A few interesting pictures….

Let’s lighten up the mood a bit……some related to preparedness, some not so much …..


Sorry - this is just funny.......

Oh boy.......I sure do.

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  1. That was quite funny. I believe since this is a preparedness site we know its serious .Maybe if we share some of the
    sarisfaction and accomplishments we have attained in our preps that will “lighten things up” bit.
    Heres a silly ex. Yesterday we met with a neighbor who is also prepping to discuss some strategies and how we can share resources and be there for one another -after discussing how we may have to defend ourselves- our cat brought in a field mice (we were sitting outside) and she was just taunting it – so I got up to dave the mouse. Our neighbor said thats nature
    I said I know but I dont wish to witness it – and I helped the mouse escape . Smile !!!! Arlene

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