1. You really need to have the chicken run around their coop covered with chicken wire. While we do let ours out to browse, we also lose some every year to eagles, hawks or a marauding dog. The dogs are the worst, they kill one, then go for the next, and the next, and so on.

    Before we had covered the chicken run, we had a owl take out some chickens. It would land in the yard, walk into the coop and kill / drag out a bird and chow down. (Several times before we placed a trail camera where it recorded the actions.)

    We have over the years also had issues with raccoons and coyotes. (The coyotes took out 19 turkeys in one night. At that point we learned that, unlike chickens, after dark turkeys can be getting eaten alive and they won’t make a sound. Chickens, if you pick one up in the dark of the night, squawk and raise a ruckus like you ARE killing them.)

  2. My cousins tried to raise turkeys only once. they are by far the most stupid bird hat ever survived in the wild they peck at anything red so they kill each other if one is hurt.any noise startles them and they pile up to suffocate the ones on the bottom. it was a disaster,

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