their family. The system itself provides incentives to remain unemployed. If you are collecting and are able to find a part-time job – the earnings acquired via that part time job are subtracted from the unemployment checks. Now – maybe I am just a tad nuts here – but I suspect that if Joe Blow is collecting unemployment and has a choice to work and get paid x-dollars or stay at a home and get paid the same x-dollars….I am thinking he will stay at home. Great job government!

So – back to illegal immigration. If the right decisions were made years ago (let alone now) to control those invading this country illegally – I suspect that unemployment would be a lot lower than it is now. The system also needs to be corrected as already mentioned. There needs to be real and true incentives to getting off unemployment.

What else is frustrating? This could start getting fixed tomorrow if laws were passed that made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants and provided heavy fines if caught employing any. If the illegal’s could not find work – they would go back to their country of origin.

Bottom line – things could be done to provide for a positive result if we had true representatives of the people in Washington.


Second – Big business and corporations

I am not anti-capitalism. What I am is observing that it is unbelievable to me how corporations have been on the receiving end of government bail-outs as people were loosing houses and their jobs. For many people – this is old news. Of course – our government is responsible for providing those funds. Not all businesses accepted these funds (example is Ford Motor Company) – however it is pathetic the hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax money that went to big corporations. Know what else? The government of the United States also bailed out FOREIGN BANKS!!

All of this going on while people in this country – the tax payers of this country – have been struggling and paying too much in taxes. Now those responsible are talking up that “something must be done to reduce spending.”

That’s like Charles Manson coming up with the solution to world peace.

Next – I am so tired of hearing every time gas prices creep up that the oil companies have no control over those prices – yet take in HUGE RECORD BREAKING profit at the same time. Hmmmm……I think somehow the two are related. Just say’n.

Again – our government has created a system which has enabled this to happen and has done nothing to change it. If the government really wanted to help the economy out and the citizens of this country – drilling for fossil fuels would be allowed in more places and regulations would be reduced. There are many many places that could be safely drilled and with that large supply of oil – prices would drop (unless oil companies kept them up and retained the profits).

Our government is not a republic……it is a corporate representative.

Third…..and last – Our borders and usage of our military

This is pretty simple to me…..we seem to be able to travel the world and protect the borders of countries like Kuwait and Iraq – but we cannot seem to be able to protect our own.

Billions and billions of our tax dollars are spent helping the rest of the world by sending aircraft carriers, planes, equipment, and troops every time one of our “allies” get a belly ache. This is all done to the cost of the United States taxpayer. Now – why can’t we seem to be able to secure our border to the south and our border to the north. Not enough money? Too expensive?



I have never been so frustrated with our government as I am right now. Such a total lack of common sense and use of logic. If someone ran a business like this-  it would go out of business in short order.

I didn’t even mention the over-printing of money from the Federal Reserve and corresponding inflation……

or……..The total theft of social security dollars that hard working Americans have sent to the government for THEIR retirement – not for funding whatever Congress feels like using the money for……..

or……..I could go on and on and ……..





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  1. Totally agree with you. Its amazing how many programs our out there to help people and they are being taken advantage of like crazy. Some of them are needed though. As far as number 2 goes remember that the state taxes the heck out of gas, and event the saudis said they dont know why gas is so high. Its all one big scheme. And third we should pull out all of out troops from those god forsaken places, protect our own borders and after these people are done tearing themselves apart because one of their great ancestors killed their goats. We can go in and help people if needs be. To much money is being poured down into other countrys of money we dont have and we need.

  2. I live in Belgium,Europe, and it’s the same mess around here. Unemployment is growing and people also get to much unemployment benefits to move their ass to find a job. Taxes are growing (to pay people that are unemployed) and big companies relocates in neighboring countries. With the Shengen convention, we no more have borders! Anyone can come and go without any controls! There is more and more immigrants.
    Oh, and we have no government for over a year. A world record. Great…

  3. Great article Rourke.

    I just want to add that in my opinion, we need to can the DREAM act and all other mandates that not only allow but encourage illegals to stay in this country and take jobs, food, benefits, and even education away from our own citizens. Coming in to this country illegally is a crime! And yes, the children should not be punished for the sins/crimes of their parents but (and this is harsh) too bad. We can and should eliminate treating the illegals as a superclass.

    As you say, we need to pull our capable troops from abroad and bring them home to guard our own borders. And for heavens sake, let us shut down those “Mommy hotels” in border cities that cater to illegals who are having their babies there with the sole purpose of making the children US citizens.

    — Gaye

  4. Good post Rourke,

    I might add one.

    The Federal Reserve. They have been debauching our currency and selling out the American people for 100 years. The Fed is a foreign owned bank and no member of congress, the president, the supreme court, FBI, Justice Department and on and on…let alone an American citizen can know what goes on inside it’s walls. If my fellow countrymen knew what went on in there you would have a reckoning. As it is, we will anyways, there WILL be a reckoning one day, quite soon I might add, and we will all suffer. My only question is….

    What will replace our current system?

  5. I just had new rugs put in. One guy did the job and did a good job. He spoke a little English and after repeating things a few times I could understand him. Since illegals have pretty much taken over all the construction jobs would I be so wrong in assuming he was illegal as well. Meanwhile I have two boys working part ime jobs both with experience in construction. I do see the conflict for Democrats. My boys don’t vote but if they did I’m not sure they would vote for Democrats. Illegals do vote and they vote for Democrats. So if you were a Democrat (congressman or president) would you deport potential voters? Well I mean if you had no morals and could care less about America would you deport illegals?

  6. I have always felt this country a symbol of freedom and hope for the rest of the world. A promised land that people across the globe dreamed of coming too. Any freedom loving person from any place in the world who hoped for a better life, who had the courage and will to travel halfway around the world to get here would be welcome here. However times are different now and so are many of though’s who try and come here. Our leaders at this very instant manipulate the system to gain favor and votes from the Hispanic community. Immigration is now a tool of the powerful… used to shrink our own influence over them. And to many who come here come… not for freedom but for free stuff and to abuse generosities of our system. And now we have drug & gun trafficking, human trafficking and pathways for terrorists trying to enter our country.
    Your right Rourke: our government can send our troops all over the world to protect and secure others borders from terrorist and the like….. and here?… they molest us as we board airplanes.

  7. politics detract from the focus of preparing. I am going to bluntly say that this country was built on the bloodshed of the native american tribes. Bitch about immigration, but remember how the empire was built and why. I do not assume that all peoples of latino decent crossing the borders are bad people stealing jobs and collecting welfare. I have been in Mexico and seen what they are running from. I also no that there are lazy ass worthless people of all nationalities, creed, political and religious beliefs in our nation……lets just stick to the basics of getting ourselves ready for the shit storm coming…….not much any of can do or say is gonna stop that train.

    • Sundance –

      I agree with how this country was founded, as well as the conditions in Mexico. I cannot do anything bout what happened well over 200 years ago – I can only deal with today and what lies in front of me. I will say that the situation in Mexico could be a focus of the United States Government – and they could assist in creating positive change for the Mexican people. That just is not done.

      I do not profess to know the legal status of every Latino I see. I also know there are lazy people of all national origins – my point is that our laws and government policies assist in feeding that laziness. There needs to be more in it for those that are willing to take care of themselves rather than those that wish to collect on the public assistance system.

      Now, as far as discussing politics – I hate to be blunt – but this is my blog and I will discuss what I want. The policies of the government and decisions made have a direct relationship to things which effect all of us.

      Thanks –


  8. Yea its a good place to vent and get good ideas here. If he dont like it here click that little red x in the corner

  9. On the header of this Blog it states “Thoughts on Survival and the World Today”… THE WORLD TODAY!!!

    I am so tired of people being pigeon holed because they dare speak or express a thought involving: Politics, Religion, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Income……ect, ect, ect.

    Can we only prepare for the worst? Or can we at the very least try and influence how bad “the worst” might get.

    Sadly it’s the same old worn out sermon, speak poorly of one and you condemn the rest.

  10. My friend has a uncle in california who hires seasonal help for 200 jobs. He put ads in all the local papers web sights ect, he had 5 yes 5 people respond to his ad he get in trouble for hiring illegals but what is he supposed to do let his crops sit in the feild and rot and lose what hes got. Americans are lazy these days and alot of them are afraid of hard work his uncle hires people every 2 to 3 months 2 days before harvest he goes and gets people he needs to keep his farm going i cant blame him for that. Theres to many people out there that want to sit on thieer butt and get a check for it and the sad thing is thier is alot of good people that is lookin for work but the jobs are just not in thier area.

    • bedoe-

      There is a local farm near me and one of the managers told a similar story. He cannot find legal people to do the work. I see the problem – BUT, I suspect there is more to it than that. There are many industries that struggle to find qualified workers. You know what they do? They raise the payscale. Many agricultural jobs pay very little – especially if the farmers are purposely hiring illegal’s. So – I am not sure if it is a good comparison to say that typical Americans will not do the work. They may not want the work if it pays minimum wage – or less. They may also not want the work if they can sit at home and collect unemployment.

      I know of people that worked some of the crappiest jobs you can think of and they did these jobs because they needed to support their family. One such job was working with a pest control service – the stories I heard would make most anyone sick to their stomach.

      Thanks – Rourke

  11. i don’t think for a second that most people would rather stay at home than work. unemployment doesn’t pay as well as almost any job and most people have the desire to make something out of themselves rather than sit on their ass. if your theory was true, why wouldn’t we all sit at home?

    i don’t think that illegals have much to do with the unemployment problem. i think it’s a lot more to do with rich fat corporate bastards who want to get fatter and richer and screwed things up for the rest of us. these same people who talk so much about self reliance are now discovered that we are all an interconnected web. this is a society and together we stand or together we fall.

    these situations show us that it is only a few true can call ourselves self reliant, to any degree. the bankers and politicians who led us this are the most dependent upon us. separating ourselves from the system and letting things run their course, letting the mirror truly reflect the truth those liars have created is the only rational response in an irrational world.

    while i myself, rourke, whose website i read daily and admire and most of us here all depend on some degree to this imperfect system, we at least realize that it is imperfect and am attempting to do something about it. those people who come here are survivors too, in their way. we are all trying to be survivors. hopefully, together, we can survival what is to come.

    • Manifesto –

      Thanks for your comments. I welcome all – even if they do not entirely agree with my opinions. I would never profess to be right 100% off the time (just most of the time 🙂

      I have interviewed many people who admitted to not working for the past year or so and when asked why – they say that they have been on unemployment and it is getting ready to run out so they decided to look for a job. Many people.

      Thanks and take care –


  12. “many people” is a question of perception. how many is many? 50? 100? the true unemployment number is over 10% in a nation of almost 700 million, so there’s at least 70 million unemployed…how many interviews is many?

    i love this website. again, i come here daily. i agree with many of the views here. most. a website to check out is downbutnotout, they have also interviewed many unemployed and they don’t sound very happy about not having work. i’ve been unemployed for months at a time many years ago and i was not happy for a second about it. when was the last time most of these people talking about the joys of unemployment were unemployed? i’m willing to bet it’s been awhile…if ever.

    the good part about this is that the people who are struggling are the ones who are most open to the ideas here. canning, food storage, gardening, all of that resonating deeply with people who are going through hard times. if what may happen, happens, all of us will be “unemployed”…in a way. then our job will just making it day by day. that’s why this website is here, after all. i think that idea, of just trying to make it from one day to another is one that the long term unemployed can understand very easily.

    • Hi Chris –

      “Are Illegals Bankrupting Social Security?” – nope. I think that would be the power hungry politicians.


  13. there are a couple other realities to the “myths” of illegal immigrants and the work they do for low wages

    1. most of them are also collecting government handouts – usually multiple in their family or group – this substantially raises their total incomes with housing, schooling food and other handouts – even higher dollar handouts then what is often available to american citizens on welfare or unemployment.

    2. illegals are paid under the table in many cases – therefore they do not have taxes taken out of their under the table payments (nor tax payments to our government paid by the employer) – that is how they remain invisible to the system. the reality of this is an american citizen cannot work for these low wages because once the taxes are applied for their benefit of being a citizen – it further reduces the actual wage – most illegals do not pay taxes into the system they take so much benefit from but a citizen must or be arrested for tax evasion – so the lower wage an illegal makes actually ends up being more then many low paying or minimum wage jobs that an american citizen can get. then citizens are shafted by paying the taxes that pay the handouts to the illegal immigrants or those who choose not to work and collect welfare.

    until our representatives start telling the truth and we as citizens start demanding truth and accountability to where our taxes go after they are taken from us – nothing will change and very soon the illegals in our country will have more power in our system then the citizens themselves.

  14. The is that old arguement that no one but the illegals will work in the fields. Well, there are a few problems with this theory. First of all the cost to the federal government for illegals is $332 billion a year and of course the states are going bankrupt trying to prop up the illegals. The farmer or contractor paying illegals $8 an hour is really stealing from the rest of the tax payers. If there were no illegals the farmer would have to pay more then the minimum wage. Does anyone really believe that Americans would not work in the fields for “enough” money??? Maybe it would be $10/hr or $12/hr but whatever it takes that would be LEGAL. Then we would have to pay more for our food and farm products but that is life. Illegals hurt every tax payer and everyone who depends on the social safety net.

  15. Hi Rourke, My name is Nick, This is my first time to this site, good stuff so far…

    My thoughts and opinions as well as ideas about illegal immigration issues in our country;
    (excuse my grammar and punctuation)

    I will try to stay away from statistics.

    Illegal immigration is obviously hurting our country in many ways, (socially, economically, etc..) and it needs to end. All immigration laws need to be enforced, as well as end all the incentives offered for illegals to want to come to the U.S., and all the rewards illegals get while they are living here, including ending the sanctuary states and the cities within them, by enforcing the laws obviously.

    Sure, it is sad to think about the children being deported, or families separated, but whose fault is that? Why should we (the legal tax payers) have the burden to pay for the majority of illegal immigrants staying here? Besides, any illegal alien who knowingly stayed past their visa/work permit/green card expiration date knows they are breaking federal and state laws… any person who crosses our border illegally knows the risks if they get caught. So when someone has a baby here, they are the individuals that are responsible if they get caught, not everyone else, they knew the risks. The sad story wouldn’t be there if it were not for them trying to evade the laws, stay here illegally, and not even attempt to become a citizen the legal way. Also, becoming a citizen the right way, the legal way, that would be the proud way!

    I have worked side by side with illegals, (construction and also logistics) and they usually do get paid lower wages, sometimes less than minimum wage, and usually under the table. (yes, the illegal aliens I worked with… they have been reported to ICE already), Many of them send a lot of the income they make back to their families in Mexico, or what ever country they illegally migrated from. (even legal immigrants send money out of the country)… Anyway, Before I found out one of the guys were illegally here, I somewhat made friends with him, yet not close, just work buds. Towards the end of my employment at the company, he shared info with me about how he pulls out loans, a 2nd mortgage, and how he just bought a new Toyota Tundra 4×4 (financed and unpaid for), yet he told me he plans on NOT paying the loans when he ditched out back to Mexico… and that he was here illegally, and had multiple identifications.
    He also told me how his friends use stolen ID’s along with the Social Security numbers to match the names on the SS#card so they can get a job, then lose the job, collect unemployment using the SS#’s.

    This new found info straight from the guy himself made me angry… I am a victim myself, as my Social Security and Identification was used by someone (twice!) to collect unemployment under my name, that and they opened 2 loans… to make the story short, Illegal immigrants can, and do fraud our Social Security system.

    The Social Security Administration should be held responsible for the fraud committed by ANYONE, including illegal immigrants, when it comes to using Social Security Numbers to gain employment, loans, benefits, or ANYTHING social security number related. The SS-Administration needs to void the SS#’s from deceased individuals, as illegal aliens (not all) use the deceased individuals SS#’s and names to match to gain employment as well. Here is the really ridiculous part, our U.S. Supreme Court made it law that any illegal immigrant that uses any social security number for gains of income, benefits, or employment, or loans will not be prosecuted if they state that they “made up the SS number”. Now, what are the odds of guessing a 9 digit number that happens to match someones first and last name for that SS#? Made it up?! I don’t think so. We have flawed laws that need to be addressed, and it’s time the Social Security Administration fixes their flaws as well, as it cost us way to much money.

    Our U.S. Constitution, Amendment 14, Section 1 is flawed, birthright citizenship, as it has a loophole.
    We need to fix the 14th amendment (sect. 1) to have the added words;
    …as that will end the birthright loophole… …and end the so called “anchor babies”.

    If the federal government will not enforce the already existing immigration laws, then they should leave the states alone that DO want to enforce the laws. We must stand up to let the federal government know we (as the majority) want the Federal Government to enforce all immigration laws.

    Why would Obama and his administration, along with the ACLU, and The Council of La Raza, and the President of Mexico, fight against individual states that are enforcing immigration laws here in the U.S.? Think about it… why? Why would the supreme court make such a flawed law to protect illegal immigrants fraudulently using SS#’s? There is an agenda somewhere in the mix… whether it be an added economic burden, more votes for the supporting representatives of illegals, maybe family members of illegal immigrants are the ones helping anti-enforcement because they made it into the government (local, state and/or federal) …as the council of la raza (the race) is a perfect example, Obama gives money to support La Raza, paid for by… you guessed it, the legal tax paying American.

    So, if we hold the SSA accountable for the fraudulent use of SS#’s and matching ID’s by illegals, fix Amendment 14-section1 in our U.S. Constitution, end the rewards and incentives (such as free health care, employers who knowingly hire illegals, education programs, and etc..) enforce existing immigration laws, fix the flawed laws, I think illegal immigrants would pretty much not want to come into our country, or at least they would want to come into our country as a legal worker, or apply for citizenship to live here.

    People have to remember, having a strong force on our borders is great, having a strong border fence is great, but not enforcing immigration laws, granting amnesty, having an easy system to fraudulently gain money from our governments programs such as social security, and giving illegals rewards and incentives to come into our country, well, that is border transparency, and no matter how strong your border is, they will want to try to get passed it, so it’s past due we (as the majority) demand that illegal immigration issues need to be addressed and FIXED. …but will they listen? Obama and his administration sure doesn’t.

    Well, there is my 2 cents. Thanks for bringing up illegal immigration, as some think it’s not an issue, and some think it is a huge issue, either way, illegal immigration hurts our country as a whole, and needs attention.

    Cypress, Ca. (an illegal alien sanctuary city!)

    • Nick –

      Thank you very much for the well versed comments – excellent.

      Also – welcome to the site!

      Take care – Rourke

  16. I tend to be something of a libertarian on illegal immigration to some degree…

    To be honest, I have more respect for an illegal immigrant who works at a job than a perfectly legal US citizen who’s taken welfare the past few years.

    If one is willing to put in an honest day’s work, and at the end of the day, your bills are paid and you obey the laws, I’m more than willing to live and let live.

    I believe we should be more vigilant on our Southern Border, but I’m cynical enough to realize that it’ll never happen. The D’s want the votes, and the R’s want the cheap labor… (Oh well, Yo hablo Español, así que estoy bien.)

    I would rather set up some sort of system whereby these people who are already here can start paying taxes on their earned wages, be able to get into mainstream society, and not have to live totally in the black market with all the dangers than come with it.

    Something like that might also help to weed out the good/decent people from the bad, I don’t really care about the guy who is trying to find work here to send money back home to his wife and kids so they can have a better life or even so they don’t starve.

    I DO care about the members of MS-13, or Zeta Drug Cartel who have no problem with kidnapping people and leaving their severed heads, and skin from their faces for their family members to find on their porches.

    If the Hispanic community here were more helpful in pointing out those less desirable members of humanity, they’d earn a lot more good publicity than protesting while waving Mexican/South American flags in our country…

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