Revolution? Fight? When will the time come?

Seems that with each passing day this country is falling further and further into a hole that it will not be able to climb out of. Our rights are being chipped away piece by piece and so people many have no idea. It seems that public opinion is becoming less and less important to those in government. Those elected to represent us and serve this country are blatantly serving themselves and big business and big banks. It is really pathetic as to me it appears that they flaunt it right in front of us  – and it largely goes unnoticed.

We have a growing number of people on some form of government assistance(108,000,000+). Compare that to the total number of working people in the Untied States(140,000,000). When will those receiving government benefits outnumber those working?As this trend continues the ability to elect fiscal responsible people to reduce the size of government and place responsibility back into the hands of states, cities, towns, and the people themselves will diminish greatly. In fact – the recent Presidential elections point to this as happening already.

ObamaCare is another major example of government intrusion that will do nothing but hurt this country. People are loosing hours, benefits, and jobs and it has just started.

This brings to mind a question that many with websites/blogs just refuse to ask:  When will it be time for the people of this country to fight to take it back? No – this is not crazy talk. I believe it will eventually happen however I do believe we have many years to go – possibly a couple of decades. I may be wrong.

Check out this video put up recently by SouthernPrepper1 as he has begun to approach this sensitive subject. Watch the video – and please share your thoughts.

 – Rourke


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44 thoughts on “Revolution? Fight? When will the time come?”

  1. Warrior? Depends on how you define the term…A strong target? Or a war of the flea type? The guerrilla, like me, we have already won the war. The only thing that will change is the body count for them. And when I say this, people like me know there is no change but for the worse, only tyranny. When the SHTF, we understand that they fight a losing battle. The partisan is always victorious, just like history dictates. And when we win, the government will be renewed the right way. Trust me, just a little while longer. These thing must pass, then, it’s our time.

  2. “No – this is not crazy talk.”

    Of course it is. What kind of la-la fantasy land do you live in that you think you can shoot your way to a “better” world?

    “I may be wrong,” does not come close to approaching reality.

    • RandsFoodStamps –

      Rands – If I am so wrong – and I hope I am – care to give a prediction when the tide will change? When will this outright attack on our rights stop and be reversed? When will the national debt counter start clicking backwards?



  3. this country hasn’t been this divided since the civil war the THING sitting in the white house has done more a little damage to this country we can only HOPE there is USA AFTER he is out

  4. I think Southern Prepper 1 is WAY wrong on this issue. He actually sounds more like Bill Ayers (weather underground) than a patriot. It isn’t revolution he speaks of, it is civil war. The short road to tyranny is through violence, whether that means the government has more of an excuse to be more restrictive/oppressive or a warrior class/Military Coup takes over and imposes its will on the populous.

    Anytime the notion that one ideal is there is ONLY correct path and if it could be implemented (totalitarianism) others would/could be converted, regardless of the perspective, political leanings, religion…, should be a warning flag. Agreement and conformity can’t even be achieved at the family level let alone within prepper communities, utopian communes, cities, states or nations without the surrender of freedom.

    His idea also fails because the two party (left/right, conservative/liberal, red/blue) paradigm portrayed in the media is not accurate. A majority of Americans do NOT wear either label.

    The big government model won’t work for long. It will rot from within. They always do. We see evidence of this cancer daily, everything from corruption, financial inefficiency/waste, growing dependency, the justUS justice system and now Orwellian level lies and controls (NSA) being some of the more obvious.

    The best way to resist is to opt out. Work for things other than money, buy less, don’t use banks, find alternative healthcare, generate or reduce the amount of energy you use, grow and build more. Big government depends on revenue streams so there is at least the appearance of legitimacy. Disconnecting from that system is where Liberty is found. A slow erosion of government relevance is the better path, in my opinion anyway.

  5. I see a slide towards the break up of the country due to the uncontrolled spending. The day will come when the government will not be able to print enough money to pay its own workers, military, and welfare leeches. By this point the military will been nothing more than a shell of its former self. The states will either go it alone, form regional governments, or reform a new federal government via a constitutional convention. The only violence I see coming will be when the government handouts stop. This process could take a few years or decades depending on how fast we continue spending more than we take in.

  6. The time may be different for every area of our nation-depending upon what disasters occur when and where. I believe the safest place will be either in an intentional community (hard to establish and keep) and or off in the true wilderness. (we are too old for that )We each will need to fight in various ways when the time comes.
    I believe that the climate will be so intense that eventually it will command the energy and resources of every gov on earth and then the crap will have to stop.Arlene

  7. dyers eve-exc. Thanks. I always liked that quote but I didn’t know it was from Thomas Jefferson.
    Our nation was stronger when citizens were fighting for their land as farmers,I think. The closer to the land we can become the better. Arlene

  8. As fast as things are occurring, I think the POTUS will declare martial law before next election (fall of 2014) and TRY to seize our firearms. When that happens, the revolution will begin…………….

  9. God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.
    Thomas Jefferson 13 November 1787

  10. We are already in a state of Revolution. We are writing letters to the king and of those little King in Congress (House and Senate), If this were in the 1700’s we would be calling it the House of Commons and House of Lord. Obama thinks he is our King or at lease should be. We now have a Tea Party and dam well should have one. Yes we are headed into a very nasty War right here on our own soil this time. The Civil War was little over a 100 years ago. It is coming and coming fast. Get ready!

  11. the way things are RIGHT NOW i am afraid that its only a matter of time before there is another civil war and the country becomes balkinz

  12. Kevin, how do you define the sides? Who is on which?

    There really isn’t a distinct geographical, political, religious, racial, corporate… divide. If you decide to wage war on all the blue states you will no doubt murder many who share your ideals. Differences in the binary political realm are measure in single digit percentage points (major cities excluded). Civil war would be messy at best, even amongst neighbors.

    The idea that war is somehow noble is false. Ask anyone who has had to kill someone in the line of duty in order to get home to be with their family if that had a negative impact on their lives? Yes they made it home but they are forever scared.

    What would Jesus do? Seriously.

  13. The country is already there, The Federal Government knows this. Obama is looking for excuse to declare Martial Law. Most of us here have noticed the attacks on our Constitution by not only Obama, but the Republican and Democrats in both house of Congress.
    We the so called little people which they refuse to hear are being lead down the path toward socialism. Hitler did what Obama is doing today and lead Germany towards its down fall.
    Gun collection is the next step and final step. Have you tried to buy ammo. It is very hard to get.
    Any one that has eyes to see can see where we are. Obama signed the small arms treaty. Now watch the Senate and see if they pass this Treaty. Even if they do not pass it there is still the possiboloty that Obam will declare Martial Law and collect the guns anyway with the help of the United Nations of course. This is the reason we need to get out of the UN and remove it from our country, John Birch was right after all.

  14. Unfortunately, I don’t see any movement in the current Congress to put a check on the issues we have in DC. They seem to be just as much at fault as the current administration. They stood by while Obama set up his shadow government of csar’s after he was first elected. They make no attempt to curb his constant desecration of our Constitution. Sure you hear of the committees they form to talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah about problems. I’m convinced the committees are nothing more that a way to say to the peasants …Look, see what we are doing to represent you? I see nothing coming out of congress that has been for the good of the country as a whole. Plus, the very fact that congress excludes themselves is unconstitutional. So where is all my rambling going? Simple. I find the US Government to be irrelevant. They serve no useful purpose. I’d prefer to see ALL of them replaced and start over. The only way that is going to happen is if we all get involved and make the trip to the voting booth informed. That’s what I hope and pray for. But I have little faith it will happen. I feel as Kevin and many others do. Before you see Obama leave office, we will be under martial law. He is the man who would be king. And there is no one in the government nor the current military hierarchy that will have the backbone to stop it. It’s sad to say, but that’s when the blood will begin to flow in the 2nd American Revolution.

  15. A fight doesn’t require a bloody knife edge and spent casings dancing in the air. We are well into a fight and anyone who doesn’t understand that this is a desperate struggle for this countries future better learn to sing the government fight song rather quickly… That being said… this isn’t rocket science… you don’t talk about fight club, and you don’t talk about being part of a rebel alliance hell bent on overthrowing the powers that be… at least not on any websites and not in your e-mails, our professionals know this… it’s all kept very hush, hush, and for good reason.

  16. Big brother is watching! computers, phones, T.V.,.. I have a P.O. box that I use for all my info, Drivers license,bills etc…out of nowhere, I received a voter pamphlet to an address that I’ve only received bullets at. Tell me how they knew that I was here? It’s a friends house and my name is not on anything. How about the fact that the IRS can take money from your bank account without informing you, like that one too??? NSA, drones, Fema camps, what more? The new law (in the Peoples Republic of California) to track your commute to pay more taxes…..more drones………..

  17. Mo, I contemplate what would Jesus do? Probably align himself with the under dogs and do something like Gandhi did- with enough people one can change anything but there will always be a great deal of pain and suffering .
    I believe that we need to pray daily and be as prepared as possible. Most of us have never seen masses
    of hungry ,thirsty people.
    Our society isn’t enlightened . It takes a wise person to know when to fight -so many factors and unknowns until the moment arrives.May God help us all. Arlene

  18. Been wondering this for some time- what will be the final straw?the politicians-on both sides of the aisle- are only in it for themselves. elections are almost a waste of time. Gubmint continues to grow, and infringe on our rights. . . . .how long will we continue on ? I don’t know. Rourke- I don’t see us lasting another 20 years. I give us 10 years, if that. will be interesting to see what happens to Southern Prepper. Rourke, hope this will not come back to bite you. Hope we will all stand atrong when the time comes- I will do my part, will you?

  19. I, for one, have grown tired of worrying what my government will do next. The only question left is whether to act or let the aggressors take the first shot. As for the twenty year scenario, it may well be too late by then.

    Serenity Prayer

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change; 
    courage to change the things I can; 
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time; 
    enjoying one moment at a time; 
    accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; 
    taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it; 
    trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will; 
    that I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    forever in the next. 

  20. Lets give credit where credit is due – The battle is on. It has been for a while, we just don’t recognize that. The S**t HAS hit the fan already, we have failed to realize that, too. The BEST way to defeat a bunch of patriots is not to TELL them when the fight starts! We are awaiting some kind of clarion call. A call to arms. A declaration of war – we obviously didn’t recognize it when it was given! Perhaps we are not so smart as we think we are? The enemy is waging war upon us, and brilliantly so! There is collusion at the highest levels. Those Generals whom he cannot trust are fired. The lesser officers are relocated to less sensitive positions and commands. EVERYTHING is going according to plan! A brilliant plan, decades in the making, years in execution. Not our plan, but a plan. As we respected the genius of Rommel, we must respect the genius of Obama / Soros / Cloward / Pippen. Evil bastards, yes. Brilliant evil bastards, but bastards nonetheless.

  21. The warriors are waiting for a general to lead the fight. I have wanted to do something for quite awhile, but haven’t known where to start or who would stand with me. The attacks by the feds on the citizens has been going on for awhile now. Now we have to figure out how to defend against them and how to counter these actions.

    We the people lack organization for counter actions. Once the meltdown begins in earnest we will know it. The signs are here to warn us the meltdown is closer than we would like to think.

    I hope leaders for the people will emerge to unify us to give us a fighting chance. For those who worry about the people who have never fought before, I do not relish getting into battles with my government. I have never killed anyone before and don’t believe in killing. That being said, I will not willingly give up my rights and obediently give up my freedom. Most Americans have become conditioned to the idea of violence. The only question remaining is will they fight for themselves and the future or just give in?

    As for those who insist that violence is never the answer, it is easy to say this when there is no immediate threat. It will be interesting to see what will be said when they are asked/told to go to prepared ‘camps’ or be jailed/shot/etc….

    I pray that all the talk of possible future violence is ultimately unfounded, but I will act/prepare as if it has the sound basis I fear it does.

    The time has come for each person to decide for themselves if they are willing to fight if it comes to that or if they will obey, enter the camps and keep believing that it is for their own good. I have made my decision, have you?

  22. I agree with Southern Prepper almost whole-heartedly and I know this digresses from the issue here, but it is an issue that has come to my attention yet again. In this video and in manyy other posts of people touting the need to follow the constitution: They seem to ignore the part that talks about Freedom of Religion. When you talk about following specifically Biblical principals or Christianity, you are leaving out a large segment of the population. I am a firm believer in our constitution, I am not a Christian. Thist does not mean I do not believe in Jesus Christ, I actually do believe in his teachings, I was raised on them. I also became educated on the teachings of many other great religious leaders. The basic principles are the same in almost all of the major religions, and the not so major ones as well. Problem with all of them is it seems they get altered to by whomever is in power to fit their own agendas. Few people actually follow the the true precepts of these religions. (How many times has the bible been altered by King whoever, how can you preach what Jesus said and then incur the massacres that have been done in the name of Christianity.) I am not, in anyway, knocking Christianity, only the way it it gets altered from the true concept. If you refer to Christianity and the Bible because it is what you know, that is one thing; but if you speak in terms of the Bible and Christianity as the way it should be, then you do not fully understand our Constitution. I believe this really does require some clarification. If it is the former I am on board, you have the right to what you believe and I certainly honor this; if it is the latter you should perhaps reread the constitution (and a bit of the history of it’s authors). Pray for peace, prepare for the alternatives.

  23. The problem of waiting for a leader is who among us is George Washington?

    The sad truth is that charismatic leaders rarely have the best interest of their followers in mind (i.e. Obama), yet those followers will blindly serve even when it is apparent the dear leader’s agenda serves only himself and his crony cohorts.

    All the federal employees combined make up 1% of the population (that includes the military and the post office), which is about the same as those that label themselves “preppers.” Power requires compliance of the masses complicate in their schemes (money being the primary method of control presently).

    History has shown us that a mere 3% openly resisting is enough to topple a tyranny. Resistance does not begin with a shot across the green (Lexington) but with a critical mass choosing not to comply. Our own Revolution really began in the decade prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    I agree that our ability for armed resistance is necessary to the security of a free state. My proposal is that before those arms are really needed or used to protect those God given Rights, resistance needs to build within our own communities. By resistance I mean unplugging from Federal (money) control as much as possible. Be that by mitigating your dependance on grid Energy / liquid fuels, growing your own food (and booze if you imbibe), barter more, consume less, buy local, educate neighbors… These are the things that will weaken the foundations of the political elite by making them irrelevant.

    I do not wish to subject my family to the chaos, sorrow and danger that would no doubt manifest if the path to violent conflict is chosen. There may come a time where it is the only choice but I pray we don’t hasten the day.

  24. RandsFoodStamps’s “What kind of la-la fantasy land do you live in that you think you can shoot your way to a “better” world?” ignores histories many examples where civilizations did just that in defense of their own existence, though I doubt any of them considered it “la-la fantasy land” at the time.

    “Rule of thumb” in warfare is “know thy enemy”… so let me describe what I know about the enemy that I see, feel and fight against every day (without shedding a drop of their blood). The enemy that I know talks endlessly about saving me “the middle class” and has promised more promises towards that end than I could ever keep track of. Yet over the years and despite all the promises, programs and spending (supposedly)on the middle class’s behalf the middle class has reached “endangered species” status. Now I suppose one could attribute this to incompetence. But if this was incompetence, wouldn’t they fail just some of the time… rather than ALL the time.

    I read a book called “Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass”. Ah yes… the underclass, another favorite group lavished upon by our elite defenders of all things just. And how have things worked out for them? Oh I guess if you believe in free stuff it’s all good. The underclass is already boxed up. Their primitive mentalities will be – already are – happy with the level of “care” they receive from the bureaucracies of the state. They’ve learned to accept whatever their given… attention is committed to the middle class now.

    It’s the middle class that must be broken. Financially ruined – and disabused of any notion that they ought to have any say whatsoever about their lives. How much (or little) they get to keep of what they earn. Of quaint notions about choices they alone should have the right to make about their future. It’s all about inflation, speculation, bubbles and bailouts. With Obamacare the elites describe us as “customers”, but in a market that customers are not allowed to say no to.

    You will have to excuse me if I insist that ‘OVERREACH’ has been committed. That our leaders have overstepped their authority more than just a wee bit. That as a free people, we will not except these new limitations on our liberties and freedoms without just cause, and we find your cause severely lacking in justice. And you will have to excuse me if I stand here, with one hand on my bible and the other on my rifle, and insist that you step away from my front door, my liberties and my freedoms….. I offer you this warning, if your not smart enough to heed it, the results will be on you….

  25. So then I ask, why isn’t he running for public office and trying to change things from the inside? I have been an elected judge and it was a great experience.

    Panhandle Rancher

  26. At this point in the ‘game’ the only way you can play politics is if you have the $$$. Logically capping the political donation system and eliminating the lobbyists should be the first steps. Unfortunately it is like congress agreeing to 2 term limits/no automatic cost of living increases or not getting paid when the budget is overdue (without being paid after the budget is submitted when they know it will not pass). Can anyone tell me definitively what the first step should be to begin reclaiming our country/state?

  27. Ok, I’ll admit I haven’t watched the video by Southern Prepper 1, however I have long wondered just how long it is going to take US citizens to wake up. We have NOT had representative government “of the people, by the people, for the people” in a very long time (since the late 1800’s and definitely not since the 1950’s). What we really have is what I call a Federal Dictatorship comprised of career politicians that are representative “of the Reps & Dems, by the Reps & Dems, for the Reps & Dems”; this government also “sleeps with” a handful of corporations.

    I say this from the perspective of how I was raised by my grandparents (I am a second generation American on my father’s side, and a ‘forever’, since the 1600’s America on my mother’s side). They told me to watch out because the US was either going to die a slow death into a dictatorship or citizens would wake up from the brainwashing and there would be another American Revolution.

    The Reps & Dems are two peas in a pod. BOTH DO NOT want independent state sovereignty; BOTH want to “control the people”, both want to lead us towards a “New World”. One believes the best way to enslave us to do their bidding is by getting us hooked on social assistance programs, the other is to enslave us to corporations, which are controlled by the federal dictatorship.

    Slavery is slavery no matter how you slice it! BOTH parties have historically increased the size and control of government, increased the national debt, debased the dollar, taken control of various industries and deprived us citizens of at least one freedom and or liberty – BOTH parties are enemies to our Constitution and there is no “lesser than” when it comes to this kind of evil!

    Our country was founded on the principle that each and every one of us have ‘inalienable rights’ given to us by God the Creator and they cannot be taken away from us by ANY human-made government.

    All of our founding documents have one common theme: The freedom of choice within the constraints of the 10 Commandments. Because of this I will defend this inalienable right of personal choice with my last breath.

    Since 1974 I have been a non-designated voter. I will NOT support the Democrats or Republicans with monies or my vote (and have NOT). My tax dollars should go to NO political party!!! (Yes since the late 1800’s our tax dollars have paid for the national conventions and the preliminary caucuses/elections for predominately the Reps & Dems only. Currently our tax dollars pay for several unions, lobby organizations and a few special interest groups.) Belonging to and supporting a political party is a CHOICE and should not be dictated!

    From a 50 Something, Homesteading Prepper ;-}; Former 60’s Flower Child; don’t believe in taxpayer subsidized special interest groups (political parties, unions, lobby organizations); DO believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights (1st 10 the most); Long time Independent & Informed Voter; I believe in World Citizenship NOT world government; Lover of the outdoors and firm believer that History Teaches – if only we will listen!

  28. I believe as some others on this post that our potentate will do something before the next election and try to do something to stay in the oval office. I think if we wait 10 or 20 years the brainwashed students of todays educational system will be running the country and if anyone has seen the movie, Idiotocracy, it may well be how this nation ends up or possibly like Glenn Beck’s book, Agenda 21, just my thoughts. I hope my spelling of the movie is correct.

  29. I would like to first Thank You for having the courage and guts to post this video. And thank you Southernprepper for Standing up also. Because, EVERYONE is thinking the same thing. I would secondly like to totally disagree with what MO is saying. Especially, with the theory violence begets violence. Yes it does, but not always. For example: the current administration let that Ambassador die in Benghazi. Or better yet, the “fast and the furious” gun scandal. Clearly, politics let these people die and we did not use violence to provoke violence. Instead in each situation we handed them the means to do it or did what you want us to do…nothing. Not going to happen. I don’t know you and could very well be wrong. As such I do apologize if I offend you. I’m just telling you how it’s coming across. In fact that kind of post sounds more like a media matters troll than from one with a clear and present mind about what’s going on around us.

    No one wants to have to rise up. Why, because there is going to be lots of blood shed and it will be horrible. People don’t wake up each day thinking I’m superman lets go get violent because I’m invincible. I’m also sure they don’t look forward to rushing to death. HOWEVER, if you or anyone else thinks red blooded Americans are going to just hand over their freedom. Also, not going to happen!

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    Benjamin Franklin (1818).

    The Eyes of all our Countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the Tyranny meditated against them. Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and shew the whole world, that a Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth.

    General Orders
    George Washington
    July 2, 1776

  30. Do you guys realize that among other political catagories, women have and will continue to be statistically to blame for electing these jerks. Remember when women could not vote. Do you know that for a few days a month, many women are irrational.

    • I second Arlene – I hope that comment was in jest. I lso have to submit that I know several WOMEN that are irrational 2/7/365 – but of course none who read ModerSurvivalOnline.

      All of my ex’s would have to be included in that category.


  31. Some of us are gifted with a sense of self preservation, and some… like george… aren’t. I accepted long ago that not everyone can be saved…. some can’t even be saved from themselves……

  32. I agree with everything the Author said except his timeline. If the response is delayed for decades there will be no response. The government is actively removing the teeth from the citizenry. Decades from now there will not likely be many Americans with arms left in their possession. Ammunition will be long gone as far as availability to the public.

    I believe the stuff will hit the fan by 2016 if not before. The dollar will be removed from World Reserve currency status by then. Inflation will run wild. People will be starving and angry. The left will still be blaming Bush.

  33. The time to ACT is now.VOTE out and impeach those who aren’t representing the peoples right.Call your representatives DAILY-e mail, etc. The power of the
    consumer and voters is great- but we must get moving on every offensive issue that arises a.s.a.p… and PRAY. Arlene

  34. Rourke- yes I agree -there are men and woman who are irrational-and probably each of us has been irrational at one moment or another in our lifetime. You were wise to make those woman your ex ‘s.

  35. I think your right Arlene. This time to act is now and some people are acting now. This is the mobilization phase. I’ve gotten to the point were I’m sick and tired of talking to people about getting ready. Have you ever seen the movie “The Mummy” with Brandon Frasier? Sorry, but this is the only way I can communicate my thoughts. In the movie the main character (O’Connell) is on a ship that catches fire. One person in his group comes to him and says, “O’Connell! This ship is on fire!” O’Connell replies, “Stay here. I will get help”. And then he jumps over the side of the ship. Followed by the one guy saying okay. 3 seconds later the guy who was speaking to O’Connell slaps him self in the head and follows O’Connell over the side. I’m tired of telling people to get ready. I’m tired of wasting what little time I have left each day talking to people who refuse to except the truth, are in denial, or are to dumb to think what’s happening right now doesn’t affect them. I will share with others and every now and then make comments to people about getting ready.

    The only thing I have not seen in large abundance or talk in preparation sites. Is emphasis on communication. We need to focus on being able to receive information and communication. So we can eventually build up communication with other groups after things crash. Some like a Baofeng UV-5R hand held ham radio or bigger. All being rechargeable. Get the basic cert if you can now. Otherwise, after the SHTF, who cares.

    The rest of my time is spent trying to balance my life. Having my kids enjoy what’s left of our freedom while I prepare on the side. The other part of my time is spent on forums and online with other like minded people. Ultimately, I wish I had enough prep built up and extra money so I could buy supplies to build up resistance for everyone else after the SHTF. However, I cannot. This is why I started a MAG:

  36. Capt Michaels-good post. What is the name of your Mag? Sounds like you are balancing prepping and quality time with your children-both are so important !!
    I am teaching my adult children and grand children basic skills- gardening, canning, dehydrating, raising livestock etc .-and making it enjoyable .
    I am finding it hard to get anyone to help me with the ham radio skills .Any ideas are appreciated. I agree communication will be EXTREMELY important when the SHTF.Approx. how much does the hand held ham radio cost and where do you recommend buying it ? Thanks. arlene

  37. Communications is very lacking. I am guilty in this area as well. HAM radius are good thing to have. But so are CB’s as well both will be needed. But both can be monitored or interfered with.
    Capt.Michaels since you brought the subject up what would suggest? I would be interested in this subject. I have some small com devices and hard wire devices.
    I spent many years in telecommunications. Both Military and wireless.
    My e-mail address is [email protected]. Oh welcome to the party. Ken

  38. Thank you for your kind responses Arlene and Kenneth. I was extremely pleased to find a well balanced group of people as you guys and the others I’ve read on this website. Not to mention this website. Very well thought thought, well designed, and valuable information. I will do my best to help both of you guys. This is what I meant by my time is better spent helping people on getting ready. :o)

    I put a link in my post about MAG. I would suggest copying that link into a browser and starting there. It should have other listed pages like “Starting a Mutual Assistance group part2” or near the bottom under related posts. If not I can put some better links. Why a MAG? Because I cannot personally stand guard 24/7. Going solo is not a best chance of survival either. Especially, with my kids. I’m guessing eventually we/the host may want us to eventually move to some other sort of forum. We’ll see. Ham radio. I’m very glad we have someone with Kenneth’s skills on here. That will help immensely. Ham Radio do I suggest. Okay, well the guy who turned me onto them is a professional. He recommend this:

    Copy that link into a browser. This is a perfect mobile radio. Without hitting a tower to repeat the signal they transmit at least 7 to 10 miles depending on conditions. If you configure your ham radio to reach a tower, assuming there is power to the tower. It can transmit at least 100 miles. Keep in mind this would be only your mobile radio to communicate with your base/FOB/Bug out area/team, etc. that holds another one of these. To transmit hundreds of miles you will need to save some pennies to get a base unit. I’m still working on that. Their like $300 :o(, but I least have these so I’m not stressing. And if you buy something from Amazon you have a better replacement/warranty guarantee. This one is only $31. Some can be up to $50. Yes, CB’s are good also. And sadly yes both can be blocked. The military is active in this. However, I have a fix for that to. Anyway, start with the basics. With one of these babies. You can pick-up listen to anyone transmitting that’s not on an encrypted channel like the military, (That’s a hole other story/possibility for later)

    Next you want to work on getting the basic ham (technician) license so you can communicate legally now. You can always listen, but if you actually key up the mic you need a license. The test is only $25. Here is a site to practice for the exam for free.

    Hope this helps and I will email you later Kenneth.


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