A conversation with a non-prepper…

conversationI recently had a conversation with a liberal, non-prepper. We met through my job and somehow current events came up and I mentioned something to the effect that the Federal Deficit is growing out of control and government doesn’t seem to have any plans to do anything about it.

Here’s how the conversation went……


“Bob”: The problem is the Republicans and Tea Party members in Congress. They have messed everything up.

Rourke: Bob, just out of curiosity – I assume you voted for Obama?

Bob: Absolutely I did. We can’t allow those elitist Republicans in the White House again. All they care about is the rich.

Rourke: That is a pretty strong statement. I understand your frustration with government. I am feeling it more today than ever that our government is not representing ME and my interests. If you don’t mind, can I ask you a few questions?

Bob: Why not – I have some time.

Rourke: In your beliefs Bob, do you believe that people should work for what they get or be given a free ride? This is not a trick question.

Bob: People should not just be “given” anything if that is what you are saying but sometimes people have hard times and need help.

Rourke: I agree – hard times happen and sometimes they need help.

Rourke: Next – If I open a business and sell hot dogs and I fail to sell enough hot dogs to stay in business – I should close up, right?

Bob: Sure – that is common sense.

Rourke: Now if I sell tens of thousands of hot dogs, employ a bunch of people, give lots of business to all of my suppliers of buns, ketchup, mustard, and soda and they in turn employee people – I earned my money, right?

Bob: Well, sure you did.

Rourke: Bob – if you were me and worked hard to grow your hot dog business – how much should you be able to keep of your income? I mean – what percentage should the government take in taxes  – both Federal, State, sales, etc?

Bob: Um….that is a tough one. How much money do you make?

Rourke: Bob – not sure that it matters but lets say I make $250,000.

Bob: I guess you should keep 70% of your income and pay 30% in taxes.

Rourke: What if I make a cool one million dollars?

Bob: Well, now that I think about it I guess the same. I mean – if you pay 30% of $1,000,000 dollars that is $300,000. That is a ton of money.

Rourke: It sure is. Here is another and it is a tough one. Do you believe that if a drunk driver kills a pregnant women the driver should be charged with double vehicular homicide.

Bob: Absolutely!!!

Rourke: OK. Do you believe it is the roll of government to look out for the security and general welfare of its citizens?

Bob: Certainly. We need to have a military.

Rourke: Do you believe that ALL illegal immigrants should be bused back to Mexico?

Bob: No. That will never happen. Most of these folks have been here a long time and they should have some way of becoming citizens. I mean, a lot of them have kids that were born here.

Rourke: True. Do you think a fence needs to be built to stop more illegal aliens from crossing the border?

Bob: Yeah – if we don’t stop them from crossing over the problem is just going to keep growing. Pretty much common sense.

Rourke: I won’t interrogate you much further – Did you grow up saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school? If so – did you see a problem with that?

Bob: Yeah, I said it every morning. No – I had no problem with it. In fact – I remember looking at that flag as a kid and feeling very proud. I thought about my Dad being in the military as well as all the battles this country fought that I learned about in History class. It gave me a good foundation as far as Patriotism goes.

Rourke: Do you feel Christmas should be celebrated in school? I mean – is there a problem with kids in 3rd grade having a Christmas Party with cupcakes and drinks?

Bob: No problem at all – one of my favorite memories as a kid.

Rourke: When it comes to gay marriage – I don’t care what you personally believe – but do you think the Federal Government should make a law that it is OK or not OK?

Bob: Well  – I don’t really like the idea of it but in today’s world I could see that those folks deserve some rights. I know some states have passed laws saying it is OK – so I guess that works. I would say it is up to the states.

Rourke: Last question for you Bob. I know you have a family and I have no idea of you have any guns or not. If a criminal broke into your house – is it OK for you to defend yourself with a firearm? If you agree – what if three guys came into your house  – should you still be able to defend yourself?

Bob: Yes – I should be able to defend my family with a shotgun or handgun regardless of the number of people. If you getting at those assault rifles – I don’t like them. I think they are made for killing people.

Rourke: I appreciate you answering these questions. I have some news for you Bob – and you might want to sit down for this.

Bob sits down.

Rourke: Bob…….you are a Conservative.

Bob looked up at me and said, “Not likely!”

Rourke: Well Bob, not every Conservative agrees with everything another Conservative agrees with and I am sure Liberal’s are the same. Regardless – your answers tell me that you think along the lines of a member of the Tea Party or Republican party more than you realize. Let’s review:

  • Conservatives believe that people should be responsible for themselves and not rely on government. With that said – absolutely people have hard times and need help. Conservatives believe that the vast majority of that help should come from PRIVATE sources such as friends, family, and church. The public welfare, food stamp and unemployment compensation system has gotten so far out of hand. People are taking advantage of it. Most Liberal’s believe that the role of government is taking care of the people  and making decisions for them in their best interest. Government knows best.


  • Our discussion about the hot dog business really shined some light on your beliefs. Absolutely if a business does not make enough money – it should close. Common sense. If it makes tons of money – great! This will benefit the employee’s, all connected companies, and of course the owner. The reality is that the 30% you feel is fair for the business  to pay in taxes is MUCH less than most do. Check it out – most successful people and businesses pay 50% of their income in taxes. That’s like you selling a baseball card for $100 ad the IRS taking $50 of it. The reality is Liberal’s believe that the more you make – the more you should pay. That certainly is not fair or just. Many Liberal’s believe that being taxed at 90% is OK.


  • Your answer about the pregnant women getting killed and the drunk driver getting charged for the unborn child’s death is telling. Most Conservatives believe that life begins at conception and abortion should be illegal except in certain cases such as rape and incest. I don’t know your feelings on abortion but if you think that unborn child’s life snuffed out by a drunk driver is murder – why would it be any different when done by an abortion clinic?


  • Most Conservatives do not believe or expect that ALL illegal aliens are going to be bused back to Mexico. That just isn’t going to happen. There should be a method to citizenship but the reality is they broke the law – and becoming a citizen – or at least legal to stay here should not be easy. Think about all those that come to this country LEGALLY and follow the rules – it would certainly not be fair to them to fast track the illegals to citizenship. Also – most Conservative believe the borders MUST be secure before any immigration bill is passed. Liberals, on the other hand – do not believe in building a wall to prevent more illegal immigration. Makes no sense.


  • The subject of gay marriage is a tough one but most Conservatives believe that it should be up to each individual states voters to decide for that state. Yes – most Conservatives do not believe in gay marriage and in fact would rather see some kind of “civil union” so that same sex couples can receive benefits like regular married couples. It is not a discrimination issue – but rather a deep belief in tradition. This is certainly a controversial issue but the bottom line is the Federal Government should not make the decision for all the states. Liberals believe that it doesn’t matter who makes the laws as long as they what they want.


  • I agree you should have the ability to defend yourself, your family and your property. You mentioned that the shotgun would be a good choice. You may not realize it but the shotgun is one of the most powerful firearms available to citizens. So much of the fear of so-called “assault rifles” is just ignorance and not understanding that the “looks” of something does reflect its automatic intent. The 2nd Amendment states clearly that we have the right to own firearms to protect ourselves. Liberals believe that protection of the citizens comes from law enforcement and the military.


  • You talked positively about the Pledge of Allegiance and the effect it had on you however most Liberals want religion – specifically Christianity removed from most aspects of life. The United States was founded as a Christian country and most citizens are Christian. This country became great on the backbone of great men and women with Christian beliefs. The Liberal and Progressive movements have worked to remove religion from schools, courthouses, and many other aspects of life. It’s ridiculous that stores are scared to say “Merry Christmas” out of fear that some group will try to sue them. It is pathetic that a school has to stop having a moment of silence because of one kids parents in a school takes them to court. It is also very sad that in many schools “Christmas” parties are against he rules – but rather “Holiday” parties are allowed.

Bob responded that he had a lot to think about and maybe he had a lot more in common with Conservatives than he originally thought. We both agreed that not every person  – whether a Liberal or Conservative – would agree with THEIR party on everything. We also both agreed that Washington is in quite a mess.

We’ll see. Hopefully Bob is seeing the light.





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13 thoughts on “A conversation with a non-prepper…”

  1. People dig in to defend their party, but the problem is not a Republican vs Democrat issue any longer. Both Bush II and Obama, to pick recent examples, have clearly violated our nation’s laws and grown the Federal Government more than all the presidents before them combined. Poor Bob is almost a libertarian, and he’s currently distraught because he’s just realized he’s not a liberal like he thought – this next realization is going to be easier for him to stomach though.

  2. Today’s issues can easily be traced back to the Bill Clinton administration, continued with Bush II, and now the biggest mess we’ve ever seen or ever will see, compliments of The Potus.

    Bob is more likely to cave in to pressure of the libtards, IMHO, but, who knows?!

  3. I get into the same arguments/discussions with coworkers, but they love blaming the ills on Bush. A squeaky door gets oiled, so I continue to try and educate them.

  4. This country is certainly in a pickle. Our troubles span the entirety of our social construct. Our politics is so dysfunctional and corrupt that giving it the handle of “illegitimate” is easy to justify. Our educational system is a fraud, geared to move the lowest denominator out to make room for the next, yet those we charge with the responsibility of doing the very best for our kids fight tooth and nail against any proven alternative. Offer up Charter schools, private schools, Magnet schools, home schooling, year round schools, performance reviews, Outcome based….. it matters not, the teachers and their unions will march, protest and spend furiously to defeat it, and thereby protect their sacred ground. Do I dare tread to the next… the plaque spreading out from the inner cities to engolf us all. The culture of violence is impossible to ignore, the FBI crime breakdowns tell the story. Ignore it or deny it now if you want, but best pray you are not forced to care about it later. The breakdown of the family structure, The insipid speculations from the left that Christianity is little more than superstition of the unknowing, and therefore holds no benefits in a just society. The discarding of “The Melting Pot” in favor of some utopian multicultural society that is proving, wherever tried…. to result in a nightmare. We are in deep, and digging faster by the day. There are 2 questions that need answering, 1) Are there any people out there with the courage and tenacity to tackle these issues… and 2) can we get them in positions of power where they can at least try.

  5. Good story, except for the part where you speak for “most conservatives” on the issue of illegal immigration. I have been active over this issue for almost a decade and most of the conservatives that I have met want our laws enforced. Also, I spent 27 years in construction, witnessing the impact that the revolving door of illegal labor had on the industry. I can assure everyone here that illegal aliens do NOT come here for jobs that Americans won’t do. That is a lie told many times by George Bush, a man who was born with a silver spoon in one of his orifices. In a nutshell, illegal immigration is not a victimless crime and anyone who wants to learn the real impact should Google “The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration”.

  6. I have enjoyed the banter regarding this topic. I concur with everyone’s position on the conservative position on the subject but you are preaching to the choir. The original theme was the attempt to convert a liberal from “the dark side”. My contention is that there are just too many people at the trough, food stamps, EBT cards and free phones to think that we are ever going to have another conservative President. UNLESS THERE IS AN EVENT THAT PROVES THE LIBERAL MOVEMENT DOES NOT WORK. John Gault asked “Are there any people out there with the courage and tenacity to tackle these issues” Not enough to make a difference John. I am not a defeatist, I am a realist.

  7. Good story I think you should be able to protect your family by doing what ever it takes.
    you should also be able to store food for an emergency and not let fema take it when shtf if you know what I mean they have no right to leave your children starving.

    check out my site: http://nicholasmoss.wordpress.com/

  8. I resent the idea that all “libs” are know-nothing morons too stupid to prepare for disaster, hardship or calamity. I’ve been “prepping” since long before anyone called it that and I’m a liberal-leaning atheist. I greatly enjoy reading about the topic, but the (imaginary) stereotype some folks have regarding “liberals” gets really old and really annoying. How about judging the individual based on deeds and actions instead of making stupid assumptions based on your own prejudices regarding faith or political beliefs? It’s what I do, so how does that make me less of an American or less of a “prepper” than you? I may not agree with all “conservative” viewpoints but I’d sure as hell fight for your right to have and express them. Why can’t you return the courtesy and show me and people like me the same respect you merit?

    People fought and died to protect OUR right to practice (or not practice) any faith of our choosing. We are not nor ever have been a “Christian nation”. SOME basic tenets of Christianity obviously had a major influence on our founders, but a “Christian nation” is exactly the opposite of what our forefathers had in mind.

  9. Mr. Sweatbands –

    I understand – as a Liberal – why you would resent the idea that all “libs” are know-nothing morons too stupid to prepare for disaster, hardship or calamity. The reality is not all “libs” are – but the vast majority are. I stand up for your right to believe whatever you wish – but the fact remains the United States was founded on the Christian faith. It is in our history. It is on our currency (for now). It is o the walls of our court houses. The separation of church and state has nothing to do with the beliefs of this country being a Christian faith-based country – but rather a means to reduce the chance that a religion could take over the country/government.


    • While you are correct that the First Amendment was designed to stop undue influence on government from any one religion, it is also meant to keep government from infringing on the free exercise of religion. Basically, it is a two way street and should always be treated as such. As for the “wall of seperation”, that was taken from one of Jefferson’s private letters and exists nowhere in our Constitution.

  10. This conversation is made up right? If you felt compelled to make up a conversation to illustrate your point, doesn’t that weaken your argument? If this conversation actually happened, the guy you spoke with is a moron and it’s embarrassing that you’d use this as your best illustrative example. I like your ideas on prepping, but conservative or not, you’re a bit of a bigot.


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