Looking After Your Feet: A Prepper’s Priority

Looking After Your Feet: A Prepper’s Priority

by JM


When we think about coping in any emergency type situation, we may picture ourselves in any number of different scenarios. Making plans, sorting supplies, filtering water, defending our homes or surviving on the move – all of these things, and more, will feature heavily in a disaster scenario.

One thing which most preppers won’t do is picture themselves sitting down and having a rest. Why? Because when  the SHTF, there will be no time for rest. This is what being a prepper is all about – making sure you are fully equipped to think and live on your feet, to have the best chance of making it through a disaster scenario in one piece.

Why Our Feet Are So Important

Living and thinking on your feet also means knowing how to look after your feet. In the army, foot protection and hygiene is taken very seriously. Even something so small as a blister can incapacitate a man and leave him unable to walk for days – or even weeks if the wound gets infected. This is something which a prepper simply cannot run the risk of. Without the use of our feet we will become vulnerable to attack, and will be less able to find food and shelter, let alone escape from hazardous situations.

Developing a Foot Care Routine

Looking after your feet in an emergency situation will be much easier if you’ve developed the habit beforehand. Make caring for your feet part of your daily routine – invest in clean socks, wash your feet daily and make sure that you are wearing shoes which support both your feet and ankles. This won’t weaken your feet. Instead, it will help to ensure that your feet and ankles don’t sustain any injuries which might slow you down when the SHTF.

Preparing for an Emergency

As part of your preparations for when the SHTF, you should have included provisions for your feet. This means making sure that your survival kit and bug-out bag contain clean socks, medical supplies (gauze, bandages, support garments, antiseptic and tweezers ) and at least one pair of high quality footwear.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Choosing the right footwear is of utmost importance for preppers. In an emergency situation you will find that you literally live in your footwear, and it therefore needs to be able to withstand many different types of terrain and activity, whilst providing exemplary protection for your feet. Companies such as RV Ops offer a wide range of different types of footwear which are ideal for preppers, as they’re specifically designed to offer maximum protection for the wearer.


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2 thoughts on “Looking After Your Feet: A Prepper’s Priority”

  1. Many years ago I started walking daily for health reasons. I bought myself a good pair of walking shoes and walked a mile or two almost daily. I finally got bored with walking and needed to change it up a bit to break the boredom. I decided on hiking. The first time out caused me to develop a couple of blisters. This after walking for about a year with no such occurances. I realized that the terrain with the shoes (that were made for walking not hiking) played a role in the blisters. So I had to purchase hiking shoes. I also decided to carry everything I would need to keep my feet healthy when hiking. Even if you walk regularly, if you are forced to walk through the woods, it is a different kind of walk as the terrain in most cases is uneven, therefore your feet can suffer. I was shocked the first time it happened to me.

  2. A good useful article!
    I would add one thing: when buying and storing footwear (boots) for prepping, be sure to throughly break them in before hand. The last thing that you want to do is start your adventure with new boots that are certain to hurt your feet. Regards, D.


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