How Do You USE Your Preparedness Supplies?

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure!



By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

I was thinking to myself this week how much I use my preparedness supplies.

“Use my preparedness supplies!” I hear the gasp!

I don’t believe in hoarding, even though sometimes it seems rather cluttered around here – well, maybe I do hoard my scraps of plywood, but that behavior has saved me so much money over the years that I am not going to castigate myself for it. In fact, I built a nice 8′ x 30” x 30” high, extremely sturdy shop table, for the cost of a sheet of 3/4” plywood, because I had everything else in scraps. But I do use my preparedness supplies.

Medical Supplies Backpack.
Medical Supplies Backpack.
Pencil Pouch Medical  Preparedness.
Pencil Pouch Medical Preparedness.



Just this past week, I woke up with a pounding headache – very unusual for me. As the day wore on, I realized I had a sinus infection. Let me tell you, when you are hurting, you don’t need complicated. I have my medical backpack with supplies and then Dollar Store pencil pouches categorized for Pain, Antibiotics, Wounds, Syringes and Needles, Eye & Sliver, and Animal Only. I hit the antibiotics that I have prepped and within hours I felt relief. No calling the doctor and making an appointment, suffering until you can see him/her, waiting in line at the pharmacy for the prescription and paying for the prescription. I had the solution in my preps.



Then, right in the middle of making dinner, my manual can opener decided it was wore out. I went down to my preparedness supplies and got a second one. No frustration of running to the store and going down aisles and paying for a brand new one. Nope, I had the solution to the problem on hand and dinner was on time.

And then we had company this last weekend and ran out of TP. I had put Bob in charge of the housecleaning as it was his company and I did the outside tidying as they came specifically to see my flower gardens. He forgot to check the TP. When a guest mentioned that they had run out of TP, I sent Bob downstairs to get a pack. Hmmmm, he came up with his arms full of double 12 roll packs, and there are more. Saved a trip to the convenient store.

Then we had an unexpected storm and I turned my weather radio on. Another preparedness item I had purchased a while back.

Then my camera decided not to work. Hmmmm, could be batteries. Yup, you guessed it, I have extra batteries on hand because I prepare.

I broke my reading glasses this week. Yup, a couple of extra pair in my supplies.

And when my truck needed to be fixed a couple of weeks ago, I dove into my B.O.B. and there was the cash to pay the mechanic – now I have to figure out how put it back on a tight budget.

And then there is the flashlight in my B.O.B. that I used this week, when I forgot to shut the door on the chicken cage while there was still light out.

And the duck tape I had on hand when I needed to secure a board before screwing it into place.

And yes, I have long term food storage – I call this my “life assurance”. But I also have life insurance, car insurance, house insurance, and health insurance. Most of these I hope to never use. But they are there if I need them.

What I’m getting at, is the practicality of being prepared and organized!

You have what you need on hand and can find it at a moments notice. And you can replace what you are using when it is on sale and convenient for YOU.

Okay Patriots, how do YOU use your preps?


In God We Trust


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  1. For the most part, my family distinguishes between “use” and “stock”. I admit, we must do better with the rotating of dated items. I have an elaborate chart that lists the expiration dates. I am retired. Other than alternate locations, there really is no excuse not to pull the stored items and replace them with new stuff.

  2. And this is exactly how to win over your spouse on the concept of prepping. Whether it was using Trioxine tab to get church campfire started despite wet woodpile, or always having jar of spaghetti sauce on hand at home, or always having car snacks and bandaids on trips with the kiddos-prepping has proven itself time and time again!

  3. I like to check my items once per month and make sure the oldest stuff (those items that can expire) are closest to the top so that they can be used first and of course replaced first.

  4. I must admit I could do a better job of it too. My (EDC) flash light battery went down, when I went to replace it I had no spares because the battery in the flashlight was the spare oops, forgot to resupply. My wife tossed the Can opener and bought a another at Wally world, I should have bought a few more. Because as you know it, crap happens at the worst time.

  5. Bev, Thanks. I will use the pencil case/box suggestion !! Yes we use our supplies also when we need them because we live far from stores.Arlene

  6. Bev-what you are doing just makes good sense- we try to prep for anything- which can include everyday occurances.If you have the means on hand to solve a problem. . . why wouldn’t you?Great article, thanks!

  7. Well this week I used some of my supplies by dumping them in the trash. About 40 lbs of rotted meat.
    I have had warning alarms on my race boats and cars and dam near everything else but alas…I did not have an alarm on my garage to warn of power outage on that circuit. That is where my back up fridge resides. It had a lot of overflow meat from a big BBQ I just had, and my med fluids and antibiotics are also stored there. I had an epiphany late last night that my lighted disc brake clock was not lit (a few days ago)and went out to end up humping rotten meat to the street trash after midnight. A real unwanted flashback smell for me.It hurts to loose all of that food that was due for canning. I will be arranging alarms for some of my critical systems that are not readily apparent. Torrential rains have been giving me a lot of formerly hidden problems this past month.If you are in a similar position it is something you may want to look into. Regards, D.

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