.30 Carbine Tula ammo test……along with some fun


I recently received a box of 50 rounds of .30 Carbine from BulkAmmo.com. I have had the bug to shoot my M1 Carbine for the past few weeks and this past weekend finally had the opportunity. I loaded up a couple of 15 round magazines as well as one 30 rounder (only 20 rounds in it).

The ammo I was trying out was polymer coated, steel-cased Tula – manufactured in Russia. These were 110 grain full metal jacketed rounds.

I shot all 50 rounds off-hand at approx 50 yards with open sites. I actually was sighting in the carbine at the same time gobbling up the ammo. After a few clicks moving the rear peep sight to the left – pretty much shot where I needed it to.  The above group shows that if I do my part – the ammunition will do its part. The Tula did just fine.

Not too shabby.

My M1 Carbine is an old military weapon. I have few rounds through it as yet and need to do a lot more shooting to find what ammo will work and what magazines function best. Reliability is the key.


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  1. I’ve been wanting a carbine as a truck gun recently, however the fact that I don’t stock it’s calibur is keeping me from adding another carbine to the safe.

    People may poo-poo the round’s effectiveness, but if it slows ’em down, it’s good in my opinion.

    I’m not sure who wrote the article, but some years ago in Shotgun News they tested the .30 carbine and determined that with a modern load, it was hitting with the force somewhere between .44 Spl and .44 Mag. Not exactly long rifle material, but better than trying to shoot my .45 out to 100-200 yds.

  2. I’m glad to see that the TULA is decent ammo. I’ve seen it priced pretty cheap all over the internet, but I’ve hesitated…well, because it’s a lot cheaper.

    Maybe I’ll try some.

    Nice shooting by the way.

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