5 things on my mind…..

1. HAM radio can be very aggravating to those who are unfamiliar. Working on it.

2. I am going to the North Carolina mountains to a men’s retreat with my church. This will be my third time attending and this time I have volunteered to be a “Platoon Leader”. I can’t wait. I have no been feeling very close to God lately and I need this.

3. I have been seeing prices on ammunition drop recently. Not a whole lot but I have been wanting to take advantage but not in a financial position to do so. .22’s seem to be making a comeback as my local Academy Sports has had some in stock for several days as well as a new Gander Mountain that opened a few weeks ago. I remember that feeling of not being able to buy magazines and ammo. It wasn’t good.

4. ISIS needs to be eliminated from the face of the planet. I get pulled in two directions with my belief that the United States is not the world’s police however I think there is a moral obligation to deal with this. If you believe we need to stay away and not get involved, go online and watch some video’s of little boys and girls getting their heads cut off and then let me know. I have and those images will be forever stuck in my head.

5. A few weeks ago I got a new puppy – a Siberian Husky with some unique colors and markings. His name is “Jake” and he is awesome!! I used to be a cat person but no more. I have two Husky’s now and love them like they were my own kids.




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  1. re: 4. Arm the civilian population by airdropping liberator-type pistols from 50,000 feet, let them sort it out themselves.

    re: 5. Cool looking dog.

  2. I like Jake. Good dog. Waiting too to acquire some .22 magnum.
    Retreats are like battery chargers – if you feel far from God, guess who moved?
    Thanks much for the post,
    Jerry in So. CA

  3. Sir,
    As I am a fan of your website, I try not to get too involved with world problems but I have to say this with possibly too much conviction. ISIS needs to be eliminated but we must blame our so called leader and the NWO to include most of our elected leaders for the creation of ISIS and the other groups. NSA, CIA, etc. will continue to create, support and utilized these people for they`re gains only. not for world peace.

  4. Rourke-may your retreat bring you the depth of connection with our Lord that you are seeking. Taking time for quiet prayer can also be very centering. I eventually wish to learn Ham radio !
    Great to hear about ammo -we are hoping to see lower prices up our way.

    PS Yes evil is more prevalent but remember also that we have instant inf. re this atrocities. We must balance this with all the Good people and GOOD DEEDS in our world-however the intensity of the evil is horrific and I believe that
    we are in Tribulation. Great pups !!!

  5. At the same place with ham but it all comes, remember when you had to look to field strip your weapon? alertjay is correct, the further you get from yourself the further you get from your faith. have a great retreat. we all need to recenter from time to time

  6. yep, ISIS is bad and needs to be destroyed, but how many millions of babies are aborted here in the US every year? what are we doing about that?do we need to destroy the abortion providers? one is as bad as the other.

    • Good point Rick. That is a serious question and I do not know the answer. If those that believe abortion to be murder were to all stand up against it – well, we would have a massive civil war in this country.

  7. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I wish to offend no one, but anyone that thinks we are already in tribulation has no concept how bad tribulation is going to be. I hear this quite often, even from some ministers. Read Matthew 24. What we are going through now is prelude to the great tribulation.

    With a Brother’s love,

    • Thanks Curley – whether we are in the Prelude or the very beginnings of Tribulation – things are getting bad. I tend to think we have a ways to go prior to Tribulation but those Christians being massacred in the Middle East would probably have a different opinion than I. Appreciate it.

  8. I Feel for you Rourke I did pass the Tech Exam but so far the General is really Hard. Part is out of our normal range of activity an the big part for me is age at 77 I’m lots Slower.

  9. Hang in there Rourke. Every class I passed I thought it was never going to happen when it did I was surprised. I should continue on my advanced ticket but lost interest. I thought the code was going to be my hardest hurdle as I have always enjoyed electronics but I ran into a wall with advance electronics theory. Before the general class I thought I could never make the 13 wpm code but I noticed I was not focusing on listening and was trying to also read my copy. So on my third testing I decided to try something. I turned my sheet of paper on landscape side and started staring at the ceiling, made a terrible written copy and the only misses was when I noticed the examiner was trying to see if I had hung a cheat sheet on the ceiling (the audio test was a tape recording). We both had a laugh about it afterward. 73’s

  10. I was at that Gander Mountain and waited in line for about 30 minutes. I live about 5 minutes from it. Everyone stormed the shelves but I took a more round about approach grabbing some 5.56 and 9mm. When the crazy calmed some I grabbed my box of .22LR…

    God will fix all things in time as long as you keep your faith…

    The dog is beautiful 🙂 Hope things get better. I’m trying to find a full time job personally.

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