A couple of good deals………..

Hello all –

I deal a lot with Amazon.com and came across a couple of good deals.

Figured I would pass this info on to you –

First – The Buck Hoodlum knife designed by the late and great Ron Hood of Survival.com. Right now it is listed at just under $130 with FREE SHIPPING. Honestly – I paid more. I have one of these on order and am really looking forward to getting it. I have read a lot about it and watched some YouTube videos – impressive. Will report once I get it.


 [Note from Rourke: Figures – I write this post up and the knife went way up in price to around $190.00 . It is available cheaper elsewhere. Also check this link HERE – price not too bad at all. Prices on Amazon can fluctuate – so keep checking.]


Second – a Lodge Logic 12 inch pre-seasoned skillet. I just received one this week and looking forward to using it. As of this writing – it is a little over $18.00 – not bad at all.

If you like zombie movies – check out Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. Awesome book. Once I finish reading “Lights Out” I am going to go back and read Day by Day again. At about $10.00- it is a lot of entertainment.




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  1. Looks like a good book when I get done with Lights out I will need to read this one just for fun. The skillet looks like a very good deal. The knife is a bit out of my budget but it sure looks nice. Thanks for the info.

  2. Day by Day Armageddon was very good and there is a sequel – Beyond Exile. Both are readable and very enjoyable written in the form of entries in a Navy pilot’s journal. There is dialogue and a lot of action, zombie and non-zombie. The author is J.L. Bourne. I recommend it an I have re-read a couple of times.

    There is another “series” that is pretty good. Joe McKinney’s Fesh Eaters, Dead City, and Apocalypse of the Dead. My problem with the last of the stories is that a large group of survivors from a church establish and so-called religious sanctuary where what they do is entirely non-Christian. It seemed to become an attack on Christianity in the politically correct sense of things these days. Until that point in the third book, the story is full of an edge-of-your-seat, can’t-put-it-down read.

  3. Great looking knife, Rourke. I have to agree with Voodoo about the price, though. A little rich for my wallet, but otherwise a fine looking knife. I like the fact that it has a full tang and a glass-breaker on the butt end. Skillet looks of fine quality, too. Thanks.

    • Hi RobNPhx –

      Yeah – the Hoodlum is expensive. I decided to spend the money after Ron hood passed. I have so much respected him I wanted to check out his knife design.

      So far – I am very impressed with it.



  4. I have been looking at this same knife. From what I have seen it is a very strong blade and good for many outdoor uses. I also own that Lodge Logic skillet and it is by far the best skillet I have ever owned. It is especially great for wanting to avoid teflon and adds more iron to your diet. Just properly clean it shortly after use and it will last forever. Normally it is about double that price if I remember correctly, but I have also seen them around at many local places where they were once not available so shop around.

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