A few more posts to go…….

There are still a few more gust posts left to publish that are part of the Guest Post Writing Contest II. Once all posts have been published the judging will begin and a decision will be rendered quickly. 

This will be tough.

Thanks all –


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    • Shadowsil –

      It was a test – only vampires could see the entire post – you found it. Gotta get my stake!!

      Fixed so everyone can see it now.

      Thanks – Rourke

  1. Just a quick note for those that may not know…. we go up the river in the fall to hunt and fish. As we catch or kill what we are after we head back to the camp. We generally keep coffee on all day and way into the night for those that either want to sit up and talk or run bush hooks. You can smell the food and coffee for a looooong way up and down the river. people generally stop by and at least have coffee. Makes for a nice gathering. That being said, You may want to give some thought as you cook, just how many you are willing to feed as hungry folks will surely will follow the smell….. Just a thought. mwp

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